New Video: Mac Miller “Best Day Ever”

Cute kid. What happened Mac? Ha! Featuring childhood footage, here is Mac Miller’s video for the opening track of his Best Day Ever mixtape. Momma always said there’d be days like this.

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  • NoNotToday

    Mac is the shit. More Mac instead of Tyler the Fucktard & Lil B please! Stank you.

  • Guest

    where’s all the gangsta’s gone ??
    where’s all the hard shit gone ??
    all i see is fakes and corny shit
    i can’t rock to this shit
    take me back to the good days

  • Hip-Hop head

    this video just made me so salt free….i FUCKS wit it

  • travs

    the kid can spit, he’s got good flow and he’s got a good story to tell. Keep on pushin Mac, you on your way.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    whos that little girl they keep showing?

  • CK

    That’s good. boy got talent. keep focused boi, never lose yourself in the game. we want to see you win without forgetting the kid that u used to be. good luck.

  • imo

    No white rapper will ever get the same respect as eminem #stamped

  • mac DIESEL




  • moreffa

    fuck this cracker jew motherfucker

  • Los temerarios

  • blake

    sick beat

  • Converse

    Uh my name mac miller/ im a corny white kid from the burb/im a cheese ball/i ball like reggie and i eat cheese balls/

    Thats hip-hop SMH

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ converse

    fucking, who knows about the fucking TEMERARIOS! drake should be in that faggot spanish singing group

  • Jay

    Lotta racism going on this website… the fuck’s wrong with you?
    It’s 2011 dammit.. color shouldn’t matter at all.

    Keep it real Mac!
    Your music’s the bomb… especially when I’m puffin’ on one!

  • ColoradoKnight

    I’m not gonna lie, I downloaded the instrumental. Haha. This kid is terrible, I’m sorry if you’re feelin’ him. The beat is ill. That’s the issue these days. Production carries the artist.

  • Braniak

    Ever since this fool raps I feel like its……the “Worst Day Ever”!!!


    Kid isn’t bad, download the footage here:

  • ymcmbmmg

    what a cute little jew

  • duuude


  • you guys are the BIGGEST haters ive ever seen, you guys must only like rappers dat tlk about ;ife issues, i love those rappers bt u gotta think about deh fun side 2 the game, its like playing a sport, wats deh point of plying if u not having fun, mac miller is one of the dopest rappers out rite now so all of u cango suck a cock! MOSTDOPE

  • hey… hey… hey. the dude is cool. not dope. just cool.

  • i fuck bitches

    yeh he seems like hed be cool to be like ya homie or that one guy in the entourage to tries to rap and cant but hes not a dope rapper

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