• Pac Man

    This would have been a good track if another rapper was on it. Tyga is mad corny and just wack.

  • Guest


  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Tyga is great talent he just needs to mature a lil more but he can be big. He should treat Careless World like his debut bcuz that no introduction shit was wack I would have use that as a mixtape. “Far Away” is a good song this is Tyga’s only chance for radio play so he better push the fuck out this song. Anyway the girl video is bad.

  • Black Shady

    Baby got him stuck with Bow Wow doing mixtapes until 2018. stop frontin

  • Careless World would be Tyga’s sophomore album and that isn’t coming out anytime soon.

  • Bowski

    i knew this Amaya person knew nothing

  • Hatin 101

    Somebody told me that nigga Tyga’s short. He look tall to me!

  • ColoradoKnight

    I agree with Pac Man on this.

  • M.T.


  • Not a Tyga fan but he has a big loyal fanbase and I’ve heard this song on radio a lot lately in Cali and Miami so i’m sure he’s not starving.

  • Converse

    Now shes far far away, and I do anything just see her face/But she shes far far away walk a thousand miles just to see smile again

  • Converse


    Who the fuck jockin my name?

    Anyway str8 song ok vidf

  • Sean

    It’s okay.

  • Far Away is an awesome video, very powerful and depressing

  • Dino

    I think the nigga is gay, cash money getting all the down lo rappers! but the video is DEEEEEP! to be honest I like it…. and the hook is catchy…… but i bet lil wayne and baby fucking the shit out of bow wow and tyga…. this ymcmb will end like B2K story did….

  • Joejo_miss gws

    Lol slapin ass song and the chick is hott