New Mixtape: Game Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas

As an appetizer for The R.E.D. Album, Game tops off his new mixtape, hosted by DJ Skee featuring everybody. Ha! Grab a lemon cause the tracklist and download link is below.

1. Hoodmorning [Produced by Mars]
2. Drug Test (Feat. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg) [Produced by DJ Khalil]
3. Can You Believe It (Feat. Lil Wayne & Baby) [Produced by Lifted]
4. Mr. West / Money & The Power [Produced by Che Vicious]
5. Monsters In My Head [Produced by Boi-1da]
6. Wow (Feat. Gucci Mane) [Produced by Mars]
7. 25 To Life [Produced by Mars]
8. Out Of Towner [Produced by Terrace Martin]
9. Standin On A Corner (Feat. B.o.B & Wiz Khalifa) [Prod. by Gun Roulet]
10. Grave Yard (Feat. Sam Cooke) [Produced by Mars & Point Guard]
11. The Town [Produced by Mars & Rance]
12. Uncle Otis [Produced by Mars & Point Guard]
13. Infrared [Produced by Cool & Dre]
14. Change Your Life (Feat. BWS) [Produced by Mars]
15. Red (Feat. Redman) [Produced by Cool & Dre]
16.  I’m On [Produced by Mars]
17. Ace of Spades (Feat. Joi StaRR & Paypa) [Produced by Mars]
18. F*cked Up [Produced by Mars]
19. She Wanna Have My Baby (Feat. Trey Songz)
20. Rough (Feat. Yelawolf) [Produced by Jim Jonsin]

Download here

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  • YN

    not bad

  • jimmy

    first! second……Game is the greatest of all time

  • Game

    Its a problem

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  • thinkRED


  • how is everyone featured on this? idiot

  • fuk waka

    wiz on it afta game dissed his gal? must b an old colab
    duno if i wana download this… djskee fucks up big time with the shoutouts!


    this nigga name drops more times than i blink in a day, only thing i dont like about him.

    this nigga name drops more times than i blink in a day, only thing i dont like about him.

    this nigga name drops more times than i blink in a day, only thing i dont like about him.

  • whyican’tpostcommentswithmyrealnick

    im deleting gucci mane song as soon as the mixtape finished downloading.

  • Duder

    If amazing quality songs like Infrared and Rough are on a fucking free mixtape, The Red Album will undoubtedly be a classic.

    Watch out crappy rappers, the throne is red.

  • YeBoy






  • Your mother’s “friend”


  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    I wanna hear this joint with Game and RedMan. I’m sure the legendary Funk Doc went in on him!

    50 really blessed Game back in 05<sidebar

  • ??



  • Listin

    last track rough

  • The Prophet

    Put a Mediafire link up ASAP.

  • Hom0

    I got raped by a man at the age of 18


  • What, no production by NOTTZ, thats when ya lost…

  • Sam I Am

    Mark my words. Whoever is commentating on Game posts multiple times will hype the hell out of it and after a few days, Game will go untalked about again. That is until he does another publicity stunt and we’ll hear about ANOTHER mixtape “before the album”.

    Game needs to get his priorities in order.

  • cheetos

    this mixtape sounds like an album

  • yup!

    been waiting for that yelawolf track.

  • Anon DCPL

    I hope there is an untagged version of this, dj skee is annoying over the music just like khaled,drama and all these dj’s spewing unneccesary shit over tracks.

  • Me

    50 lost again.

  • yup

    This album is crack, seriously dope mixtape and better than Purp and Patron.

    Game has been killing it latley, R.E.D album is gonna be a problem!

  • blunt b

    what the fuck does grab a lemon mean? why is this website so gay all the time??

  • #Gametime

    Classic! this is an album not a mixtape!!
    does your favorite rapper drop classics for free?

  • fire

  • doguu

    whoever is hating on this i dnt even noe what to say this is fire

  • datruth

    still no buzz


    RapRadar, what’s up with all the hate against Game? Amaya, he fucked your bitch so what? He’s a superstar – you’re nobody. Stop sucking Jigga and Yeezy dick

    On topic tho

    The mixtape is better than rappers albums, it’s dope. InfraR.E.D., 25 to Life, Grave Yard, Red, Monsters In My Head, Rough and a few other joints are album material… Rest is average, and one or two wack ones

    For a mixtape it’s cool as fuck. I’ll give it an 8.5 out of 10

    His style and bars kinda reminds me of the hungry, ’05 hurricane Game

    R.E.D don’t sleep on it


    Ive heard some of these before…
    1 Rough
    2 Monsters In My Head
    3 Ace Of Spades
    4 Im On
    5 She Wanna Have My Baby
    That faggot at studio leaks was leaking some of this shit….

