Stevie Wonder Joins Drake’s Take Care

Although Drake couldn’t nab Sade for his debut, Thank Me Later, he tells MuchMusic that Stevie Wonder will appear on his sophomore set, Take Care. Isn’t that lovely?

“Stevie Wonder is a very close friend of mine. I’m honored to call him a friend, someone who embraced me very early in this music business. This is an exclusive right here, because it’s MuchMusic, and we’re Canadian: Stevie Wonder is actually on ‘Take Care.’ He helped me out with a lot of the music, just came and sat with me, listened to my music, told me where I could add a couple things to make it more sonically appealing, and not only that but we actually are writing together, which is an incredible experience.

So I hit him, asked him to come by, and with no hesitation he hit me back like “I will be there.” Not only that, but he was supposed to do two songs and he did like six. It was incredible.”


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  • Freddy Long

    Stevie Wonder will make this interesting. Follow me on Twitter @Dr_Long

  • Yep its Official, Take care will be an RnB release with heartbreak and problems all over it. The little girls and faggots will eat it up.

    But that aside congats on getting a legend like Stevie on your 2nd album man

  • Shade

    Stevie Wonder on Take Care? Awesome! Take Care definitely gonna be an amazing MUSIC album and I stress the music part because that’s what he makes. Fuck Hip Hop.

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  • Jordan Cohen

    Hey if this turns into a miseducation of Aubrey Graham, I’m not mad. Stevie on the tracks? Phenomenal.

    He may be blind but he knows what dollars sound like.

  • ddave

    I’m happy to read positive news early in the morning. Happy for you Drake!

  • Guest

    Yep its Official, Take care will be an RnB release with heartbreak and problems all over it. The little girls and faggots will eat it up.



  • JHP

    Stevie Wonder is a legend so that’s a very nice look for Drizzy’s sophmore album! I’m not particularly excited about his songs with Ross & Weezy since he works with them so often. The soong with Weeknd will probably be dope, and I’m real curious to see the one with 8ball & MJG, it’ll prolly have a southern hip-hop feel, possibly similar to “November 18th”. But anyway Headlines > Your favorite rapper’s single. Take Care Oct. 24th bitches!!!

  • Converse


    chopped and screw? aka Texas

    This nigga should not call hisself hiphop? str8 pussy music

  • Charlie Gasko

    Great look. Skip the sample and go straight to the source. People never get the flowers while they can still smell em. Hope he’s on the keys, more instrumentation in rap and less Lex!

  • RC

    You guys are hilarious. Pussy music?

    Drake do ya thang bro. Good music is good music.

    The people who hate Drake are those broke ass hood niggas with hood ass baby moms and shit. Thats why these niggas can listen to Ross in the whip with their main. Bitch is every bit ass hood and manly as they are.

    Drake is for us niggas who date women that act like women.

  • Ashin Kusher

    Completely co sign ‘more instrumentation and less lex’. Take Care is shaping up to be a classic album, much better than TML. It seems he’s taken the time to find his sound and I don’t think the album will be as sporadically sounding as his first attempt.

  • This Cold Black

    Straight men don’t listen to Drake. Fact. His music is teen pop for teenage girls and gay niggas.

    Where are they now?

  • Sean

    @Rc No idiot we want him to rap and tell stories. Not cry about two day relationship. Thats cool but not when its get repetitive you fool.

  • CG

    With the exception of ‘Headlines’ I think this album is going to be crack.

  • Shady

    If you like Drake you also like dick in the ass.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “The people who hate Drake are those broke ass hood niggas with hood ass baby moms and shit.”…How did U figure out that statistic? WOW ! SMH.

  • “With the exception of ‘Headlines’ I think this album is going to be crack”

    Isnt this the only confirmed track from the album, so how can u say that the rest u have never heard will be better then the one song u have? Can u get off hes nuts already please

  • Me

    Fuck it….big up man do ur thing.

  • RC


    Niggas who be dating have stories to tell about dating. Niggas who date women talk about what they go thru with women.

    Drake has his lane. And hes doing damn good witg that lane.

    What rap stories does Drake have besides partying, women and regular life shit. You niggas act like this nigga is a rapper with a harsh upbringing and can spit some tough bars about that hood life.

    Or wait, lemme think about this….

    I see it now! You want this nigga to PRETEND to be that hood ass nigga hes not. Make up these wonder tales about a life thats never existed for him. So you can be entertained I get it. Wow! No wonder you guys Ross so much.

    Str8 men dont run around defending their sexuality in everything they do. Expecially not in music. I aint never heard any OG nigga talk bad about Prince’s music but if you listen to Drake you gay?

    You niggas is just fags. So you lashing out on the net to release some steam. You love what you hate.

    This second half wasnt @ Sean but just in general.

