• he’s lookin at the door, but definitely not back yet…

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  • Kareem

    SMH @ the internets. Niggas just waiting for someone to co-sign him so they can be all “B. Sig Back”. That nigga never went anywhere. Same ol’ Philly rap. Nigga ain’t never fall off. Faggots.

  • Converse

    *Wipe forehead*

    Thought it was going 2 be a JayZ diss LOL

    Anyway Im feeling it cant hate

  • Aj

    OFFSPRING: The daughter of a bitch. Cold pussy, leave u gushing. C is for the cock ya baby girl takes. O is for the ya offspring that ll feel the Ak. L is for the lost u gon be forced to take. And D is for the dick I put in ya moms clit. Yo daughter is retarded, illeterate fam. She a say cheese for a recorder and move around for cam. Damn, its fucked up you dont spend time with her. Its really gon be a shame when I put the nine to her. Talk shit on my family, so now Im going in. I really appreciate u for takin my daughter in. And not being the father that I coulda been. But that lil bitch ugly, I shoulda pulled out her moms and just nutted on her chin. Dont fuck with me nigga, those wack ass comments. And you make her take off her clothes just to see her undergarments. And I’ll get a Harlem nigga to spray a BK bitch. Leave ya body decomposed lying in a ditch. I put hexes on you niggas that aint no comin back from. You shoulda never fucked with me, u boys cant be that dumb.

  • bassline studios


    this beat TRASH .. ur lyrics have no impact if ur beats aint the shit … go see maybach music fat man … soon tho u making a lil noise

  • Sean

    Beans back!!!!

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  • HK

    Converse says:
    Friday, July 22 2011 at 8:39 PM EST
    *Wipe forehead*

    Thought it was going 2 be a JayZ diss LOL

    Anyway Im feeling it cant hat
    Beans was cool but I could do w/o the other cat *No Diss*

  • I Be Sayin…

    I’m so excited DMX, Beanie and Cons are forming a supergroup. Can’t wait for The Washup. This album is going to be sick!!! Gone and Forgotten is taking over the game. GF for life!!! The Washup coming soon!!!!

  • Aj

    @I Be Sayin, hahaha u funny as hell boi. You fuckin hilarious. That nigga said they comin out with a album called the Washup and he cant wait to hear it. Lmao

  • I Be Sayin…

    Haha @Aj you know you fucks with that supergroup my boy.

    ….Follow me @IBeSayin on Twitter or end up like Big Lurch.

  • Aj

    @ I Be Sayin, yeah them my niggas, not really Cons, but that joke was funny as hell. You bogus for that one.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Thanks Aj, I love X, Cons is the Ace Hood of Queens straight up. Beans used to be my boy, he has a nice discography but damn talk about falling off, this nigga X been in and out of jail for years and got more buzz on the street than Beans. It’s wild.

  • franky knuckles