• veesky

    Well…there you have it.

  • Beanie Siegel should listen to this man and apply these words to his situation.

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    it seems that consequence is out there in the middle of the ocean in a boat all by himself with just his dick in his hand.

  • stevey

    Real talk, “cons” is a joke who has ever copped a consequence cd???

  • Shawn

    Translation: This NY clown on some mad rapper shit when he been around the game 14 and ain’t got shit to show for it. He’s not Ye’s people and have nothing to offer and only looks for what he can get.. Keep that “Beef” shit away from us..

    But really… Son, its been 14yrs and you don’t even have a memorable verse.. He’s losing it.

  • phillybred

    In a nutshell…

  • Finito

    Yea cuz Chicago Cats tend to put their tails between their legs. They’re almost accustomed to not being successful, scared to ask for and expect help from those who have broken thru this Chi-Town “Oppression”. A Chicago person could be “best friends” with rich and famous, while suffering from poverty (lights & gas turned off) but never ask for or expect help like that’s cool. Well it’s not. That’s just dumb and that person is not your friend. Real Friends help. This may be out of context but needed to be said….

  • I dnt get all this beef between them? Wasn’t Cons sighned w/ kanye not that long ago? Then he disses pusha n kanye? I dnt get whats going on haha.. But cons a idiot nigga needs to STFU he fucken older than my grandma.

  • jadrianww

    consequence lost….well he lost when he said he’s the most checked for MC. idiot

  • 106


  • Sohh

    It’s funny to see these are the people kanye grew up with.. He was a major nerd..

  • And this is why Rhymefest is the man #elche

  • Chan

    It would be stupid to take sides with Consequence. Kanye is an important person in, well the whole entertainment industry. If you want to hurt your career then yes take sides with consequence. haha

  • suppppppp

    Pusha is right though. No one is checking for Cons. Lol, don’t let the # of comments fool you. 100 Copies sold, if that.



  • wickwickwack

    con should write a book and move on
    we know kanye used him ,probably promised him things…

    is it a consequence that ye started talking to rhymefest again ?

  • It’s jus this one wack ass Queens cat bitin’ the hand that fed him…but let’s be 4real…nobody wants to hear Cons. How many chances did this nigga get? Did he NOT put out a solo album? Exactly. Nexxxxxxtttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Subaru

    Maybe those Chi town dudes are too afraid to voice how they really feel about Ye? Kanye is mega super star status right now so those guys he came up with might just be coward yes men that tell him what he wants to hear

  • Converse

    Translation: Kanye can fuck my mom and I still ride his dick as long as those ghostwriting checks keep coming

  • rajon chrondo

    Why do I have to keep hearing about this clown! Who the fuck cares! Plus Consequence looks exactly like kanye in 10 years LOL

  • Sam I Am

    That shit that make your soul burn slow #ether…..again

  • dblok

    as far as cats from the chi not calling out kanye…..a dude named payroll did awhile back for ye using the never change beat that was originally payrolls beat….they even used the same hook verbatim…..n payroll dropped a diss track “fuck kanye”…..dont matter ye aint even deep in the streets in the chi like that…but everyone knows you cant be from the chi and stay here n blow up…..gotta go to nyc….i fux wit ye tho…jus thought id share that tidbit

  • gob bluth


  • Mr. 3-Times

    Real shit ‘Fest.

  • Aj

    @ Finito and others, stfu. How u gon speak on Chicago and yall dont even live here??? Dont nobody in Chicago be bumpin Kanye music if yall curious. Aint nobody scared of that nigga, dont nobody here even be talkin about that nigga. Niggas be forgettin he from here. And too bad Rhymefest didnt win that alderman position. I wanted to see him get that.

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    @AJ..dont know what part of Chicago u live in..where they dont play Kanye..u must be a westside nigga.. translation..dont listen to that clown…Kanye on his job and Consequence wasnt..

