• dapzz


  • wheres the link

  • aaahiiiteeee.

  • 25s

    this beat fits em better its such an ordinairy track

  • AB

    Finally a noteworthy freestyle…… Jada & Styles thank you for this!!!!!

  • dapzz


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  • I Be Sayin…

    Sheek lost!

  • MID

    Here’s the download link http://bit.ly/p8JlIm

  • damone

    Dang!!! Every rapper wanna hop on the Throne… let Jay and Ye balls breathe… Wow clones

  • DMJ

    I love how em & royce got all these rappers wanting to go back and forth and play off each others bars throughout the verse

  • bassline studios

    kiss aint never spit a wack verse in his life … this shit hardbody .. the beat is still garbage tho .. that shit killer annyoing

  • damone

    Dmj listen to hate bro and Brooklyn finest Jay been on this… plus who even heard BME..

  • Aj

    Jay and kanye should just sign over the ownership to these 2 because clearly they are better and jay and kanye otis was ass.

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  • IThink

    At least twice as good as the original

  • Black Shady

    @ B.Dot ; dont be scared to say what it issss…it is better than the original HA!

    Kiss straight killed it.

  • cbird

    you djm kiss and styles been doing back and forth before em and royce had deals…go #ead

  • Karma

    lmao @ niggas saying the original beat was annoying, but this one, which randomly changes into some shitty, horribly mixed fruity loop shit half the time, is better.

  • DMJ

    @damone: I didn’t say em and royce invented it, don’t try to twist my words. The point was that everybody’s been off that shit for a minute and now its cool again (which is good for hip hop by the way). And to answer your question “who even heard BME?” YOUR FAVORITE RAPPERS! #FACT

    I love how everybody want to make shit into BME vs WTT the only ones who should feel competitive about it are the 4 rappers involved, from a fans standpoint WE WIN! We are getting 2 dope projects that we never could have imagined actually happening!

    If you like LYRICS you should appreciate both em and jay





  • DMJ

    Also, Jadakiss is so underrated! If he had any crossover appeal whatsoever he would sell millions and people would be talking about him as one of the best ever. It’s sad that so many people only care about what sells

  • damone

    Dmj u right hip-hop is winning right now. Can’t wait for WTT… photo shoot fresh looking like wealth

  • Poetic Assasin

    Everytime kiss and styles hop on a track with each other they go back and forth, BME didn’t breathe life into something that wasnt dead

  • cbird

    dmj…where have you been..kiss and styles never stopped doing back and forth…did you here champ is here part 3 did you hear last kiss did you hear multiple freestyles by them..did you hear i love you…jadakiss and styles made it cool for royce and em to do that shit

  • sway-z

    They gotta be top 3 at that back and forth shit. Em & Royce are nice, but they ain’t been doing it 10 yrs straight. Big & Jay killed it on Brooklyn’s Finest, Ghost & Rae for sure but….these two niggas do this, for real

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    I’m so surprised that niggaz love that beat. It’s getting to da point where I have no choice but to dig it or be cast out to sea.

    Now I said beat not the whole song, I Love the back n forth RUNDMCEPMD style of Jay and Ye. Now I’m going to YouTube to judge the Kiss and P version.

    I’ll be back!

  • wizzle


  • mac DIESEL

    @ Jadakiss @ Styles P




  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    I digs this. But I hope dudes don’t say that’s how J and Y should have came. Cuz J and Y bought this style back 2 life.
    1 second ago

    Plus it seems like Lil pop shots at Hov and Ye, but I’m just speculating.

    Jay and Ye are setting trends again. An old style that hasnt been used in a while is used now.

    Now I’m waiting on Red and Meth to kill it next.

    Fab and Cafe
    50 and Banks or Yayo
    Rick and Wayne
    Da Brat and Kim
    Tami and Evelyn
    Chris Brown and Trey


    I see why it’s called WATCH THE THRONE

  • cbird

    nat turner…what style did they use that hasnt been done in a while

  • Hudes

    To dmj. That gotta be the stupidest post ever

    Eminem and royce got jada and styles p to rap back and forth? They been doing that they whole fucking career before eminem and Royce were even rapping

    Ignorant ass post

  • Your Mother’s “friend”

    “I ain’t watchin the Throne , but i got my eye on it” Stop plain Kiss…..

  • Aj

    Waka Flocka and Gucci mane on a track >>>>>>>>>> jay z kanye”””” and Bizzy Bone and Krayzie Bone >>>> em royce and jadakiss and styles.

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    @Cbird, the four bar syndrome hasn’t been displayed in a while at least not as a lead single or from 2 major artist other than RUNDMC.

    Ghost and Rae did kill it for second, but Jay and Ye are big time acts bringing that HIP HOP back with that Otis track.

    Look at the buzz and stir they receiving.

    I just hope this the last beat I hear like this.

  • DMJ

    I should have made my original statement clearer, I did not mean that kiss and styles had never done this before but i understand how it sounded that way. Alot of rappers have used this style of going back and forth (slaughterhouse even did it on fight klub). What I should have said is that since em & royce used that style on an EP that has been commercially successful that style of rapping has been and will continue to get more attention and posts on blog sites such as rapradar. It has and will continue to push more rappers to make records in that format. My point was simply that em & royce did it on a big enough stage to influence the game as a whole in a way that is good for hip hop when most rappers on a big stage influence the game negatively through stupid cliches such as swag and let’s not forget autotune. I did not mean to make it sound like jada and styles went back and forth on this record just because of the BME EP (although my post made it sound that way). For everyone who took it that way and effectively “eithered” me, good for you guys hip hop need more fans who are well informed and appreciate the art form. My only point was that this style of rapping has re-entered the mainstream which is good for hip hop. Hopefully i can hear more shit like this on the radio and less big sean, wiz khalifa, gucci mane, waka flocka ect….

