• Black Shady

    Is it me or Buck sounded way better on beats when he was on G-Unit????

    listen to shit like “Do It Myself” or “Let Me In” or “Stomp”. this aint the same buck…

  • ghost

    Man this is nice but pretty ironic ahhaa im doing the amy winehouse!

  • 9th wonder

    whats sad is that Buck is gloryfying HArsh drugs to these kids. I mean damn this is an all time low BUCK.

  • jermz dash

    @B.Dot/Y.N…..Wat’s the Release Date For TM103???????????

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    SMH this dude was in the best situation(signed to G-UNIT) and then he messed it up. Kinda feel sorry for him a lil bit.

  • Belize

    Man i never like Buck till i heard that BOMBS2…almost all his shyt been dope..fif shoulda just resigned dude instead of them 3 lames he signed

  • Regardless of his current financial state or his position in the industry now, Buck has been putting out some of the best street music in the game since he left g-unit.

    Listen to Back on my buck shit 1&2,Only God can judge me,starbucks,his shit with c-bo and the outlawz,songs like “when the rain stop”,”when i get off work”,”never gonna stop me”,my campaign”……

    G-unit fans can clown him all day long but the fact remains,since he left them,50,banks or yayo aint been fuckin with Buck musically. I dont care what none of yall say. Fuck talkin money,isnt it all about music at the end of the day? Thats why we on a rap blog right? Alright then.

    Compare 50 and Banks last albums to Bucks pasts mixtapes with an unbiased opinion and see whos better RIGHT NOW. Im not rantin,just spittin the real.

  • Black Shady

    ^ This nigga said “Banks aint been fuckin with Buck musically”

    leave that WHITE GIRL alone nigga…stop doing what ya nigga Buck does. Banks aint fuckin with Buck? LMAO yeah that was a good laugh. HFM2 shits on every single mixtape buck dropped since gettin the boot. and yes imma compare it to his MIXTAPES since he aint droppin an album again lol

  • marlly

    only reason he never dropped another album is 50 black balling and other industry issues i a big g unit fan an been so since 02 right b4 fif take over and i honesty the best move the unit made was to put buck on an yeah he might have f*cked up a good thing but that was also the unit biggest lost !

  • wickwickwack

    lmao he should have schredded that track
    why leak it after she died

  • @ Black Shady

    Its a known fact known on here that you’re a shady/aftermath stan so any opinion u give is automatically invalid and not taken seriously. You and Cold blood are brothers. Lil nigga u like 13 in a half.

    HFM2 wasnt nowhere better than the cold corner or V5 shit so the fact that u brought that up means u havent even listened to his shit like that. And i dont even listen to banks. I just have an open mind and out of all his releases,NOT 1 is fuckin with Buck’s post g unit shit. Did I say Buck was a better rapper than Banks? No. But as a artist,HELL YEAH he is!

    Do ya reasearch,then come back with an decent argument.

  • Converse




  • Pale Horse

    word is buck mad it before she dies

  • HK

    Great timing