Jay-Z On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Jay-Z surprised Angie Martinez on Hot 97 this afternoon and gave his first interview in almost a year. He denounced rumors of fighting Kanye, addressed Watch The Throne not leaking, and angry retailers. Switching gears, he spoke on his power breakfast, “Otis” video, Beanie Sigel, and film partnership with Will Smith. Later on, he plugged his Roc Nation artists and addressed the hold up with J.Cole’s album.

Break 1:

Break 2

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  • SoundScan

    Hova….now let me listen to the post

  • juju

    ***cuts off tv (not mute), turns off fan ( so i can hear)….
    Everything stops for me when jay-z speaks

  • G

    When are they releasing the updated Tour dates??? I thought it was supposed to be today…

  • Angie really missed some key questions like the tour and what not

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  • Sam I Am

    Jay always has great interviews

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  • Queen B

    cleared up the page six article (NY Post) Real quick. !

  • CP

    Ang is a groupie.

  • Aj

    I just heard on the radio that supposedly he got into a minor fight with kanye west in the studio. And @juju, nigga u sound like a bitch. Get off jay z dick.

  • Alas

    nah. i havent heard the papoose freestyle either.

  • juju

    aj…. you is a bitch nigga, why u worried about mine sucka?

  • juju

    same bitch ass nigga gossiping about these niggas fighting in the studio

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jay-Z interviews are nice dude is very intellectual.

  • dumb dumb

    Angie still on her hov dicksucking. She gone piss off Bdot and YN no room for ball washing.

  • Word

    Slight shots at Em and Royce at the end I think. When referring to the personal songs on the album Jay says “We made a real album, none of that super back n forth stuff….this aint a boxing match, we made a personal album”. Paraphrasing it a bit there but thats the gist of it. I feel like Em and Royce were really tryna out spit each other like a boxing match and didnt include as many personal items on the EP. Imean, it was just an EP…and songs like “lighters” and “take from me” are personal songs to them, but WTT may have more of that.

    But its two projects for ppl looking for different things and you gotta look at what the goal of the project was and did it accomplish that goal. Em & Royce are both heavy weight spitters and they not really known for anything else when they get together so thats what they did. Just back n forths and who can spit the best. I can dig it. You cant have that with Ye & Jay. They both known for somehting else and thats what the fans gonna get.

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  • Queen B

    Angie’s questions suck!

  • younghov402

    I’m glad that Hov gave some love to J. Cole and realizes how bad people want that album. But I understand where he’s coming from. Back in the days, there were things like Artist Development, that would build artists up and have them find themselves. Now you just have to have one good single and they throw out an album, then throw you out when it flops.

    Also glad that he said they added 4 NYC dates, I’d much rather see the show there than anywhere else

  • Loaded

    Angie still on her hov dicksucking. She gone piss off Bdot and YN no room for ball washing.


    you know YN loves it nice and clean bwawawawawa.

  • Loaded

    i never seen another man stan so hard for another person like YN does with jay. its some weirdo shit.

  • Rockin’ the snakeskin snapback.

  • uhuh

    ya’ll weird as fuck

  • pap3rchazer

    Angie: hows your relationship with beanie sigel?
    Jay: “….its pretty self explanatory”

    you heard that Beans, MOVE THE FUCK ON MAN!!!

  • da truthhhhhhhh

    [email protected] Jay-z No Leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • t

    Anyone got a download link to this interview ? Only way I can listen to it on my fone

  • uhuh

    who makes an audio file off an interview. damn

  • Yup

    co-sign @Word. 2 different projects from 2 different duos = 2 different sounds. it’s all good music (no pun) at the end of the day

  • Jinx

    loooool when he stumbled @ jay electronica

    Break 2

  • Brooklyn

    @AJ you sound like a bitch, you look like a bitch when I whip your ass last month, you fight like a bitch. Your fat cum face mama a bitch. Your daddy don’t claim you. Get off waka dick. fucking fag bitch

  • CapricornReligion

    I like the way he broke down the reason why Roc Nation Artist take awhile to come out…

    That use to be the Model for which a Rapper used to come out to the World. I gotten used to hearing about a Rapper, See some Buzz, Couple of Singles, Video, Album, Done.. The “Microwave Era” basically.

    Now im not Too mad at waiting for this J.cole and Jay Electronica Projects to drop soon.

