New Music: Lil Wayne “Put The Light On Me”

Tunechi demands the spotlight for this Bangladesh-produced track and as Mr. X points out, this could possibly be a featured verse. Off of DJ Spinatik’s upcoming mixtape, Street Runnaz 60.

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  • toad3527


  • Solid track

  • duuude

    new mixtape?

  • toad3527

    i’m not sure if this is a mixtape tho, i think it mite just be a song

  • JNEW

    damnnnfirst shit staight wayne!!!!damnnnn

  • Wall


  • mac DIESEL




  • uhuh


  • Bronx NY

    TRASH .. this nigga comes out of jail talking about NOTHING !!! WHY !!!!!!!! DOES !!! HE !!! DO!!! THAT !!! … and this is ya’ll greatest rapper alive???? FUCK OUTTA HERE !!!! .. yo wayne talk about somethin … you still doing that 2008 shit …. hurry up and evolve into something great since you so called “the Greatest” … FUCK OUTTA HERE . his recent mixtape sorry for the wait is trash … same shit different toilet …. EAT A DICK IF YOU DONT FEEL ME…. FAGGETS ….

  • allll


  • Da Snake

    not a C4 verse??

  • Da Snake

    i think it’s intro of Tha Carter IV. Let’s see what’s happin’ homiez..

  • Beledrub

    It’s From C3

  • put the light on me !

  • King (real one)

    this shi is good

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  • Sean

    This is dope what are yall talking about?

  • Jigga man

    weezy done fell off

  • That’s what’s up

    Tunechi’s back

  • tris

    wow lil wayne actually sucks. he doesnt even say anything…its just random talking. maybe he should actually put some thought into his music …write it down or something. this nigga got lazyyy.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Overhyped > Talented.

  • This sounds like it would be a Chris Brown song, and if this is Lil Wayne, why does Bangladesh keep producing for him, he knows he’s not going to get paid.

  • Word

    I remember when New Music from Wayne would garner no less then 50 comments in the first day of it getting posted. These days, even his stans dont have time to listen to him and voice their opinions on his songs. You guys do realize that Sorry4TheWait was met with negative reviews from consumers right? Citing the repetitive nature of the mixtape as well as the lack of effort in each song. Im just gonna pretend he never even put that shit out. Couple good songs, but trash mostly. And then Lil B on it’? Oh God. C4 is shaping up to be decent at best, nothing at all wat C3 was for hos career, and miles away from what C2 was lyrically.

  • ishhhh

    Fucking garbage as usual, fuck wayne……….

  • Awesome

    Same shit different toilet

  • Converse

    Use 2 be one of the best/my favorite rapper? Sorry4tha wait was recorded in a week? so thats a good reason? but nigga let the money get 2 him tho? so now he know he can sell lp with no effort? CIV better be a blend of C2 and C3 or its fuck him

  • d

    Im sure wayne aint gonna dissapoint with the cater IV he knows what the fans want for this album and im also aware that half of his fans dont even like it when he spits garbage, so im preety sure hes not gonna dissapoint

  • Ben Frank


  • Codeen

    Wayne did sort of fall of, and and I don’t say that about to many people. I think goin to jail HEAVILY affected his lyricability and it shows. All his verses sound like some recycled garbage. And this is comin from a true Wayne fan. I hope he put somethin special on C4, or his rap game will be in trouble.

  • History_of_Negrum


  • dat bull

    this shit is stupid but its just some mixtape track. C4 gonna have some real shit on it. anyone who ever been to a lil wayne show cant deny that he is a legendary performer…. LEGENDARY. nobody does it better than him, real talk.

    at shows he doesnt fuck around with garbage like this, and that makes me feel like hes jst bein lazy when he puts stuff like this out. really hope es not putting an trash like this on the album (ill just ignore the fact that how to love came out)

  • Bitchesonmydickbruh

    Last thing Wayne touched that was actually hot was the Carter III Files, which was better than the actual album. Aint been shit since then. Same shit different laxative. And ya’ll buy the shit caught up in the hype (c) Hov

  • DC

    People seriously thought that this was good!?!
    Wow, talk about dick riding!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was straight up trash, son!!

  • bigg569

    This is dope stop hating!


    whats wack to you may not be wack to the next person, so why does someone have to be a dickrider just b/c you think a song is wack & the other person thinks otherwise…reply if you agree

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    this can’t be on carter 4

  • Da Snake


    it’s true homie 😉