  • BK

    ha gaytown are sum dick sucking niggas b haha i couldnt finish reading that gay shit. NY bump that real shit not that dick riding shit

  • As a man, Consequence big head ass has the right to get in the public forum and express his issues about whatever.

    The same way Kanye big head ass publicly expressed his dislike for Taylor winning an award over Beyonce, which he had nothing to do with BTW, but he felt in his heart it was necessary.

    If the man has an issue with Ye, let the man have his issue, cause if it was you and something was done that you’re not comfortable with, if you have the balls…. Your gonna say something!

    Stop sexual gland riding and be honest with yourself regardless of a persons popularity status.

    Let the diss songs begin from all parties, period.

  • Jaymalls

    Rhymfest is right… you came in this world by yourself… and your going to leave by yourself. Dont expect a dude of all people to breast feed you all throughout life. This nigga ye gave this nigga co-written credits when he could have just paid him a ghostwriting fee… and he would get no publishing/royalties.. just a flat fee. Niggas now-a-days r getting weaker by the day. Niggas wearing skinny jeans… make up, eye liner to sharpen their cut, male purses, etc. IN the next 10 years… every nigga gonna have sucked atleast 1 dick in their lifetime.

  • smh

    cons should man up.. every man is responsible for his own advancement.. he was in the game ages before kanye.. nigga you should be putting him on.. smh.. you had a deal with the man but it didnt pan out.. wtf else you want? it might be a bit cold. letting your man fall by the wayside like that but i cant really fault kanye.. thisi is a businesss. you had your chance.. its the cons foo

  • Really tho

    Another bitch made ny rapper. whats next, is cons gonna join the blood gang like other corny ny artist so he can get lil wayne and game on a track?

  • BK

    @jaymall why u talking bout kanye and yourself you a faggot b

  • BK

    @really shut up b you dont know wht you talking bout fuck boy we dont rep blood stop making shit up

  • Aj

    @ BK, fuck pussy new york. @ Life Accordin to Dutch, I a southside nigga and I have lived in different hoods nigga. Nobody checkin for Kanye ass. You bitch. He gay as hell. You actually think niggas be riding by bumpin 808s and heartbreak??? Hell no. Fuck outta here. Nobody here be sayin man I gotta get that new kanye shit folks.

  • Young Tom’s Assistant

    kanye is good

  • FTW

    Hey Yo Cons, Rhymefest just called you a begging bitch. He just said new york bitch niggas don’t understand organizational structure and don’t know how to play their position. Lmao,,.

  • Word

    Niggas be riding Kanye dick with no dignity. MBDTF was cool imean I like the guys music but get off his dick. Yall making it seem like he really a God that shouldnt be spoken against. Get off Jay and Ye’s cocks like they untouchable. They humans that bleed just like we do. These niggas aint untouchable. I fucks with their music, but stans always ruin others perception of an artist with their dickriding

  • chicity

    Actually d-block, Kanye got goons here and when Payroll rolled up on him about the situation he got whooped on. Payroll is a real dude too, with goons of his own so for that to happen to him tells you what money and influence do…

  • dll32

    [email protected] FTW, that’s how it is !

  • Inglish

    Chicago born and raised and folks do check for kanye in the city
    Anybody thinking otherwise just live in a bubble or something
    We not talking hoodrats and dropouts from englewood or something that idolize gucci, flocka, wayne and tity boi

    But I think cons is just out for attention cuz if fam think he so dope then he could have just put out some music and advanced hisself that way
    But naw folks wanna gossip to get his name out there
    Cause who really wants to even listen to the diss he made?
    No one

  • Mitchell

    Lets see Consequence respond to rhymefest so he can get Ethered

    Ye And Pusha to busy to give a fuck, but Rhymefest comes from the battle rap world, in other words, lets see Cons pick a fight with someone his own size, lol

  • smh

    @word.. no ones saying kanye is untouchable.. taylorgate touched him.. raped him in the ass tbh.. no one is dick riding by saiyng that cons is in the wrong here..
    why is this turning into a debate about whether kanye has hood status.. let the man do what he wants.. everybody expects something from these niggas. damn..

