Nicki Minaj Fined For Show In Jamaica

Nicki’s potty mouth resulted in a fine over the weekend after her performance at the Reggae Sumfest 2011. The Jamaica Observer reports the rapper was given a summons while exiting the Catherine Hall Complex in Montego Bay for explicit lyrics and sexual dance moves. Although Nicki didn’t have to appear in court, she plead guilty and paid the $1,000 fine.

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  • Yooo

    holy FUCK look @ that ass

  • Really? U book NICKI MINAJ and fine her for explicit lyrics and sexual dancing,isn’t that what u paid for. Cudnt be any worse than a passa passa dvd smfh.

  • Jordan Cohen

    Fake or not, i dont care. look at THAT! Thats what makes men miss meals and appointments. WHo is serving that up?

  • @yooo that is abutt pad.It’s not real.
    Aren’t all Jamaican shows nasty?

  • Her Ass Is Retarted. on that note, i got some heat here man, producer n rapper, check a nigga out Big Homie.

  • opinions on this please

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Hey it might have been worst she could’ve got a suitcase to the mouth#kanye shrug

  • Bloodclot

    Rastas are busting everyone’s balls, they pulled the same shit on Drake a few months ago.

    Why is swearing so frowned on in Jamrock? I remember meeting some locals on vacation and they got real uncomfortable when we would drop an F-bomb…

  • Black Shady

    @ Jordan Cohen : CO-SIGN 100000%




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  • Kunta Kente

    My goal in life now is to bust a load on that ass. I would leave my bitch for that ass. Drake look at that ass everyday but still don’t even hit lame. When I meet her I’m gonna straight up ask CAN I FUCK?


    what the fuck is wrong with jamaica? people come up to you at the airport trying to sell you a handful of cocaine, but this bitches ass is illegal?

    fuck that, i’m going to amsterdam, sorry jamaica, you just played yourself

  • Jane Doe

    @Kunta Kente, Believe me all of the YM dudes ran through Nicki Minaj. Do you really think her ” so called” talent got her signed. You must not know the stories about Nicki & her early YM days. I also heard of some ” underground sex tapes” of her with YM.. Baby & Slim ” control” those tapes.

  • HOOD

    pass me the fork and let me eat that pie

  • JHP

    Jamaica is gay, prolly literally if they fining her for that ass right there. They should know ahead of time she cusses and uses sex appeal, have they been living under a rock or something? Anyway, I wonder if there’s ever a chance that I’ll get to smash one day, one can only hope!

  • Kunta Kente

    @JaneDoe everytime there is a Nicki Minaj post u be hating. U must not have a man or some shit. When your sex tape coming out? I know wayne hit that ass already but I know drake aint hit that he a sucker for love you can tell by the way he talk about her and rihanna

  • Dre

    She spends more on shoes..why even fined her.. Just don’t bring her back then ..u filing jamaicand should be happy she went I’ve there

  • Avarice

    Wow Jamaica is super corny. They’re focused on the wrong shit.

  • da 5’9

    Nah wayne wished he hit that ass, nicki would never fuck gay ass wayne. I read somwere she said that she stopped having sex, i think it was in the complex mag

  • Jane Doe

    @Kunta Kente, I’m not hating on Nicki at all. I already know YM ran through her, including Drake. Do you really think Nicki didn’t give up no ass to get put on. You really don’t know the music industry at all. I have several family members that work in the business & I know a certain Brooklyn rapper personally for the past eight years. The industry is disgusting.

  • Converse


    Mmm Ima needa get in the industy? if its like that

    MMM GOOD!!

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  • Kunta Kente

    @JaneDoe No shit sex appeal sells but I don’t think she had to fuck a bunch niggas to get signed she no Jacki-O or Khia. You acting like Nicki don’t have talent She really rap not just sexy ass chick pertending to rap

  • Jane Doe

    @Kunta Kenta, I’ll leave you with your thoughts, but I know very different. The industry is disgusting.

  • $1,000? C’mon, son. That was crumbs.

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