• Mike


  • why can’t people just let the original track breath

  • nsisu

    they fucked up with the mix…i can barely here what chris and way are sayin….

  • Jordan Cohen

    Um, all these other beards in the game now? Taking shots at Ricky and Stalley?

    MMMMMMM…i kinda want beef even though its Ramadan.

  • Justsayin

    Otis been out for like 2 weeks now its a million Otis “freestyles” Rappers need to cut this shit out….. and RR should stop posting this BS

  • HarlemPrince1982

    No originality in hip hop anymore smh sad

  • Me

    The only accepted otis freestyle is the one by kiss and p….bottom line.

  • Aj

    @ Hustlebunny, thats because everybody knew the original track sucked so they felt they needed to do it justice. BITCH NIGGA

  • Dope

    You can hate on Jay and Kan as much as you want but the fact is people do freestyles over their instrumental because that’s the only way for some of them to get noticed since they can’t make decent original music.

  • Black Shady

    I thought it was a FREE/JAY freestyle…but then remembered Jay stole Chris’ flow!

    POW! playin stans..calm down

  • blackghost

    Black Shady says:

    I thought it was a FREE/JAY freestyle…but then remembered Jay stole Chris’ flow!

    POW! playin stans..calm down been saying this for a while jay took that philly style and ran with it young chris been nice on the mic

  • Curtis75Black

    Rappers been doing freestyles over previously used beats !! What’s the fuckin’ problem now ? Everyone and their momma ran thru Lil Wayne’s shit and I didn’t hear any complaining when Jay-Z decided to venture on it. This has been going on from the beginning !! Y’all think that “Rapper’s Delight” beat was originally for The SugarHill Gang ? And IMO, SKYZOO wrecked this beat better than ANYONE !!!

  • Eternally Sleepy

    Didn’t mind this one….. I think it’s one of the better ones….. “looking like Osama, bout to call Obama on myself” that’s as good as it’s going to get flipping the paparazzi line.

  • Naughty

    Ok, these are opinions, I get that part, but why do Ppl feel they know what’s best for others. Everybody rap over different beats, this is Hip Hop. Y’all act like niggas gone stop doing it, cause of the few negative comments. Alot niggas get on from this technique. Whatever you do for promotion is on you. Y’all sound like y’all the committee for all of Hip Hop. Pipe down !!!

  • A.K.

    @All commenters: What about stoping all your references to his beard ? I mean he’s not the only Muslim convert in the rap game (Lupe, Mos Def, etc.);

    I found one of the comments quite funny though’ : The dude is spitting some wack shit on his own “bro” in the Rap Game while it’s … RAMADAN. I mean, he’s supposed to be all devoted to doing GOOD around him and praying and stuff … not talking shit in his buddie’s back that way !

  • Naz


  • brooklyn

    “There’s only one Young Chris/Don’t ask me about this dud again”….nice little shot at the Racks on Racks kid