J.Cole & Trey Songz Plan To Shoot Video

A few days ago, “Can’t Get Enough” J.Cole’s duet with Trey Songz sprung a leak. Apparently, the song will appear on Cole’s debut this fall. We chose not to post it out of respect for the album. Early yesterday morning, the duo confirmed that they plan on shooting a video for it as well.

And now, for my final thought: A few days ago, “Can’t Get Enough” sprung a leak. I hate leaks. It ruins the element of surprise. I took a leap of faith and after 3 minutes and 52 seconds, I tweeted: “J.Cole got one“.

I’m no A&R, but this is the best record Jermaine has recorded (so far) leading into the album. It’s probably too late to scrap “Work Out”, but this has a great bounce and sounds perfect in these last days of summer. Did anyone else catch the “I’m from the Ville where they bang for the money, and carry 4-5’s like change for a 20” line? Whoa. Hopefully, the brass at Roc Nation gives the record the attention it deserves. Cole World: Sideline Story drops September 27th.

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  • juju

    all this soft ass shit

  • Yung Silv

    its more about columbia than roc nation since it is a much bigger label and has a much bigger staff. but i agree

  • ^ STFU Cole World.

  • C.w.

    This is a far better single for Cole World than Work Out. Cole finna blow. I think this shit is gonna be better than Watch the Throne. Cole >>>>>>>>>

  • Yeah Right Nigga

    Can’t get enough should’ve been the lead single.. I don’t know who signed off on workout..

  • Earpiece

    Even that wack ass “out of my head” single with trey blew up and got a video that’s all over MTV…this song is way better. Good move for cole

  • C.w.

    fuck all these gay ass haters. Drake is no competition by the way. Cole make classics, tracks that stay good forever. Drake makes a clubhit that is fun for 4 days.

  • It’s funny how people say fuck haters, then brings up drake where he’s nowhere found in this article. SMH

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  • D

    nigga abou to take over

  • Word

    Yeah I REALLY dont know why this wasnt the first single. I thought he said before that it was going to be. But the song is fire. Shit is too smooth and the bitches will definitely love this more if not for the fact that its a better song than for the fact that it has Trey Songz on it. Shit has a nice lil groove to it. All them little faggot ass niggas that say Cole doesnt know how to make good music, peep that shit. Produced by the man himself too. Fuck outta here with this hating and no facts to back it up. The nigga can make any type of song he wants. Just deal with it.

  • Black Shady

    I havent heard CANT GET ENOUGH yet. big ass Cole stan…but those damn leaks is ruining it for all of us cole fans. I prefer to wait till its officially released.

    COLE WORLD! 9/27

  • bx slime

    This reminds me of Reasonable Doubt, the first couple singles AT THE TIME weren’t big hits but Can’t Knock The Hustle put Jigga on the map. This is gonna be the song that gonna put J. Cole on the map.

  • Brandon

    70k 1st Week

  • m85

    Great choice to respect the album and cole n not post it..I saw bdot’s tweet and knew somethin big was goin on..its a great record and hopefully it will get the right push..hell jus go shoot videos for both records I say..and yea that change for a 20 line was ill..def had to repeat..coleworld

  • OVO

    @To many hatred on this site i agree lol

    @C.w. successful > cant get a enough

    but the track is dope

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  • This Cold Black

    Wack! Trey Sonz is gay as hell!

    Where are they now?

  • Jordan Cohen

    Yall are really drinking the Cole-Aid. The song is cool. Nice joint to get it going but who’s REALLY going to be singing this after 30 days?
    Dude is not making me a believer. Even punk a$$ trey songz dont even wanna be in the pic with this chump.

  • Da Truthhh

    niggas fessing up from the last blog comments. Jay-Z says to J.Cole “FUck you pay me”

  • @JordanCohen

    Damn dog you reaching hard as hell . . . you seem to be drinking that Hater-Aid nigga. Lmao. Stop hating nigga and acting like you know what niggas gonna be doing in 30 days. I bet you still gonna be on your mom couch in 30 days. . .

