Eminem’s “Space Bound” At Osheaga

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As Eminem headlined the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, he gave his first live performance of “Space Bound”. Prepare for take off.

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  • Yooo

    meh. dude is a popstar now…. good for him i guess

  • Black Shady

    BEST RAPPER ALIVE came to the city last night. AMAZING!!!

    2011….told yall it was the year!

  • streetnigga

    meh. dude is a popstar now

  • macattack

    Yea because pop stars curse in their songs, kill their girlfriend and then commit suicide. Fun for all the family..

  • Da truthhh

    Ugh worst preformer ever!!!

  • Converse

    What the fuck is this shit?

  • SoundScan

    ems nice but thias is kinda lame for hiphop…@streetnigga hov is popular this niggas a pop artist..difference…this dude sings all the t wtime

  • HAM

    is he using lip sinking again? oh no

  • ITSDman

    anyone thinkin em a popstar now is straight dumb when u find me a popstar that can spit like marshall come back and speak to me

  • PrincePolo

    there was a lot more better performances that night you rap radar dickheads .

  • BK

    ^who is eminem? oh yeah the popstar

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  • This nigguh aint a rapper anymore.. He’s gone fucking emo and is depress or some shit with a little pop in his music WTF? He needs to get on some drugs like The Marshall Mathers LP.

  • Derty Kevin

    Eminem always uses the background vocals for the singing parts of the song. Waste of money IMO, I wouldn’t wanna pay to see someone lip sync.

  • rodipipes

    If u say eminem is pop u must be stupid! Am sure u dint listen to BME! People never complain bwt kanye wen he collaborated wiv katy perry for dat E.T song, eminem never does dat.

  • ribby

    he is a pop star….or atleast a crossover….star

    just Learned how you could be making 100’s $$$ doing stuff you already do DAILY online…shit is crazy > http://goo.gl/QYX1W

  • Oh wat eva atleast he’s real do u ever hear him rap about money? Cars? Nooooo besides he sold more records then any rapper in the world I thyk he’s allowed to do wat eva he wants now… He has accomplished everything! So get off his dick bitch ANDY! HAHAHAHA….
    I’M DONE 🙂

  • william grizzly

    performs it for the first time live? that’s funny because i witnessed him perform it almost a year ago at the home and home show in detroit. YN you need to find some workers who can get their facts straight

  • YN


    um who give a fuck? Ha!

  • battleALEXfield

    @william grizzly

    It was the first time, I was there and he said it himself

  • Leakkerr

    Eminem Does Rap About Cars ^_^

  • Worst rapper alive.

  • Fire


  • Marshall


  • Sean


    And yeah Eminem do rap about money you slow nigguh!

  • Sean


    And yeah Eminem do rap about money you slow nigguh! My fav. rapper is Nas and Eminem will never be better.

  • Dope

    Oh yeah, when did he make a single song bragging about cars and how much money he’s got. Name one time that is not that I Get Money freestyle. Just one. And look at the car he’s driving, none of that fancy shit.

  • Santa

    Em is one of my favorite rappers but damn he is boring live

  • Dope, didn’t notice you guys posted my video. Sick.