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  • Shade

    Wow Beyonce really hates wearing pants, huh?

    Amazing performance regardless!

  • xtrajordinary

    this is so ill. i can’t take it. she let the roots fuck with it. i love it.

  • Word

    Stop posting about this bitch this is Rap Radar nt Pop Radar

  • Brasil

    The Roots is the best thing the music ever have

  • yo

    fuck man. the roots killed. great arrangement.

  • 106

    Her songs never interested me before but these songs on this album are dope. Best music I heard from her so far.

  • cece

    i really thinks its disrespectful to call her hov ‘ol gal as if her name isn’t a brand and that she wasn’t winning grammys way be they started dating. i’m just saying

  • portia

    u beendickriding jay and b for a minute.. they must have u in la famillia or something..and what does they know mean..ijs rapradar…lool and smh

  • alonzo

    beyonce is the definition of queen