  • royalty of this shyt!

    i c a bunch on ye riders lol

  • Aj

    @ Inglish, you must live around a bunch of white people bitch. Being a racist talkin bout hoodrats and dropouts. What the fuck is u talkin about? Niggas in Chicago dont be bumpin Kanye west or askin for his music. Stop lying. Only probably some white people and fags listen to kanye west music here. I hate when motherfuckers say shit and dont know what the fuck they talkin about.

  • Kanye Half Sister

    Put No Trust in Man…Yet Put God First…..Cons and those teeth stay losing SMFH

  • Really Tho?

    @BK. If the shoe fits wear it. All them corny ass cryin ass new york rappers are lame And New York don’t be reppin blood? What, is the fad over. These “new” New York niggas dick ride and cry, better than bitches. Yall was bloods in the 2000’s how corny is that? Then you got Nore mad at a man for telling him to step his game up knowing his rhymes fell off. Consequence crying about his pampers not getting change by Kanye and wanting attention from Jay Z. Then you got Jim Jones on “Reality Shows” living off his bitch’s money like a lil boy and getting mad at Cam for not walking him to the bank. Jay Z has a step son we call Memp Bleek and 50 Cent has a step son named Yayo. Damn outside of the WTC, BCC, Nas, and Jay, New York is filled with baby boys (jody style). New York the Joke of the Black Community.

  • Kill

    Also from from Chicago, and @Aj just has some lame ass friends, cuz everybody else in the Chi is definitely checkin for new Kanye.

  • Chi-town


    nah lil girls and metrosexuals are!

  • Aj

    @ Kill, im not talkin about no friends. It speaks for itsele when u dont see people riding around in they car bumpin no kanye bullshit or you dont hear someone blasting some kanye out they house. The cd man dont even be sellin that shit. Why? Because niggas aint tryin to buy that. And u sound real gay to say somebody lame if dont wanna hear kanye west. Sounds like you the lame. Niggas be checkin for kanye, now that is funny.

  • Wow

    like @smh said, cons been in this game WAY before kanye. his hand should be the one feeding ye. hottest commodity in hip-hop?? lets be honest, his career is as relevant as the gum stuck on the bottom of a homeless man’s shoe. c’mon son! you playin yaself with each word that comes outta ya big-teeth ass mouth. #getajob

  • Truth!

    consequence NEEDS kanye. whether he’s with him or dissin’ him. he still needs his name to stay relevant! whatever relevance he has left..

  • Post no billz

    Aj ain’t from the chi.. that nigga from the faggy part of frisco…

  • Jaymalls

    ^^^ LOL! THis nigga @AJ probably from Wyoming or something… this nigga commenting live from the ranch.

    @BK your 1 of the dumbest niggas that comment on this site. If your going to comment/reply to a niggas comment… Atleast make a argument. You make me ashamed to be a NY nigga…. smack ya mom for me!

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  • Rico Sosa

    Rhyme fest career doesn’t exist either. As you can see in his statement he never says that Kanye writes his own raps. I fuck with Kanye’s music and all but anybody with “common sense” can see that he’s got writers and even producers. Rhyme fest, consequence, been writing for him. Now he’s got Big Sean and Pusha T writing. You ever wondered why big sean and kanye rap and sound so much a like?? That’s why I can’t fu#k wit Sean cuz it sounds just like kanye. Check out the cadences that Glc and really doe use and see if there’s not a resemblance. Not sticking up for Cons but the truth is the truth. Cons can really spit! He just don’t have the look and delivery to take off.

  • for real!!!

    folk killa

  • GD

    @ for real, dont be disrespecting the nation like that folks. You aint killin shit nigga. I a pop yo bitch ass. GD till the world blow. NIGGA.

