• Poetic Assasin

    Lmao @ the long ass wait like he’s… Well he is, but, like he’s the Rock

  • Kieran

    You Mean “ROC” not Rock Smartass. That’s the most basic hip hop knoledge…

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  • RRcoolJ

    Hov gotta chill on the snapbacks and shorts. Looks cool on Chris Brown. Not so much on a 40+ gentleman. Just my opinion.

  • No the rock from WWE does that, that’s what he’s talking about

  • @RRCoolJ I said the exact samething on twitter

  • Poetic Assasin

    Damn, cats is hungry to bash people in the morning lmao, —- TY Jason, smh

  • King Speez

    Y’all niggas telling grown men how to dress? It’s a age limit on a nigga fresh? Niggas is faggots I tell ya

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The fashion POLICE is on RR. So Jay-Z shouldn’t wear snapbacks and shorts? SMH.

  • bob

    yall see rihanna looking bad on stage and you comment on jays clothing

  • Aj

    @Cold Death, quit fuckin playin with me. If we was in person I a murder yo ass. Dead serious. Stop pitchin a fit when I say something about yo family especially tramp daughter who sucks dick while u online. Because u the one who keep attackin me and talkin shit about my family. Watch yo mouth ho. Need to stop puttin that where are they now. That makes u look like a damn fool. If u care about yo ugly daughter that much then get off the damn computer and spend time with her and take her. I get it, you dont feed her because you dont want her to get fat like yo overweight mammy. She be hidin twinkies in her rolls. Stop the crap Im dead serious.

  • Niggas from Brooklyn





  • Aj

    @ Cold Pussy, stop molesting yo daughter. She gon be a ho, suckin dick for some blow. I told u don diss my family so I just return the favor. You going to hell. Fuck yo momma, I should have never nutted in that fiend, cause then u wouldnt be here and I wouldnt have to deal with tramp trick bitch daughter of yours. Put a bag over her face nigga. I’ll smack the dirt off her face. She probably cant read like you. @Niggas from Brooklyn suck cock. So while you suckin cock, I’ll be murderin yo family you mark ass busta.

  • @ Cold Death, you do nuthin but talk shit all day. So dont get mad when someone retaliates. You a bitch. Peace out

  • @Cold Death’s daughter is illeterate.

  • Hov is that nigga. But u niggas on this site is mad funny son. @Cold Death, you a fuckin retard who needs to get a life. And @Aj, just fall back son, that nigga aint worth it.

  • Aj

    @Cold Death, my address is 55 south Cold Death’s daughter is a whore avenue, she sucks dick boulevard.

  • Sam I Am

    video unavailable

  • Aj

    @Cold Death, yo mammy is a cum whore. And yo daughter gon grow up and join the circus. She gon be a clown juggling nuts. Niggaaaaaaaaa

  • Converse



    @Cold Pussy

    I didnt know you had a daughter? Shit man if their grass on the field time for me to play ball! ya dig?

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  • Shawn

    It’s funny cold death getting a taste of his own medicine.

    Good show Jay should tour when Wtt drop!


    Nevermind these cats arguing, download the footage of the concert here:


  • yooooooo Jay looks like back when he’s 26 back in ’96 somethin with these snapbacks on! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! ’96back!

  • A4$

    Trey songz ft Roc Nation Artist J Cole check it out fire! http://www.youtube.com/watchv=Y8PBEh1MmbY&feature=youtu.be

  • Inglish

    so you cant wear short after you hit 40?
    fuck you gon wear pants all summer long?

  • DrDreThatDude

    Jay’s cap is fucking sick.

  • Kapn

    damn that cap is fresh. Jay always brings out people..
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  • Joshua

    Who’s on his T-Shirt?

  • who???

    LOL @ all dumb niggas who talk about murder someones family, yall wouldnt do shit outside the internet bitches! and if you would then you prove chliches true about a “nigger” who does nothing but fighting against his own brothers! step yo game up already! we livin in the 21st century *KANYE VOICE*

  • jm basquiat is on the t-shirt !

  • Steems

    Little money never told big money what to do so all you guys talking about how to dress needs to worry about your lifestyle because his is clearly better than yours.

  • Jay Z is the best Hip Hop has ever had for the whole package. The man is a beast and he beat the odds.

    Everybody Complaining about what he has on needs to pull their skirts down! You can not deny the magic.

  • Monopoly

    This dude… thinks hes Michael Jackson just standing in front of the crowd like that. no.

  • ethug

    @monopoly yea you get to tell HOV that he can’t stand in front of a crowd saying nothing for a minute while the place goes insane…

    wait didn’t he just do that wile your broke ass ate cold chinese food at home on a Friday night watching reruns of Curb on your netbook cause you can’t afford HBO on demand.


  • ColoradoKnight

    Jay is an icon, no doubt. But his entrance with the 10 minute pose was unnecessary.

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  • Monopoly

    This dude

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