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  • vejs23

    west coast

  • Aj

    Real niggas

  • This Cold Black


    Your momma looks like an elephant, but I fucked her pussy, ass and mouth! She said my dick is the best and bigger than your dad’s dick.

    Where are they now?

  • Aj

    @Cold Black, I fucked yo grandma and made her cum on yo momma while yo daughter was in the other room bitch. Meet me on the street and get yo ass beat.

  • Chan

    Jay Rock = Fucking Awesome

    Yo Gotti = Kind of Lame

    –old yo gotti i.e. Life, From the Dope Game to the Rap Game, and Self Explanatory were tight. His new shit sucks

    Waka Flocka Flame = worst MC ever

    Bottom line, this was a dumb move putting these guys on your remix.

  • Aj

    Flocka fucked @Chan’s momma. Thats why he hatin.

  • All_inYourWife

    Nigga is the opposite of Rick ross both lyrically and physically

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