• I Be Sayin…
  • Sam Houston

    LOL Kinda true actually I never heard anyone say that either

  • Dre

    It’s true..how could someone who doesn’t have. Fanbase demand any thing from n e one..you cold have th greatest music in the world if you don’t have a fanbase your not getting nothing..
    And I’ve never heard a cons song either..

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  • YouKnowMe

    That quote says it all. There’s no need to record a diss song.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Dre You never heard “Grammy Family”?

  • Word


  • Ya Boy G

    Grammy family was is the shit. Last time i heard him and replayed a track. Shit is on my droid right now. Cons gets the #epicfail for his fuckery though.

  • Converse

    DAMN I didnt even know it was possible to get ETHER by being honest?

  • kevsworld

    Grammy family is jayz track after he ate that freestyle lol

  • T-Boye Doe

    Cons Lost# , Pusha just ethered him without having to rhyme

  • Sc_r

    Aye cold death u know Consequence is from NYC right?! dumb fuck

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Damn Cons got some lyrics but at the end of the day nobody know who the fuck he is he wouldn’t sell out a small venue. Ay CONS how that ether feel?

  • Black Shady

    kevsworld says:
    Thursday, July 28 2011 at 2:50 PM EST

    Grammy family is jayz track after he ate that freestyle lol


  • Serpentor

    Kanye & that beat is the only thing folks remember about ‘Grammy family.’ oh yeah and John legend too. I always wondered why the fudge cons was even on the track to begin with.

  • @COLD DEATH,NYC loses again DUMBASS
    Cons is from queens,U old ass nigga

  • YouKnowMe

    GLC out did him on Spaceship and his verse wasn’t needed on Striving

  • get bucks

    Consequence ain’t wack imho, but he’s far from dope… He rap with an aggressive style sometimes, but he ain’t thuggin. Pusha T ain’t the dopest out, but he’s legit with or without Kanye. I bet Consequence got tight ass hell when he saw Q-Tip and Yeezy perform together… Maybe not!!!

    Money May gonna drop Vicious Vic in September. 6th round k.o.

  • get bucks

    *as hell*

  • Jordan Cohen

    The whole story about Cons from Spaceship is based on him working security at Banana Republic when Kanye came and scooped him. Guess he shoulda just been happy being in the chorus.

  • Aggie Pride

    PUSHA T is the best lyrically Trap rapper in the game better than Jeezy and T.I. yeah I said it

  • luckyP

    @aggie pride you are fucking correct! hes the best trap rapper out!

  • Black Shady

    ^ Jeezy aint lyrical AT ALL. and T.I when he really wants can be real lyrical

    So i wouldnt say he’s better than my nigga TIP.

  • Dujay

    cons is underrated but this beef aint doin him no favours

  • Epinz

    Pusha got classics under his belt!!! And half the references these nggz is using for drugs now pusha been done. Look at jay with the keys opens doors or Rick Ross and Wayne with the mjg 8 ball reference, pusha had done that years ago. Pusha is by far the best trap rapper ever. check out we got it for cheap mixtapes from re-up gang if u need proof!!!…..cons is cool but he just ain’t got it like that to be dissin pusha or kanye.

  • Epinz

    Lus cons completely ruined the tribe…. First three Tribe albums r classics!!! Last 2 with cons????? Well?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • tony

    that is how you body somebody…..nobody never wants to see consequence lol lol lol
    thats why he’s not in good music because his music is not good

  • jhuntinf

    There is absolutely nothing you can say to dispute Pusha saying,

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  • CFB

    Cons aint stadium status