Drake Freestyles With Stevie Wonder

During last night’s OVO Festival, Drake brought out Stevie Wonder for a 20 minute performance. After Stevie recited his ballad, “My Cherie Amour”, Drizzy kicked a quick freebie with Stevie on the keys.


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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    How does Drake have so much pull in the music business ??

  • Converse


    Ahh Jew run hollyweird

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lol indeed

  • Donn

    Talented ppl seem to support other talented ppl. Whether you love Drake or you hate Drake, you feel SOMETHING about him. So he wins in the end

  • ColoradoKnight

    that had to of been one THE biggest honors for Drake to perform with The Legendary Stevie Wonder.

  • Black Shady

    Converse says:
    Monday, August 01 2011 at 11:47 AM EST


    Ahh Jew run hollyweird


    we need a DRAKE/COLE tour in the states/canada…like they did overseas in january.

  • The Evening

    because Drake is actually talented….and versatile

  • Chanelly

    This was too dope!

  • deuce

    new Game ft redman- Red

  • Shade

    @Your mother’s “friend”: Because unlike most of these half-witted old dumbass hip hop head rap radar commenters, people with talent actually recognize how truly extraordinarily talented Drake is.

    This is Drake’s year definitely.

  • Nujew

    Drake a jew? Ok facial feature I can see it. I guess that also why he has so much power behind him hmmm

  • Me

    Start hating…ooooh there’s nothing to hate on…aubrey stays winning.

  • Biittcchh!

    This is BIG… Point Blank Period.. Drake pullin Jay-Z moves..

  • Shapey Fiend

    Drake is alright, but he’s pretty shit in this.

    And Stevie has performed and recorded with some godawful acts (boy band Blue comes to mind) over the years so it’s hardly like it’s a co-sign that means anything.

  • RC

    So Stevie Wonder is hollywood?

    Drake is half black half jewish. But I have no idea why this matters.

    How about Drake is writing lyrics about life and love. Not just that party shit all the time.

    Or would you niggas rather hear Stevie playing the keys while singing about Tupac being back

    As usual niggas have shit twisted. Choosing to glorify the wrong parts of our talents.

    Drakes won numerous writing awards, Stevie is a world class songwriter. Maybe their camps mingled at one of these events.

    Industry people still network.

    We got to do better.

  • Hip-Hip Fiend

    Drake stay winning. J. Cole also winning. Its crazy how niggas don’t wanna embrace new rappers that can possibly be the next Eminem or Jay-Z afraid to move on they can’t rap forever it could be worse we could be left with Waka and Gucci carrying the tourch. Kanye will be in the throne while Jay-Z ages out of the game in full time corprate world and Lil’ Wayne era come to a end (THANK GOD). “It’s a new era, middle finger to the suit wearers”- J. Cole

  • Lets talk about how ugly drake look wit that shirt..lol he look funny as fuck to me.

    n peep this

    Im the hottest rapper in Las Vegas. http://www.soundcloud.com/jimmybruh

  • Da Truthhhhhhh




  • Hmmmm?

    Horrible freestyle….simple as that

  • Ben

    WACK shit!

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  • Aj

    @Hip Hop Fiend u sound like a bitch. Im fuckin yo momma good nigga. She made me cum in 50 seconds. Then we went in yo room to make sandwiches while waka flocka song SEX played on the radio. She said you know my son dont like waka flocka. I said fuck yo son bitch, now finish makin this sandwich. You know I had to leave some mayonaise on her chin. She wiped it off with a napkin and threw it in the washing machine with yo clothes and used it as fabric softener.

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  • first off you don’t need pull to get Stevie to cosign your ass, just enough money and a phone. Its a pretty good video put Drake acts like a straight uo fag in this video. Lookin like he’s about to suck Ste’s dick. Better watch that codeine boy.

  • Jimmybruh

    FIRST OF ALL…………. i never wrote anything about drake on here.

    GOT ME FUCKED UP.,… keep my name & music out your FUCKIN MOUTH.

    & you tryna burn my name out there…. come CATCH FADE! BITCH !