  • @rico sosa

    If anything, Big Sean sounds like Kanye. I always thought he sounded like him upon him first getting signed….and as far as Pusha? Not at all. Yall give Kanye too much credit yo…he isnt the best lyricist why do ppl continue with the ghostwriting shit? I guess you cant make it to a certain level without ppl throwing salt on your name

  • smh

    kanye aint the best lyricist but he’s improving.. and he’s better than most best shit talker apart from ross.. lol.. dunno about him having ghost writers but some of his music is so personal.. cant imagine it being written by someone else. and i cant imagine consequence really bragging about basqiats, models and all that artsy shit kanye is on half the time.. he might bounce ideas.. but you know the rest foo! cons can spit but he needs to put out a standardised body of work.. mixtapes are cool and all but they give him an excuse if its whack.. release a fucking album so we know thats the best music you got at the moment..
    why does it have to be dick riding for someone to like kanye though.. smh.. y’alls is tripping..

  • Aj

    @ smh, thats because kanye is really trash so if u taking up for and saying hes one of the best or something then u are dickriding.

  • WTF

    Are you fucking MAD? Do you know how long Consequence dusty dingy ass been around. He was around before Kanye. He’s Q-Tips cousin

    That nigga is the most IRRELEVANT artist in the history of rap music. Fuck Beyonce’s taste and her fans.

    Consequence is trizash, been trizash and always WILL BE TRIZASH

  • troof


  • smh

    @aj.. thats your opinion bro.. but why the hate though.. even if he’s trash why you mad he getting praised.. no need to be all salty fam..

  • @AJ

    AJ i know you aren’t talking about dickriding, you like the wack ass rappers, and you saying kanye isn’t one of the best, then YOU’RE a hater! and a gucci man dickrider along with other wack rappers.

    It’s fags like you that make rap qack, you OLLLLL lil b lookin sounding ass bitch ass

  • puerto-black

    AJ from 106 and park in the backround

  • Aj

    @ smh, I dont hate kanye. He hasnt done anything to me for me to hate him. I just hate his music. Im just making comments like your bitch ass is. And @ @AJ, You pussy, I dont dickride nobody. You obviously dickridin me to come at me and not use your name. Kanye is a wack rapper u dumb ass. I dont like his style and he a bitch. How u gon praise him and then call him a wack rapper. Gucci mane is better than him and waka flocka is better than him. IMO. Why? Because I like street music not that soft gay shit. You faggot. Kanye gets no love in Chicago.

  • BK

    Reallytho man you dont know shit b where you stay cuz NY fill wit killer so better be glad you safe behind com b! we dont cry fuck boy i come to yo house what your address pussy? jaymall bitch you gay stop dickriding kanye u cracker BK bitch nigga come and get murk

  • Aj

    @ BK, you bitch Im in Chicago with way more crime than pussy york. Yall got faggots gettin married there. Where they do dat at?? You aint go come to nobody house nigga. Stop that lyin. Stop that

  • Jaymalls

    @BK i live in mt vernon.. you 2 pussy 2 come out here though. So if u down… ill meet u half way. Probably 125th or something???

  • BK

    @ Jaymalls, Im too busy fuckin yo momma right now. And mt. VERNON is a pussy white people place. Fuck u nigga. I’ll whoop yo ass, just give me yo address.

  • Shooga

    Rhyme speaking that truth.

  • As A Man Thinketh

    First off…peace…I’m from NYC..but got MAD LOVE for the Chi…my family from there and still there!
    Southside, Stoney Island, Cottage Grove, Harvey, etc!!! Chi-town is gangsta FOR REAL!

    Cons played himself…period. I work in the music biz for a label..no names tho..lolol I need this check lol. But he just failed to realize he has NO appeal…none…he’s looks and sound crazy.
    Cons did the same thing to Cudi…everytime someone new came to the camp he felt he was getting shttd on.

    But in actuality, Kanye helped Cons get 2 deals! one with Sony and one with Universal Motown. The first album came out on sony and sold about 30k!!!! And Ye still got him another deal at Motown based off Cudi wave. Motown was so thirst to have GOOD/Cudi that Ye bundled a deal (AKA a CHECK!!!) for Cons bum ass.

