• veesky


  • Protest

    No bullshit, not trynna be a lame ass spammer, but this kid Truth’s new mixtape is raw, check it out here:


  • T-Boye Doe

    I understand Cafe needing assistance from Ross because he’s the cameo king, but as much rep Cafe has he should’ve rocked this one solo with R-Les on the hook……

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  • marquice

    man i got one question..why is this red cafe’s song instead of fab..fab would have killed it..and with r less on the hook would be perfect..any way still gona be dope song with cafe and ross

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  • dll32

    awesome beat ^^

  • ColoradoKnight

    Ryan is ill, period.

  • iknowthesethings

    is ross really needed… i dont think so not with a track like this .this is music it stands out by itself .you put ross on this this track and its his… find somebody else… red cafe, r .les, frank ocean would sound dope on this

  • Jordan Cohen

    I’m mad that Ryan is wasting his talent on these WACK A$$ RAPPERS. Fab included. Make it stop.
    Ryan I know you gotta eat but man, doing Fab a solid by working with mista WHAT ELSE? Wanna know why thats his tagline? Its because after you hear him, thats all you can say.

  • Truth


  • get bucks

    That beat is crack!!!

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