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    1 of the best 1 2 line for line combos in the game

  • Converse

    This is dopee but like everyone else said? Beat is fucking trash tho? Kanye was trying to hard to be clever and witty? With Redidng voice overlapping their voices? Shit was stupid and not in the good way

    O yeah Dre and Big boi are the best at trading verses? but Kiss and Styles my second imo

  • DMJ

    @Converse I think the beat would be dope if they just lowered the volume on the vocal sample, it sounds like they are competing with the sample instead of rapping over it and I wish Outkast would comeback

  • Mr.November

    @ the guy who said Em and Royce inspired rappers to do the back and forth…

    Jada and Styles did it since the 90s, look for LOX songs man.. Em and Royce just did one more thing in rap, Jay and Kanye probably just did the song that way, not inspired by anyone but themselves

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    @Converse, yeah bro a beat and rhymes gotta go hand in hand. This is why I feel Nas is really not where he should be in HipHop. His beat choices are suspect, therefore making the album suspect.

    Please I hope this Otis track is not setting the stage for what’s yet to come. I doubt it, but I am worried. One shouldn’t have to wonder if his favorite rapper know what he’s doing, but we do.

    I had my doubts with Kane, Shan, Mos Def, Meth, Red, Mr. Cheeks….. I know I know Cheeks?! But he was coming up until Tah got murked and Tah was the heart of the group not Cheeks. But I hope y’all get my point.

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  • Jaymalls

    just give up on this post and go to the next one. You digging your hole deeper with all that backpedaling. Just say you were wrong and you were just speaking from a stans point-of-view. There is noway you can put make on, add a face lift 2, do a tummy tuck, and/or brazilian/miami ass lift that original comment. You were proven wrong by countless people above me…

  • mack


  • mack



    OK i think its cool to say….the first 10 maybe 12 comments are from bloggers aka DWEEBZ!!!! Suckas deserve to get ya face slapped for speaking ill about 2 of the BEST mc’s in this thang called Hip-Hop….GOTTA BE FUCKIN KIDDIN’ ME

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  • Aj

    Tupac and Big Stretch >>>>> Meth and Rae, jay and kanye, royce and em, jada and stylz, naz and Az, jay and big…..bizzy bone and Krayzie bone >>> Meth and Rae, jay and kanye, royce and em, jada and stylz, nas and Az,jay and Big…… Mc eiht and Spice 1 >>>> Meth and Rae, jay and kanye, royce and em, jada and stylz, nas and Az, jay and Big.

  • Hudes

    NAS AZ the best duo to do it. Period
    But since it’s been years since they’ve done work (although az is going to be with nas at rock the bells, and has doe or die 2 coming out so who knows right?) , we gotta say consistently jada and peniro are just straight killas on the m-i-c

  • James


  • young k

    the only reson that all this rappers r on this otis stuff. is be cus jay-z and yezzy spit on it.

  • Jaymals

    this beat is better than any beat i heard wayne record over in the past 2 years. So suck elephant tusks my nigga and stop hating!

  • Aj

    @Jaybals, this beat cant fuck with John, Steady mobbin, Mrs officer, lets talk money, and others. You a bitch ass nigga. This beat is just a lil good.

  • YO WTF

    I was done when that fool said everybody is doing back and forth because of Eminem & Royce. What type of uninformed hip hop revisionist bullfuckery is that?

    The hip hop world is fucked up because of stupid fucking tools who say shit like that, and other idiots who don’t remember anything that wasn’t yesterday.

    On another note, every time a rapper does a freestyle to this beat they promoting the original song that much more. It’s going to be Amilli all over again and the rappers are too stupid to leave it be. LOL.

  • DumbRapFans

    I’m laughing at how these Lil B type niggas are in the comments talking about how average the beat is, but not talking about how Lil Wayne nor Drake could ever spit it like Jay-Z or Kanye. Thats why the beat is minimal. It’s about bars and talking that shit.

    Thats the whole POINT, hopping on a record that’s NOT over produced and just going in. You niggas don’t even listen to your favorite rappers for their rhymes. You listening to hear the production. How funny is that?

    GTFOH you bitches. Watch The Throne

  • z

    this beat is annoying

  • tr

    The background vocals are too loud on this one….Jada & Styles should have turned themselves up a bit. It ain’t easy to rhyme on track like this which is a testament to the stellar production on the original.

  • puerto-black

    I just want a LOX Album

  • room2roam

    i never really cared for styles but he did his thing on this. kiss the most consistent in the game… heat

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    This honestly the most comments the Lox ever got and it’s b’cuz of Jay and Ye. I guess WTT will be huge, very huge!

  • James


  • 29


  • Rap Purist

    These two niggas are the originals with the back and forth shit

  • Shoelaces

    I totally have that shit Jada’s wearin. It’s dope.

  • Black Ops

    I’m waiting for Budden & Royce or Royce & Em

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  • John

    Nas and Az best. Then Jada and Styles P. Cam and Vado. Ransom and Hitchcock.

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