    @Word No doubt about those Slight Shots at Em and Royce. Nobody else right now was Rapping the Back and Fourth Boxing style except for Em and Royce. It’s cool tho. “Watch the Throne” vs “Bad meets Evil” arguments are going to happen but, Its silly. This is two Completely different Projects…


    Lol, Hov dont want it with Em right now. Em is not even a Rapper or M.C at this point. He is a Brand like Jordan or Pepsi. Lyric wise it would be Fun but, Lol just leave that alone…

  • jskippy

    Im still waiting for someone to ask him about the Cons/GOOD music situation.

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  • coco


  • DMJ

    @Word: I wouldn’t say he was taking a shot at em & Royce. I think it was more of telling fans not to expect WTT to have BME type records because alot of people were expecting that and saying they didn’t “go hard enough” on Otis. Jay saying they made a real album isn’t a diss when em an Royce have said repeatedly BME was strictly about just spitting. I agree both gonna be great though

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Mannn WHERE ARE THESE FUCKIN NEW TOUR DATES???? I dont wanna buy DC tomorrow if your gonna be in VA possibly!! This shit was supposed to be out today!!!

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    Jay-Z = God

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Hope they added Ft. Lauderdale to the new tour dates.

  • Kieran

    Hov is Actually REALLY FUNNY!
    But Totally Avoided The Tour Question

  • Black Shady

    some1 from HOT 97 sucking Jay-Z off hard!!! thats new……………

  • Black Shady

    oh and by the way…Jay-Z..really tryna take shots at the GREAT?
    Em > Jay ..even the Shady haters know it.
    its debatable…but lets keep it 100…LYRICALLY Em is on another level.


  • M.T

    good interview but Angie shouda asked better questions instead of just rambling. liked the fact he mentioned why j cole has taken so long to put his album out. you have to build urself up and take time to create great music, then release an album. its not just about singles. thats why im sure that j cole and jay electronica will have great albums. As for the BME and WTT comparisons, those are two different styles and it all depends on what you like. If u like rappers just spitting fire and having fun, then listen to BME. If you like some deep records and good production,then listen to WTT. Cant wait for for this album. #Lets go

  • The things Angie would do for Jay…you have NO idea LOL…Good Looks B.dot my nigga!

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  • mac DIESEL




  • Aj

    @ juju, dont get mad at me bcuz you sound like a little ho. What type of nigga act like that over another man. Face it, you a bitch. And I aint gossipin about no fight, I said what I heard fool. I dont know if its true or not. Get gay z nutsack out yo mouth you faggot. And @ Brooklyn, meet me on the street and I’ll kill you and then go fuck yo momma and send yo punk ass daddy to the story for bread. Im fuckin yo momma right now. NIGGA. FUCK PUSSY BROOKLYN. NEW YORK LET FAGGOTS GET MARRIED.

  • prime p

    http://youtu.be/95SSo7A0NHc tell me what yall think

  • The Troof

    I am 100% certain that Aj is gay. No doubt about it. 100%. Come out of the closet, boy.

  • Brooklyn

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  • The Troof

    I am also certain that Juju and Brooklyn is into men. Jeez, you all make it too easy.

  • Flippstarr007

    Niggas is mad cause Hov stops at Hot 97 unannounced. Who does that? Game, try that shit son. They gonna send u back son.

  • lob

    Wow do people realise that girls can comment on a hiphop blog too ?

  • Jaymalls

    why niggas calling Hot97 jay-z dickriders… yall made yall not from NY or ya hottest local artist aint as big as Jay. LMAO! Yall niggas is LAME and Blueprint, Hard Knock Life Vol. 2, and Reasonable Doubt > Marshal Mathers LP #FACTSSSS
    Havent seen/heard anyone in the past 2yrs bumping some Eminem…. FACTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    lOl @ dude sayin Jay dont want it wit Em’..becuase Em is a brand name..dummie..Jays the quintessential rap brand name..there is none higher..Em last and next album buzz didnt exist and that bad meets evil is bullshit as well..where do Em fans pull this shit up..yalls like the rap tea party..just dont want to face facts..Em is on zero hits at the moment..he take five yr breaks..dude been washed up..Jay is constantly makin moves..he constantly testin his skills next to whoever hot at the moment..royce the 5-9..fucouttahere..be serious..i hate this argument..its wack..dude sells a ga-zillion records to ppl who dont want there “hope” to fall off..

  • Aj

    @ the troof, im 100% sure you a punk ass bitch. Stop playin with me fore I shoot at you. And @ Brooklyn, I promise you I will whip yo ass. Keep up that shit talkin. What is the address of the place you will be stayin at for the next 2 years???