  • rodipipes

    Game is Dope!

  • Jason27

    @blunt b

    People put lemon slices in their Coronas. Big Homie was playing on the theme.

  • Cemal

    is he seriously dissing kanye in “mr. west”?????


    game put out 5 mixtapes to promote the album
    over 100 free songs —— ya’ll still hating———-name another
    rapper that put shit out like GAME


    RED ROOM (2009)
    BRAKE LIGHTS (2010)
    PURP & PATRON (2011)
    THE HANGOVER (2011)
    CANDY CORONAS (2011)

    AUG 23 ——- RED ALBUM——–buy
    that shit ——

  • c

    shits fire

  • Dope



    Ha game is to funny download this mixtape it wont disappoint.

  • R.E.D.

    Still fire after the second time

  • Hov b

    R.E.D in stores Aug 23 buy the album Hoodmorning (No Typo)

  • ThinkReeeed

    Goodshit dj skee and myguymars made this mixtape great and that last track is deep

  • lennox

    Downlo slo ill listin to this shit tho game is doin in but fuck my getto connect

  • Ya Cyaan Stop Mi

    25 to life is creative.Like somethng Nas would come up with.

  • 187

    ^ i was thinking the same shit that track is cold

  • Haha RR

    @sam I AM
    Mark my words? lol just starting your pointless comment out with that makes you a fag

  • swag.


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  • ra

    Hoodmorning ohhwee

  • Thease alright

    i tryed listing and cnt stop

  • Cali Smoke

    Hottest mixtape of the year!! R.E.D. album is going to be a classic!

  • D!A!E

    Game Hood Morning (Not Listening): Whack Shit

  • Its not that bad

    Lisn to this nt the best but better than recent mixtapes

  • Protest

    This mixtape is nice, im not gon lie

  • Original Will

    Game’s Last 3 Mixtapes<Nipsey Last 3 Mixtapes Since Bullets Vol.2 the baton has been quietly passed its not like Nipsey getting out of that Mixtape shit becuz Gangsta Rap is Dead but to be honest NIpsey is the Best West Coast Street Artist out rite now TMC shits on this Purp and Patron n whatever the fucc else he released that nobody is listening to well at least on the coast yea n i thinc all the praise post are double posts by ppl

    cuz if game got this much love then he would be on the radio I mean YG BItches Aint Shit a Record that Edited Version Basically sound like a hearing test if that can make radio then Game no matter how street his record is should be able to make the radio

    SN:Infrared was trash

    you niggas shit on soulja boy but give Game a pass for trash all the time fucc it my nigga if its trash its trash Samething with 50 cent song them shits are beyond garbage but we get this favoritism towards them i guess cuz they interscope artist Im tired of it unless i see Game or 50 cent song on twitter trending im not even going to listen to it becuz YN n these niggas jus see they name n make you believe these niggas got some good shit n it turn out to be trash

  • JBoy


  • Gametime

    Game’s buzz is back like it’s ’05 already ha!
    Game is The King only droppin classics

  • R . E . D

    this tape can be a classic album! every track on it is album quality.

  • August 23rd

    Grave Yard, 25 To Life & many other classic should be on R.E.D.. Game is like the only rapper droppin classic music for free

  • rodipipes

    Definately a Dope mixtape! Drug test got me going crazy! Love it

  • quincy jones

    this is a classic tape..imagine wat red would sound like..easily has to be album of the year!

  • tripple-0

    whoa!firrre!..your favorite rappers favorite rapper!

    RED August..its a bloody summer!

  • illmatickiller


  • emte



    1. Dr Dre Intro
    2. The City (ft Kendrick Lamar)- Cool & Dre
    3. Joy Interlude
    4. Drug Test (ft Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg & Sly Hook)- DJ Khalil
    5. Martians vs Goblins (ft Tyler, the Creator & Lil Wayne)- 1500 or Nothin
    6. Dead People- Dr Dre
    7. Dr Dre Interlude/Skit
    8. Good Girl Bad Girl (ft Drake)- Cool & Dre
    9. Ricky- DJ Khalil
    10. Good, Bad and The Ugly – Hit Boy
    11. Heavy Artillery (ft Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)- Street Runner
    12. Paramedics (ft Young Jeezy)- Maestro
    13. Speakers On Blast (ft Big Boi & E-40) – 1500 or Nothin
    14. Hello (ft Lloyd)- 1500 or Nothin
    15. All The Way Gone (ft Mario & Wale)- Don Cannon & 1500 or Nothin
    16. Pot Of Gold (ft Chris Brown)- The Futuristics
    17. Dr Dre Interlude/Skit
    18. All I Know (ft Luu Breeze)- Boi-1da
    19. Born In The Trap- DJ Premier
    20. Momma Knows (ft Nelly Furtadio)- The Neptunes
    21. California Dreams – 1500 or Nothin
    22. Dr Dre Outro

  • Thease alright

    I hope Game can prove everyone with the red album

  • mr southhimself

    all them dam mixtapes still no buzz

  • King (real one)

    @Original Will i feel ya but y hate Game….he’s the only one who’s atleast trying to keep it real

  • Sam I Am

    @original will

    definitely well said. Thats how you know its a few people commentating under aliases. if he really did get this much love, his album wouldnt be pushed back so many times and he wouldnt be dropping all these mixtapes.

