• CapricornReligion

    I said it before and i’ll say it again….

    Drake’s “Take Care” has more Buzz than Lil wayne’s “Tha Carter 4″….

    Buying both but, It’s no Question now since Ye and Hov Deflated Waynes Buzz with just One song….

  • CashlessClay

    If you get stevie, nas and the hottest rapper out right now J.COLE at your own show… you are a made man! How is he gonna top that next year?

  • Devil

    ^ @CashlessClay

    J.Cole is WACKNESS at it’s best.
    Nas? nobody listens to that nigga anymore. His career is dead. (no pun intended)
    Stevie Wonder…he just wants to get some money and stay relevant.

    So in one phrase…SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Kieran

    ^^ Fuck You! How do you ever, EVER talk shit about Stevie Wonder! And J. Cole is dope!
    And Nas probably will make more money TODAY then you will in your whole life.

  • Black Shady

    what im REALLY WONDERING….is Cole gonna try to snatch NAS for COLE WORLD? he still got 3days left b4 he turns it in. or a Drake hook? I hope we get a Nas verse tho haha

    COLE WORLD 9/27

  • The Evening

    To the Cold Black,

    You’d be surprised at the amount of dudes (straight) that like Drake. And there’s a lot of people who like Drake but don’t admit to it. You see mostly Drake haters on this site but when Drake’s music comes on in real life, people get hype.

    I feel like a lot of people rag on Drake because it’s not typical hip-hop music, which is probably why I like it cuz it’s different. All his music definitely has elements of pop and R&B, it’s definitely not straight rap/hip-hop. But look at the amount of people who feel and support him : NAS (arguably the best rapper ever), Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z (I think, at least he used to), Kanye (hopefully there’s no real beef between them), Em, Wayne, and more.

    I think what I respect most about Drake is that he’s real, he’s not a pretender. He knows he’s not hood. Yeah, he gets emotional at times, but dude wears his heart on his sleeve, which is an honest trait. I respect and admire honesty. A lot of these rappers out there really aren’t about that life they spit about on their songs.

    So Drake is cool with me. He’s different, which is needed.

  • Kieran

    Being a fellow Canadian, Drake is my hero. He Is The MotherFucking Shit.

  • Black Shady

    and why is Wayne dressed like a clowned wtf

    shout out to Drake for puttin Canada onnnnnnn

  • Converse


  • Elephant

    Really the only people I was interested in were J. Cole, The Weeknd and Nas. So of course there’s no footage whatsoever of Weeknd or Cole, and Nas gets 30 seconds. Waste of my time.

  • bx slime

    That must have been one hell of a concert. Glad to see J. Cole and Nasty Nas up there, Drizzy is one of the few artists I’d see live next to The Roots and Kanye

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