• Illuminati….lmao kidding

  • Aj

    She should sue they ass for impersonating rappers while using her dads legacy.

  • mac DIESEL

    “…swagger elements”


    ….HA!!!! OLD HEADS USIN’ “SWAGGER”!!!!

  • Converse

    Late June to now ?
    that’s a pretty quick turnaround, is’nt it?

    Haha this hoe seen $$$ signs! SMH

    Wack song shit was pitiful!

  • Mikey

    I’ve already forgotten about the song. It has no replay value. Still interested to see what’s on the album, but my expectations have definitely dropped.

  • BK James

    @ Mikey Don’t lie bitch, we all know you listen to that shit at least twice a day. Don’t front boy, you know this shit hot….or maybe u mad at all the shots Ye takes at Wayne & Drake?

  • I’m Just Me

    @Mikey. Ye same here, I didn’t even download it, Hope the rest is better.

  • Ok truth is, my son is a bitch. He aint never been in a fistfight in his life. I remember when he was 10 and them lil boys came to the house tryin to jump on him. He was scared as shit. I told him to take his ass outside and fight. But he steady screamin I dont want to daddy I dont want to daddy, I said shut yo bitch ass up .Ran in his room and started beatin off. Yes he did. Thats why I left. I was ashamed of him. And his mama wasnt shit. As a father, I felt i had failed, so wasnt nothin else I could do. Let the homos raise him, since he wanted to sneak off to them pride parades. Yeah I caught that boy with them rainbow colors on. Beat his ass for it too. Lil soft mutherfucker. I apologize to yall good people on here, for all the stupid shit my son say to yall. Now he wanna be tough. He still wet behind the ears. Wit his bitch ass. All he do is be on the computer all day and do pcp. Thats what my grandbaby told me. Cause u know he dont let me see her. So she sneak and call me. Yep, thats my punk ass son

  • Mikey

    @BK James
    I’m actually not an avid radio listener. So Wayne and Drake are definitely off my radar. Havent listened to Kanye since Graduation and have never really paid attention to Jay. I did have some sort of expectation for this album, being that these two are considered “legends” if you will. Otis just didn’t do it for me. I can’t be a sheep and like everything that’s thrown at me, man.
    @I’m Just Me
    Yeah man, hope they come stronger on the album material.

  • “Swagger elements”? Jesus Christ…

  • Citylivin’

    *puts head down in disgust*

  • @Cold Death, damn son you got sonned.

  • @ Cold Death’s Daddy, glad I dont have a father like you. I mean even if he was gay, does it matter? You still should love him regardless. You are pathetic.

  • Hahahahahahaha Lmao. @Cold Death a bitch. Pops is bogus.

  • BK


  • watever

    i don’t really know what ppl expected from “otis”. for what it was is was an ok album cut. no it wasn’t super lyrical, but jay and kanye have never really been that way. jay’s strengths have always been wordplay & flow. kanye’s strengths have always been delivery & charisma. they both gave you that on “otis”.

    and for ppl complaining about the subject matter, why wouldn’t two of the biggest rappers in the game have at least 1 “talkin’ shit” track on album called “WATCH THE THRONE”? now if the whole album is the same subject matter as “otis” then i would be disappointed. let’s wait and actually hear the album first.

  • Jaymalls

    More than DOPE…. if Nas come on a beat like “Otis” niggas would have went crazy… lol! Same if Ross came on H.A.M.! Yall niggas make crazy ass expectations for some people that is unattainable. Thats why Dre aint putting out Detox. Even if he had great songs on it… yall niggas ill still find a reason 2 hate. So far everything i heard off WTT is better than anything i heard on Eminems Recovery or Nas’s “Untitled” album. #FACTSSSS

  • FlocKaveLLi

    whats the deal with itunes saying WTT isnt dropping till aug 8th now????? someone please clear this up!!!

  • Black Shady

    cant believe how people HYPIN the shit outta that song. Its a good song but people acting like Big and Pac came back from the death and dropped a duo or somethin smh

    SHADY 2011..Cole Summer!

  • 106

    I can’t stop playing this song. Only thing for me the 2 songs they dropped so far been short. Leaves u wanting more. The direction of the songs have a classic feel just back and forth bars. I can’t remember anybody talking bout swag before 2001 “I invented swag” “I guess I got my swagger back” “proof” nobody every gonna catch up to him.

  • MarxWest

    The songs gay.

  • KoldCase

    @jaymalls i agree with everything except that last sentence

    Ham isnt better than 25 to life the story he told on that song was amazing

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  • Good shit. I’m glad she didn’t slander them like other ppl would’ve. She respects their craft and hard work and that’s all that matters.