Wale: The Making Of Ambition (Part 1)

Here’s footage of Mr. Folarin in the lab working on his MMG debut album. It’s a long road to the Grammys. Strive for excellence.

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  • Guest

    This guy has changed so much. You can tell William has sat him down and had a talk with him

  • mac DIESEL





  • Realniggashit

    Good Luck Wale i want you to win my dude i want you to Win

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  • KoldCase

    Hopefully it’ll be as dope as his mixtapes

    But almost positive ross got to him tho

  • DMV Lives

    Wale is about to BLOW I can feel it…HISTORY IN THE MAKING…

  • cootie booty boy

    Feb 2 ? that shit is too long away from now to even care about this shit right now, his single is ight tho..but damn this shit droppin next year ? ahahahha

  • LeGo Walee let them haters be just that. # AdoT




  • @Yeezer_Ebenezer

    I agree I think Ross definitely has had a hand in the music shift. All I want is the CD to be as dope as his last mixtape. Is that so much to ask?

  • Citylivin’

    i’m Wale fan and I know his album won’t sound nothing like “More About Nothing”…..you wanna be in the industry you have to change that’s just how it is….but who says he can’t make another mixtape that’s as dope as “More About Nothing?”….fuck it.

  • Aj Moms Shaniqua

    my son is a fat ugly black nigga with do do braids, 3x tee some sean john jeans and air force 1s.

  • Moe


  • no days off

  • Slim

    That beat GOES

  • This shit sucks,, wale u suck as an artist not remembering your rhymes

  • garbage

    its said wen a track wit waka flocka is the zenith of your success….wale i be see mad African workin at gas station ill be looking for u at a Exxon near me any day now

  • Sam I Am

    Why is Wale lying that he got no push from his label? Having Gaga on your track is a big enough push as it is, plus “Chillin” was everywhere. Nigga just didnt perform. Cant keep blaming other people.

  • Suck Me Hater

    The beat goes but the rapping is below freezin level. Shite!

  • Ya Boy G

    That track had alotta radio play of word of mouth. Wasn’t too much push for that album although it was a good ass album…

  • Converse

    @Sam I Am

    Haha I didnt know he droped album? but found [email protected] beginning of the yr

    And Lady gaga? Is pop if that was a famous rapper im sure the outcome wouldve been different? and also he is mainstream now? interscope kept him underground

  • Man

    Chillin was everywhere because Wale branded it HIMSELF! Paid for the “Chillin Tees” everybody was wearing and all that. His label undershipped him wtf?! that cant be a push.

  • Sam I Am


    I mean, if nobody knew who Wale was, im damn sure they knew who Gaga was, so he cant say he didnt get exposure. Interscope didnt keep him underground with the massive airplay that song got.

  • Sam I Am


    I see the fault of the undershipping, but then again you have to remember that they send out what is ASKED from the retailers. If the retailers asked for small amounts, cant blame that on Interscope

  • dumbies

    Sam I am theres no point trying to reason wit a wale stan his label got him to perform at the MTV video music Awards the two years leading up to his album with connections like that how can u blame interscope? BE BETTER

  • keep it 100

    To keep it a one thousand, Wale blackballs rappers in DC that are 100 times better than him , and realer than him. Karma is a bitch

  • Sam I Am


    I completely forgot about that! you my nigga for that one! Wale pretty much headlined the whole MTV award show that year, him and that band (i wanna say TCB) performed ALL NIGHT! what other new rapper you know does that??!?!?! plus he was on that VH! hip hop honors thing as well! He got push after push after push!!!!!!! SMH

  • Converse

    Did this nigga say the Vma? SMH Wale do not fit the description of a rapper not dick riding just stating. And besides white ppl watch that shit and hipsters? He isnt the typical pop [email protected] I Am
    Lady gaga wasnt as huge as she is now *shrug*

  • rude boy

    all u haters shut the fuck up!!! before yall get sprayed!!

  • Ready or Not

    lol at black ballin dc n*ggas black ball themselves

  • Sam I Am


    Although she wasn’t as big then as she is now, she was still huge. And even though white people and hipsters mostly watch that, they still possess a huge chunk of the media buying demographic

  • Man

    Just because you are the house band at the MTV awards doesnt mean you’re getting pushed lol. Yall cant be serious. The label ships out as many as they see fit to send out. How a Target gonna tell Interscope “we only want 100 Wale albums cuz we know nobody out here checking for him?” Sounds dumb…especially in the area WHERE YOU ARE FROM.

    Oh yea and the rappers from DC besides XO, Phil Ade, Black Cobain, Chris Barz, Fat trel & DTMD are mostly ass. They talk a good game but they cant rap at all. Ass ass rappers

  • Coogi

    @ KEEPIT100, how can a nigga like Wale blackball anyone? he doesn’t have enuff power to blackball at this point

  • keep it 100


    You should ask Wale about that meeting that he had in Largo when everybody was beefing with him. You should also ask yourself why UCB is no longer with him and why he blatantly brags about using artists in the DMV to get ahead. Do your facts homie. He doesnt have power. You’re right. He’s gotta good crying game behind closed doors and people believe him


    Everyone on that list has had a stamp from Wale in some shape or form. Being stamped by a certified liar who signed with a certified liar doesn’t count. Next.

  • Chan

    I know the goal is to get money, so do your thank…no hate. Although I think Wale is much better than anyone on Maybach Music…by far. Honestly I hate everyone on Maybach Music. I wish Wale would of have the opportunity to sign with someone else. I dig Wale. He is definitely underrated and also one the the most lyrical, hardest workers, and deep thinkers in the rap game. I think the MM sign will just overshadow his ability to make good music. It also associates him with Rick Ross (who is my opinion is a fake piece of shit who doesn’t deserve any of the fame he has because the rap game should be real not fake) Anyway….looking forward to the new album and hopefully we might get a new mixtape sometime between now and then. It said the “scheduled” release date is Feb 2012, which is about 6 months away. Plus there are usually push backs for the labels releases anyway.

  • AKOO

    Wale your ambition is Wicked. Legooo !


    Wale’s Nice, shout to D.C., Download the footage here:


  • MM

    wale is dope…and his albums coming out august/september…feb 2012 is the date of the grammys.

  • ur better judgemnet

    and UCB is still very involved with wale. He and Tre (lead singer of UCB) just started a management company called BOA so how is he not workin with DC artist. he just put out a song with the gogo band TCB and he’s on a songs with Southeast slim and Kingpen slim. some of yall be talkin some crazy inaccurate shit.

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