• Black Shady

    it feels good to be back home! RR im back…

    RIP Amy!!!

  • i like the original better

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  • Ricsipop

    okay she is dead RIP Cry and others , but stop posting about a pop artist in RAPRadar.

  • j_gotti

    @Ricsipop in that case he should stop posting about eminem..but for real amy winehouse had an impact in the hiphop world and was one of few talented mainstream singers nowadays

  • Keith

    Cool. This new beat gives it a bit of a darker edge. I still prefer the original, but much respect.

  • Holly

    Where/when can I download this?!!

  • Tammy

    Where can I download this?

  • billy rae valentine


    i want to cuss you out but i’m going to be mature. suffice to say, DUNGEON FAMILY & ORGANIZED NOIZE is HIP-HOP.

    they remixed her record. THEY ARE HIP-HOP SO THEY POSTED THIS HIP-HOP RELATED song. it’s obvious.

    respect to the dead.

  • Jinxx_Richie

    @Holly-You’ve got get an add-on like “Myxa” for Firefox. You can download vids and mp3s. A youtube lifesaver.

  • I need a download link for this RAW!!

  • Tammy

    They have the link at RnBxclusive,com


    fuck this bum ass bitch

  • CarreraLu

    I feel like the Grammar Nazi today… sorry for being *that* arrogant asshole.
    off of Amy Winehouse’s sophomore album*

  • Frontrunner

    Banger from the best RnB album since Jill Scott’s first joint. Ms. Winehouse rest in peace.

  • Converse

    Wow her voice is horrible

    Dopee beat tho


  • Devil

    I would honestly jump off of a bridge if I see niggas bumping this shit on their cars…now all of a sudden everyone likes this crack head’s music? SMFH

  • Mikey

    ^^ she went double platinum on her last album bruh. I think she had a pretty strong following. And why do u care what others bump? Be your own man and do u devil ?

  • BK James

    Another junkie bites the dust; who’s to blame? Herself. Let’s move on with out this crud.

  • crysis

    bunch of ignorant comments here. addiction is a bitch and some have serious issues and hers was her demise. but that doesnt take away from her accomplishments and she was a good artist and passed at such a young age just a shame. most of the comments that a read here at RR are from some people that dont know the real meaning of music and how it impacts peoples lives and you can hear it through her songs. some need to know how to embrace culture instead of killing it with your ignorant comments just think this could happen to your family and would you really say another junkie bites the dust….i think the fuck not.

  • sway-z

    Pretty tight, the beat kinda remind me of GLC’s Honor me, but I fucks with this. Gives a whole different vibe from the original

  • r.i.p

    Rip to an artist

  • Sara

    R.I.P. Amy Winehouse you were a wonderfull sweet person and my you’re memories alway’s be in my heart forever. I am sorry that you had to go the way you did, you’ll be missed sadly. Goodbye Amy i’ll alway’s love u your fan Sara.

  • Your Father

    I like it when Organized Noize do this off-kilter weird beats but this didn’t suit the acappella to be honest.
    Kinda a mismatch if you ask me. No hate.

  • keyboard killa

    what cracks my shit up is how all yall took the time to come listen to this song, and then actually come down here and bitch about it. why did you even click the link? oh wait, nobody respects you at home so you thought youd get on the internet and get street cred huh. fuckin childish. bunch of internet gangsters who probably wouldnt say shit in the free world. RIP to someones daughter and someones friend. fuckin disrespectful ass fools