New Video: Young Buck “I’m Taxing”

Uncle Sam be taxing the hell out of folks. Just ask Buck. With that said, here’s his latest video in support of his upcoming mixtape, Back On My Buck Shit 3.


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  • Da Truthhhhhhh


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Negro PAY your taxes first. FIF wants his $$$$ back.

  • T-Boye Doe

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis my sentiments exactly , laughing @ “title” of this dude’s song …. when he claimed bankruptcy and was “crying” to 50 about how he didn’t have the funds to pay Fif back the money he loaned him … But every recent video I’ve seen of this guy, he is always looking fresh and showing off his new ride, jewelry or board …smh

  • I Be Sayin…

    Young Buck is the epitome of a fake it until you make it rapper.

  • YeBoy

    don’t bite the hand that feeds you or you will end up like young buck

  • Just comment on the song people stop instigating!! thats what 50 got lawyers for ,he doesnt need ya small change trolls to hold his balls 4 him
    As far as skill young buck is very on point ,if he wouldve not been side tracked by the game G-unit wouldve been a force to reckon with!
    i can see a buck and 50 Ep like watch the throne.#epic
    Dont let no one stop u from your dreams buck!

  • Black Shady

    When you really think about it….Buck’s story is the best example of “WHEN KEEPIN IT REAL GOES WRONG” LMAO

    I’d kill myself if i was a fuckin end up broke as a joke
    so sad…

  • Haterage

    Buck will be in MMG soon!!! Ross please, sign this nig%@ from shitty cent…..he’s (BUCK) talented

  • Derrt

    Dope Song

    Young Buck was the best after 50 in G-Unit, Did he not sell more than banks and yayo? I believe he did

  • GTboy

    yo, Buck didnt sell as well as Banks … 1st and 2nd album … 3rd album well, we gonna wait until Buck drops that…

    I like this song .. and I liked the last one ,.. but it would be better to rap about something else than money .. but then again, people like to hear that money talk .. not sure why, but they do ..

    Buck, you fucked up bigtime, I still got that respe,,,ehh no I don’t … but try again and we might see

  • buck isnt as good as he used to be he caught up in pleasing people and rapping bout all the shit people know about with him

  • Pale Horse

    Buck killed this and he has more money than anybody on this form.

  • yung stunna

    all the shit is fake, its a storyline, think about it, the 50 cent & Young Buck phone conversation was 100% fake, he (Young Buck) wasnt even really crying