Big Sean Interview With Billboard

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Big Sean is sitting pretty comfy on the Billboard charts.

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  • Donn


  • Aj

    Who actually listens to this idiot. He sucks, his music is bafoonery.

  • ace frailey

    interviewer is on meds

  • Converse

    Who is Lil Sean?

    Answer: a faggot imitating a rapper haha

  • Alas

    haha. is it the editing or does that girl feel no emotion for any of Big Sean’s responses?!?

  • This nigga sucks. His lyrics suck monkey balls. How did this nigga get a deal ?

  • Tight jeans ass nigga. BIG SEAN = EPIC FAIL.


    the geeks are taking over from the gangstas now music ain’t in the streets





  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Co sign @Donn he really is rookie of the year. He didn’t have a big of a year as Drake in 2009 or Wiz Khalifia in 2010 but he did decent numbers and had an impressive album.

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, stop riding his dick. He cant rap a christmas present.

  • Dre

    bafoonery? You were talking bout Freddie Gibbs was dope

  • Dre

    that’s great w don’t don’t need ignorant music n e more..gangstas shoul stay underground they had there’s time To rep a lifestyle and not crime…drake wiz an Sean are the best out rightnow!

  • veesky

    Man…the interviewer was hella dry

  • Aj

    @ Dre, the true definition of a sweet ass nigga.

  • Dre

    and your a real nigga..your hard like that real shit..Not Idiot shit like big Sean..
    Smh you gott be a ugly goon lookin ass nigga

  • SMH @ internet thugs, yall need to go outside a see the real world, mutherfuckas think its all good being in da hood and shit, thinkin its a fuckin fairy tail, i live in da hood and allota niggas fuck with Drake & Big Sean, internet thugs need to get a life seriously

  • @ KiDCaps was touched as a child.

  • Ya Cyaan Stop Mi

    He actually can rap.He’s not as bad you elitists make him seem.

    “Man,i turn my enemies to molecules, lil’ ho’s.”

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ this coming for a nigga like u who said bizzy bone was still poppin. What the fuck you know about music nigga. When Big Sean was an underdog underground rapper yall couldn’t wait for this nigga to drop now he getting money actully putting out album like most rappers say they gonna do now niggas wanna hate. Big Sean, Drake J. Cole, and Wiz Khalifa are all putting out good music just cuz niggas aint talking bout gun bustin don’t make them real smh. Who the fuck wants to hear studio gansters anyway fuck out of here wit that bullshit

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, who is yall? I wast waitin for him to drop shit. I didnt even hear this niggas music until not too long ago. And no you dont have to talk about bustin guns, but wearin skinny jeans and makin bubble gum rap is wack. Plain and simple nigga.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ Why u care about what another man is wearing I hate skinny jeans too but if they making good music who gives a fuck u acting like he hittin the dougie in his videos and shit. Big Sean has his own flow. Just cuz he aint mad on song who cares maybe he’s in a good mood he getting money now

  • a2z

    Sean has some punch lines, but I think Drizzy beats him at his own game. That “split an o in half, now it’s a parenthese” is dope though

  • Jones

    @BRONX not everyone that buys and listens to rap is “in the streets”. The times have changed and so have the demographics. Not everybody wants to push a negative street image. The art form of rap goes beyond the “streets” and artists who want to make real money circulate their music for everyone, not just the “streets”.

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop fiend, I would rather for him to hit the dougie, because niggas like that stay in they lane and it isnt portrayed as if they are in the top rappers in the game. And the niggas wearing skinny jeans are the ones making bubble gum. And your right, he doesnt have mad and he can make pop rap all he wants but he shouldnt be considered one of the best rappers or new rappers in the game.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ So the man make a song and its #1 on hip-hop charts now he making bubble gum rap smh… If he not considerd one the best new rappers then who bcuz only Drake, J. Cole, and Wiz Khalifia fucking with him

