CyHi Da Prynce Speaks On “Otis”

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Last night, we finally got a new song from Kanye and Jay-Z. Ye’s protege CyHi Da Prynce was around during the creative process and gives a first hand account of watching them in the studio recording the track.


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  • Sam from FL

    Cyhi made me wanna buy the album now lol

  • FOH

    Otis = Garbage

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  • dick riding heavy! the song is meh! the intro was hype then it went downward. fans let these guys know the truth! i feel sorry for all the young emcees that get no shine from brooklyn,chicago or anywhere because they have no budgets. Hiphop is like the banking systems now!!! its all about the $$ not the love.If u really think this shit is super hot then u need to get the wax out your ears Early!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    man what I wouldnt give to just watch these guys in the studio, drink a bottle of Ace and not say a fucking word.

  • hov
    ottis is

  • honest jon

    my man how much they pay u for ur cheerleading services, 2 cent an hour, cuz dats how much that record is worth…stop fucking up oldschool music…if u a real genius like u claim to be you wouldn’t need ole otis for a hit…but becuz u have oversaturated urselfs, you’re reaching like MJ coming out of retirement was reaching returning to the wizards…let it go already bruh…Obama is the best rapper alive,he was able to convince 300 million to believe in his words, plus he stole ur juice fool with that set down yall had. face it, u’ve rapped out…what more can I say, ha , thats ur record….thanks for the entertainment…u guys are funny





  • Belize

    niggas love to hate..small penis ass niggas

  • Gato

    What Tim Lee said. I’d love to see even just a video of them putting a record together in the studio.

  • Toappan

    that different..but instead of criticizing..hit the studio and make something better..
    …Gas reaching an all time high..causing stores to lose money so they doin promo 500 giftcards..i got

  • pat

    that boy baked as hellll

  • Your Mother’s “friend”

    Why does Kanye sign these bums

  • Ya Boy G

    stfu @ no budget. niggas dont get play cuz they suck. thats whats wrong with hip hop too many garbage rappers at best. and as much as niggas tslk about keys and shit they shouldnt need one. otis aint the best but its better then alotta shit out. coulda mastered the beat down more but fuck it. ill still be buying the digital copy.

  • WestWst

    Yall some hating ass niggas, you ol waka flacka ass niggas LOL

    Listen to Greatness, are your favorite rappers on yeezy and hov level? nahhh

    Same niggas i see hating, praising Lil B…..fuck outta here lame ass cats

  • Converse

    Song suck [email protected] death mother? But what Cyhi suppose to say?shit is str8 doo doo? haha thats not good business

  • y’all shitty bloggers

    dont play a fuckin rap song over someone speaking, it makes it hard to hear what they sayin… FUCK.

  • Jaymalls

    Everybody saying “Otis” suck, but cant name 1 record getting play right now better than it. Not ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Niggas need to stop hating, that shit bad for ya sex life! #FACT

  • BK James

    I didn’t like Otis until the verse where Kanye says “I made Jesus Walk so I’m never going to hell” and ended with Sophisticated ignorance I write my curses in cursive” and then I was like “ohhhh it’s THAT kind of record, now I can’t stop listening. It’s not supposed to be a game changer, it’s just a hard ass record plain and simple.

  • Hov

    Actually Not a fan of the south no wacka Gucci etc, but be honest wit yourself . Is this what’s considered hot in 2011? if so the hiphop really suckkkks sweaty balls!! I enjoyed Nas nasty ,and eminem n Royce do that double time flow than this piece of shit rymes anyday! No hating here !! I just expected some 3d flows by the so called goat! Nothing new or innovative! Brands move forward in other fields. Benz,Lexus ,even mcdonald got that mango strawberry smoothies! What’s new by these guys lyrically? Nothing!! I guess the cd cover ,and that wasn’t made by them.even country music embraces new blood these guys r stale and boring let’s face it !

  • don’t yall love it when niggas love to hate. Whenever someone on top people wanna pull u down.stop tryna throw rocks at the throne cuz u got low self esteem, people can like the song nd not be dick riderz.but yall dick riderz cuz u using energy to a song u “don’t like”. U like it enuff to comment thou…whatever…haters break a neck while u watchin the throne, if not go jam to some wacka flacka #imjussayin

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  • DJ

    2011= Year of the haters

  • Anon DCPL

    otis was ok, idk why niggas are making it seem like its a big deal.

    im just taking it from a subjective view.

  • Devastation Inc.

    Why when people don’t like something, they
    are not hating. And I geniually believe they
    are not. But when people like something
    they are dick riders. Before you spit out
    your venom, or call me a bitch, or talk
    about my mother. It’s just a question.

  • Lighter

    high as a kite…..

  • Original Will

    That Nigga is hurt like a motherfucca LOL

  • cece

    jay was pure shit in otis he need to sit and have som kids but, wait lol bey just did an interview and she said at the age of 40 lol. so camel need to kiss kids goodbye hahaha ugly ass

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