• Aj

    Cmon Yayo, why would do a song with this currency exchange nigga. Dude weak as hell.

  • Black Shady

    doesnt sound like your typical Cardiak beat.

    i aint mad. keep the dope beats for Banks haha! HFM3 on the way…

  • Eric

    Lol @AJ Curren$y was the best part of the song loser.

  • tr

    lmao at Blackout and You Played Yourself.

  • Aj

    @ Eric, you obviously are solely attracted to garbage ass niggas. 70s Show name havin nigga.

  • young k

    sounds like money to blow, (copy cat) ummm

  • Ghost

    Yayo should be very happy the don CURREN$Y blessed his wack-ass with a verse.

  • @EtiennedeParis

    @AJ leave that pipe alone

  • Aj

    @EtiennedeParis, only if ya mom leave mine alone first. Ya know, I need somebody to set an example 4 me.

  • wtf

    Why is Currency working with this bum ass nigga?

    Nigga is hands one of the worst rappers of all time and even bigger bum,.

    Currency shame on you brother.

  • DTP

    Why so much hate on Yayo? He ain’t a good rapper ok but he’s actually living the life while y’all criticizing him over the net…good luck with that…

  • ak

    had to stop it at 2.02 … so baddd worst memeber of G-unit.