  • Donn

    Cosign @ RC

  • Brandon

    This Is a Good Look.
    Drake Has Alot Of Creativity

  • Kid

    Follow me @kidormrwright

    This album is gonna be brilliant to listen to, you can already tell that by the instruments used in marvins room,
    And Stevie wonder? Man it’s a rap, he may be blind but he can hear perfectly, and that’s why this albums gonna be one of the best of the year

  • RC

    Yay Drake I luv emo rap! I dance to it while in my sis skinny jeans! We suburb gay guys luv Drizzy drake lol! We can relate unlike that nasty hood music I luv pop along with Britney Spears,Lady gaga and Justin Beiber!

  • Black Shady

    lets just hope there arent too many rnb tracks like TML

  • RC

    Ive officially made the Rap Radar famous commentator list. Ive got these bitch ass niggas cloning my name instead of just coming at me on their own handle.

    I guess I should also post a little signature at the end of my comments in my future posts from now on.

    But seriously some of you readers are bitches you claim to be so manly and not gay, but you clone a niggas name and have no heart to just go at nigga directly. Thats as gay as it gets.

  • Avarice

    Wow that’s impressive Drizzy

  • The Evening

    Okay now Watch the Throne has some competition. Drake’s is stepping it up….

  • Sean

    @RC Thanks for putting words in my mouth son. I dont blame you for being so soft your mom raise you that way. Crying on songs get redunant I stick too Nas while you continue crying in your pillow.

  • Jaymalls

    How is this impressive… he is just following Kanye West’s blueprint. Drake & 40 completely jacked Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreaks sound for “So Far Gone” and half of “TML” –> and they confirmed it!!! Now he gonna ask Stevie to help him out on a track after Kanye used Elton John on his MBDTF album. I know im not reaching… i know this is a good look for music in-general, but lets not act like this nigga is a genius or innovator for this move!!!

  • Kieran

    Canada is Proud How you’ve come from City Is Mine, to having Stevie Wonder on your Album.
    Your the Best Drake.

  • RC


    Nigga you cant be serious. I know youre not used to that kind of response around these parts, but there are some cats in here that know how to have a convo and bring valid points to a debate.

    Next time have some substance you back up that shit you talking. Or stay in your lane, you know, the jack my handle and say some gay shit, lane. This way nobody knows its Sean being clowned.

  • Belize

    Stevie Wonder ain’t a born Canadian, foh with that shit Drake.

  • Co-sign @ RC

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    You can’t go wrong with a Stevie Wonder collabo. I don’t mind Drake singing on the hooks but he needs more rap songs. He has enough songs about money and past relationships. You would thing since he has money his life would be mor intresting. He needs more songs like Fear, Say Whats Real, The Calm, Succesful, and Say Something.

  • Hip_Hop_Schola

    Not a fan of drake but to have stevie wonder on his album before hov and kanye is a big leap. Congrats to aubrey.

    Sidebar: if your not a pornstar nor model, don’t ask us to follow you on twitter!

  • Truth!

    @jaymalls 100% co-sign. drake nice but his whole style bites off a few people.. kanye being the main one.

  • The Evening

    Even though the thing about him utilizing the 808 and Heartbreak style is true, Kanye even said himself that particular sound is better suited for Drake and Kid Cudi (who helped develop that sound). And Elton John was on MBDTF for 30 seconds. Stevie is not only featured, but helped musically arrange the whole album, according to Drake.

    Like it or not, Drake is becoming a force in the music game. Hip-hop or not. Jay-Z even said that he doesn’t play by the rules of genre anymore, he just makes music. And if Kanye didn’t have rock, pop, electro, and R&B influences in his music, he wouldn’t have some of his greatest hits.

  • the One

    hating on someone who just announced they have Sevie Wonder on there album… What is this world really coming to??? American’s have really lost there soul when they can’t celebrate a man that has reached out to one of there most iconic musicians of are time… You people are truly lost.
    I’m not saying you have to like Drake but respect the icon that has given his time to add something to our genre of music. SMFH!!

  • Guru

    Fuck that. Stevie Wonder, stick with MCs! Been Through The Storm with Busta Rhymes was classic and you know Drake is gonna try to outshine you on some love shit.

  • Truth!

    @the evening that’s true. i agree with you. but kanye opened up that lane for cudi and drake to be able to do that.

    @the one pipe down son.

  • b.moore

    HATERS GONE HATE ….but this is epic…

  • CG

    @HEADLINES Smh, notice how I said ‘think’, not ‘know’. I’m sure anything else on the album will be better than that song and you stay acting like I predicted it to be an instant classic and shit. You can also @ me next time.

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  • James


    That entire sound was created by Jeff Bhasker

  • JReezy

    Niggas act like the 808s type sound is just Kanye’s. He did that for ONE album.