  • John

    @ Black Shady

    I got a list here’s the order of my list that it’s in.
    It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.

    Jay-z …………… AND THEN ME.

    – Eminem

  • The Troof

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m also into men thats I’m here what up fellas. This shit is better than a hotline. Why everybody act like gay people can’t people can’t listen to hip-hop. I’m gonna be the first gay rapper to blow up (No pun intended lol…)

  • The Troof

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m also into men thats why I’m here what up fellas. This shit is better than a hotline. Why everybody act like gay people can’t listen to hip-hop. I’m gonna be the first gay rapper to blow up (No pun intended lol…)

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    and there is not one Em record fuckin wit American Gangster..i stand on it..and i am original Jay fan sayin this shit..its sad Jay fans gotta pick universal Jay albums like Blueprint to prove how cold he in albums when he been makin albums and hits for twenty yrs now.. stop pandering to these hiphop dummies..if they dont like JAY..its they loss..they apart of the hiphop illiterate

  • slick

    i found it interesting he didn’t mention willow when running down the roc nation artists

  • Brooklyn

    Fucking fag askin for address you been saying that shit for month’s fags. Put your real address not just a street number in a suburb in Chicago. Put the real address and I promise in within a week you gonna need your fat mother to help you eat and walk, I will have brownsville goons at your door. 2 years? I can have you got in days bitch

  • bumpy johnson

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  • Aj

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  • Aj

    And @The Troof, nigga you gay. How you doin ass nigga. Thats a shame. smh.

  • coco

    juju could be an girl,… what nigga ya’ll know is named juju

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  • Brooklyn

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  • Aj

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  • Michelle

    Jay gives great interviews when he likes the host, much less guarded

  • Brooklyn

    @Fag-Gay Fuck ChicagHO all you bitches shout out Larry Hoover when his bitch ass is in a jail cell fucking with men.

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  • King (real one)

    @CapricornReligion “Em is not even a Rapper or M.C at this point. He is a Brand like Jordan or Pepsi.” u said the truth

  • Aj

    @ Brooklyn, I dont shout shit nigga. That nigga aint shit to me you asshole. I’ll whoop yo ass. Fuck Faaglyn

  • Me

    Lol at new york let faggots marry…lmao

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  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    This was a funny and good, also a spur of the moment interview for Angie.

    “it’s all white when it’s about the money.”~JayZ

    “he’s the 2nd coolest person in the world.”~JayZ

    “some Ace of Spades, some Nerds candy…….a couple of NY fitteds………some shades.”~JayZ

    “yeah I’ve been doing a little working out, little boxing. Just in case I might have to drag a person down the street.”~JayZ

    Good interview! Jay the man

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    And pleez Em fans, I’ve been chilling on my Em bashing. I don’t wanna relive this HATRED I have for dude.


    @Word started this bullshit on this post to begin with. Fucking Brat!

  • Black Shady

    There’s one nigga in the commentswho said :

    “if you like straight spittin go with BME, and u want deep records go with WTT”


    Jay-Z got your niggas following his ass like sheeps its crazy! he could say he is God and yall would bow down chanting HOVA HOVA HOVA.

  • Negrito

    and you know what @ Black Shady, the same could be said about you and ya love 4 Slim Shady.

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  • ILL

    Lets keep it 100 then I believe yal niggaz dnt know the difference between flow and lyricism, Em is one of the best if not the best when it comes to flow or staying in the pocket but as far as saying something He is no where on Hov and Nas level thats lyrical Em doesnt talk about shit Nobody talkis about any of his records or have thier best Em quotes



  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    Co signing @ILL

  • juandeezy


  • Kev215

    @JuJu That’s the type of fan I am! CDFU Hov is my nigga!! I gotta go to the store so I don’t even wanna hear half, I gotta sit n listen straight through! Anytime Jay-Z and Angie Martinez gets together it’s EPIC!!

  • SP718

    JAY……..what more can i say….

  • mega-man

    interview = great, jay-z = hilarious….WTT = Epicness

  • coolio from italy

    10 years ago jay was on angies show CRYING about nas’s ether
    today hes on angies show promoting a joint album with kanye

    jay needs niggas to stay relevant. word up

  • internetgod

    cool interview

    I can’t wait until Miss Independent Woman Movie comes out I heard
    this will be a major great film to see , people are talking about this film worldwide

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