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop fiend, no the music and his lyrics are bubble gum. New niggas like Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, Flocka, Yg Hootie are better than everybody than everybody u just named. R u serious ? Wiz khalifa is pure garbage. He sounds like he writes his rhymes while he sleepy. Look lets just put it like this, we like different music, so dont say Lil Sean is better nipssey hussle, just say u would rather listen to lil sean. I like more aggressive music that focuses on the hood and government corruption and you like more softer raps with punchlines. We like different things BITCH.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ How the fuck u gonna tell me what I like I fuck with agressive shit just Jay rock and Nipsey. Nipsey don’t even have a album. Did u really mention flocka and Yg thats not even music a kindergarden can make their music. All the new westcoast niggas weak I only fuck with Kendrick Lamar he got lyrics. If I wanna listen to some real agressive westcoast shit I throw on some Pac or classic Ice Cube, and Wiz Khalifia sound sleepy cuz he HIGH dumb ass. Every artist you named is wack CUNT.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    hire me Billboard that was the worst interview ever conducted. that chick was miserable. i could barely hear the bitch

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, first off, nipssey hussle does have an album, it came out in like 09. And even if he didnt have an album what does dat mean? He has raw ass songs he put out like his single Hussle in da house. Then u got other songs like Blue laces and Im strapped. And the thing with Flocka is, hes not a good rapper becuz he dont be using a bunch of metaphors and wordplay and trying to sound clever??? Flock raw as hell, he is straight to the point. You niggas kill me with that shit. Kendrick lamar, I only listened to one song of his, and I had to turn it off bcuz it sucked. Not sayin he sucks but if that was any indication of he raps then he does. And I know wiz be high, thats all he raps about, which is lame. If anything this motherfucker the one with a kindergarten flow. He just boring and his lyrics suck my balls. Fuck that metaphor shit nigga. You a busta nigga. Yeah u is a hip hop fiend, u be sucking dick for a J cole song.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ You co sign waka is were this debate ends. Now I see why 99% of niggas on here be shitin on yo retared ass. Just cuz you spend 24/7, 365 on this site and you would think you would learn a thing or two about hip-hop. You need to work on your nusery rhymes with yo simple ass flow you never coming out NEVER

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, correction, my dick will never come out yo momma pussy. I will come out as a rap artist, and I will sell a million for my debut album. Thats a promise you pussy ass nigga. Waka flocka better than everybody you named.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @FAG-J Shut yo bitch ass up before me and my niggas run a train on your mom while you watching cartoons you in your room beating your shit. She can change your dipper when she done deep throatin my dick. I can help your cum face of a mom find your cracker father so he can pay the light bill in the trailer. TAKE THAT ETHER FAG ASS PUSSY. IF YOU RESPOND MEANS YOU TAKE THAT SHIT IN YOUR ASS FROM YOUR FATHER AND TEACHER

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, the fuck is a dipper ?? You need spelling lessons my nigga. You wont do shit but suck wiz khalifas dick u faggot. Yo whole family special ed. What type of nigga call hisself Hip Hop fiend?? A bitch ass nigga, thats who. I’ll murder yo whole family while you in the basement dancing to J Cole workout. You a bitch. Talkin shit and you sound like a retard. Takin up for niggas that dont even know u and wont give u a damn dime. And you get fucked by yo bitch ass daddy, dont ever talk about my dad or momma. Ill blast yo pussy ass nigga.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This fag responded lmfao… Watch your dicksuckin mouth fag I can have them Vice Lords rade your trailer cracker. Pussy ass bitch you live on RR. I done wit your fag ass I can have got aint shit to go back & forth wit a bitch ass nigga like u I cant spend all day online checking every single post all day like u. Get a job so you take out your boyfriend fag. Keep responding with all yo free time fag it make u feel big pussy. U aint even a internet thug. surprised your parents aint commit sucide yet

  • Aj

    @ Hip Hop Fiend, what vicelords nigga? You dont know no vicelords. You sound like a bitch.

  • Converse

    Calm down kids,dont make me takeoff my belt

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  • Sean don

    I do it! Sean not the best but he be up their one day!

  • rob

    if you dont like him why the fuk are you commenting or even clicking on his shit

  • ….

    ^To see if gay boi got better duh! Oh yeah bcause we can dipshit