    This guy has NEVER had it!! He’s more made at Ye who prob helped him make more $ in his life than his own cousin – Kamaal aka Q-Tip!!! Shit listen to Spaceship on Ye first album and you can hear HIM tell it. He’s been on for a long time but never put his OWN leg work in.

    I’m not a believer in only having one shot to do something…bc I’m a testament to it. I’ve been in the game for 10+ yrs and to still be receiving a paycheck from a record label is a BLESSING!! But at the end of the day…you have to take some of your OWN money, time, energy and effort to make YOURSELF. Right your own story.

    No matter how you may feel about Ye – there is one thing NO ONE can take from duke…he’s self made. He has dogged determination and that helped him kickin doors. Cons was sitting back waiting on Ye to press the button. He should’ve did what Ye did to Roc…did his own video and worked his plan. People who talk that loyalty crap don’t understand that in business..you can only try to promote a product for so long before you need a new product to keep your brand/business afloat.

    I’m done…peace

  • Dirty Dee

    Says Rhymefest on his lunch break at Home Depot…FOH…if you run a label and sign somebody handle your business and give the artists what they need to succeed, that’s how u run a business, because when they succeed, YOU GET MORE MONEY TOO!!!. Stop sticking up for dickheads…Kanye ain’t right, although Cons does need to just go elsewhere and move on….

  • If Rocnation or YCMB pick up Cons. Sh*t could get ugly!
    Consequence has always been a beast, tight flow,sharp delivery
    that’s why Tribe & Good Music both have Hits w/ Him…Cons Fool

  • jskippy

    @AJ you sound like a failed rapper from the chi to be honest, every other word from your keyboard is fag, niggas, bitch and gay….
    says alot about what you do when you aren’t fucking with keys….no cocaine.


    Does it even really matter if no1 is checkin’ for Kanye?
    the Chi state of mind isn’t much different from the NY state of mind that nas once rapped about…
    it’s ignorant and stuck.
    I Can> NY state of mind (message wise)

    point being, is if you or many of you others who have more than 5 comments on here are that worried about another man and what he’s doing, how he’s doing and whether or not some ignoramus from the Chi, plural, is/are looking for said man’s music
    then you may infact be Closet Homo.

    I myself am Bored as shit.

    Who cares if the Chi ain’t fuckin with ye,

    MultiPlatinum, artists, (not to mention world famous artists) producers, and people who actually matter to this blog, and are significant in the world musically and artistically DO fuck with Ye.
    so why the fuck would he care if a nigga from the chi aint bumpin his shit?

    So @AJ take ye’s dick out your mouth since you obviously aint riding it, and put whoevers music you do bumb in your ears.

    We can see your salty looks on the message board my nigg.

    Oh, and I guess we’ll see who aint bumpin Ye or Jay when that Chicago show goes down…..

    Ayo AJ, lemme know if you get that front row ticket and if the show sells out…..

  • jskippy

    @ Dirty Dee

    Assuming you have a Job, does your boss do this? or does your bosses boss do this for you?
    if not, then you see the problem in your logic.

    If so, To what extent?

    1. Cons put out a lackluster album (don’t quit your day job) <—ironically, Cons Shouldn't have
    2. His mixtapes weren't all that dope.
    3. He tries to say he's like what The D.O.C is to Dr. Dre when he really is the Circa late 70s Jermaine To Michael Jackson or even less.

    when you allow yourself to be under someone any idea you come up with is collectively theirs though you get credit.

    Cons says he's a premier writer or some shit….

    THen why hasn't the nigga been nominated for a Songwriters award?

    Oh thats write, he hasn't really done shit in the game….ever.

    Nigga has been out longer than Jay-Z, or fucking Ja-Rule about as long as BIG, and at least as long as Snoop.

    Nigga needs to stop crying and except what Kanye realized around 06-07

    Consequence is NOT Marketable/Profitable.