  • Da Truthhh

    Fuck J .Cole niggas comparing these worker type rappers to legends. J Cole is corney, nigga try to sound like everybody in the game, sounds like Pac, TI,then he makes beats like kanye 9th wonder this nigga is a copy cat

  • juju

    niggas got j cole hyped as hell cuz he signed 2 jayz

  • Jay-Z

    niggas is only fucking with cole cuz of me BE HONEST

  • FuckStupidBitches

    @ Jordan Cohen

    That photo was taken like than a year ago

  • Da Truthhh

    Cosign @ jay-z

  • RC


    Are you finally fessing up to Work Out being a garbage single?

    You know im dyin laughing over here.

    Im gonna go find the song. Ill be back to comment on it later.

  • Word


    Whoa, did I say Work Out was garbage? I said this song was better. Theres a HUGE difference. This is prolly the song you wanted. I dont hate Work Out. I hear it on the radio enough, but this will prolly be the more successful song. And rightfully so because its better. But Work Out is NOT garbage IMO.

  • Word

    @Da Truthhhh – What you call being a “copycat” others would call that versatile. Hes not mimmicking anyone, but the fact you think he sounds like all these ppl is saying to me that you recognize that Cole switches his flow up. Something most rappers cant do. And every rapper has influences. Every rapper sounds like another rapper. Name your favorite rapper, I can tell you 2, 3 other ppl he prolly sounds like.

  • redd

    I’m just not really feeling this one, and I love both Trey and J. Cole, Trey especially. “Work Out” has a better bounce, and it’s easier to sing along to. I see why it was the first look off the album.

  • still best rite now!!

    ‘Cant get Enough’ >> ‘Workout’ by miles…

    So wassup wit RapRadar postin errbody else leaked shit cept Rocnation? ha!

  • Black Shady



  • juju

    but umm this is better than WORKOUT

  • sweetgigi

    leave it to trey songz to bring the sex appeal to this vid. def. lookin forward to this!!!

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    The reason why this wasen’t the first single is bcuz J. Cole don’t want nobody to be featured on his lead single. Thats why he should of made a more agessive street single and followed up with “Can’t Get enough” and then made “Work Out” the 4th or 5th single.

  • You know they gotta do a video for that.

  • M.T

    “Can’t Get Enough” is a good single and just maybe a better single than workout. Hope they shoot a video for it soon.LOL at these haters saying j cole got signed only because of Jay-z and that hes imitating rappers. u haters obviously don’t listen to his music. #Cole World

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  • @jlbentley

    To the author of this post: I’m a huge Cole fan and “Can’t Get Enough” is a smash! However it is not, in anyway, J. Cole’s best recorded track (so far) leading into an album. I do agree the “4-5s…” line was MEAN but you LATE for that. “Work Out” is a cool track but they (the label) missed with that one as a single.

  • Donn

    J. Cole sounds like Lupe Fiasco on that record. Its a good song but it sounds like Lupe made it

  • tr

    Can’t Get Enough is an excellent single. The beat is on point and J.Cole is actually rapping, not singing. And even better they got another artist, Trey Songz, doing the hook. I dunno who produced it.

    But anyway the fact that J.Cole doesn’t try to do it all adds some variety to the song and showcases him better. This is partly what Who Dat, Blow Up, and Work Out are all missing imo. It’s perfectly fine for him to NOT be like Drake.

    B.Dot, I recall someone mentioning that you’re part Nigerian. Do you know what song Can’t Get Enough samples? The guitar sounds like some kind of Nigerian or Congo highlife song.

  • B.Dot

    Nigerian? LOL. Im half American/ Bajan

  • Da Truthhh

    J.cole Is Colder than John Starks game 7

  • Loaded

    Danja throwaway beat

  • Jax

    Cole World

  • TNoche

    @ jordan cohan:

    maybe trey songz just saw a hot chick in the crowd….

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  • shar-vee-yet

    This joint is dope and that sample is amazing. True Artistry. I’ve never been so excited for someone album to drop. Never. Cant wait. Cole World 9/27

  • tr

    hahah, my bad B.Dot

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