    @king (real one)

    that was hilarious. At certain points, Game can keep it real, but recently, these havent been ANY of those points.

  • Original Will

    @King(real one)

    Game might be keeping it real but he has been doing alot of swagjaccing lately whether its him stealing his mixtape title from wiz khalifa him using a song about pussy eating with Nicci Minaj name attached to it eventhough it wasnt her(who was that girl anyway no one ever said who it was i hope it wasnt Game with the Voice Mod) every thing he does has Wayne featured on it lets not forget him swagjaccing the autotune shit bacc in 08 becuz of wayne also Game was in Gangsta Rap Genre in 05 but he signed becuz he rapped about the downfalls more than the glory of being a Gangsta now you cant put in a genre with songs like shake Believe That like Nipsey Album dont look like its coming out anytime soon but you have to love he is sticcing to his guns(no pun intended) and making you accepting for who he is instead of conforming to doing what everybody wants him to do he is doing what he wants n trying to get everybody to do that

    Game trying to get on Cash Money jus showed how desparate this man is this is a man who two yrs ago was having dinner with Diddy and Jimmy saying how he never leaving interscope and Aftermath again after reuniting with Dre and now he throwing them under the bus for a nigga like Baby who is known for not paying his artist Game is desparate for attention thats why he dissing teenage white girls like i can see where he gets mad about what she doing but come on cuz that girl like what 19 18 yrs old Game saying that shit about Kreayshawn is like the Kanye Taylor Swift publicity stunt x20 called her a lil white bitch n everything

    He might keep it real by sayin basically saying “Hey this is whats selling and imma do whatever it takes to sell” But he is not keeping it real with himself by saying im going to follow these young cats instead of lead

  • listin

    change your life is so sick just listin to it. will change your life

  • wess wess

    ^my nigga it changed my life too

  • jake

    @jason27 then I think he should have said grab a lime then…i’ve never seen a person put a lemon in a corona in my life….seen people fuck up other beers with lemons though

  • jake

    @original will you couldn’t have said it better…game has such potential but hes a follower so often..its when he raps on those shit hole beats like the one on shake and well really all his hype songs…games hype songs suck dick mostly in my opinion…well all club hype songs usually do..lyrics contain no clear topic…if he goes to cash money and starts having that type of production on his music it might go mainstream again but i’ve already lost respect for him when it comes to that…he might as well do it like tech n9ne and be independent since he’s always dissing everyone and seems bipolar as a motherfucker. he’d get real respect if he earned his own fame without coming up through 50 cent being on everyone of his first singles and having a million fucking features on every mixtape and cd…i like the game but lately he’s been a 90% disappointment. since lax he went downhill head first when it comes to any type of consistency…shit though even he said a while back he didn’t have that magic, classic feel so he was going to redo and change a lot of shit on the red album….that was around the time that terrible shake video came out. he just needs real production and to stop doing that gay flashy sounding club music. he kills those west coast style slow but heavy beats…stick to what you’re good at game

  • King (real one)

    @Original Will dude u gotta understand Game is signed to Interscope thats the reason why he’s tryna make trash singles cuz his real shit dnt sell no more take some time and lisn to Monsters In My Head, Rough, Keepin’ It Real, Dead….those are great songs but they won’t sell cuz Game is too underrated…on the other hand Wayne put out singles like How To Love which is complete trash still critics sucked his dick calling it nice…Wayne is the hottest artist hate it or love it….thats the reason Game make songs with him….As for signing with Cashmoney dude Baby might be a dick but he knows how to sell shit….Nicki platinum Drake platinum Wayne multi-platinum….Jimmy has no concern for Game all jimmy cares about is Eminem or Gaga…tell me a recent album put on Interscope goin Platinum except for Em n Gaga….Uncle Otis was jus for fun pls get over it…

  • Maurib

    Hater or not, you cannot deny this heat.

  • Hip Hop Head

    After listening ta this for a second I gotta say this shit’s dope. I’m actually looking forward to this after hearing all the dope music he’s given out for free. If you take the dopest songs off his last 3 mixtapes you got a classic.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • Mighty One

    Its Games Year!! R.E.D. Album in stores August 23rd!!