Drake Speaks On Making “Headlines”

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After Drizzy’s show at OVO Fest this past weekend in Toronto, he spoke on his new single “Headlines” and says that he’s pushing for Take Care to have up to 18 tracks. Master P would be proud.

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  • @williamtakor


  • Drake, all you need to focus on is watching The Throne.

  • @williamtakor

    18 tracks? Ure headz gettin’ way to big.. you need a couple “NO” men

  • Bat Man

    i really hope he dont put none of those wack young money guys on it

  • Shade

    Yes! 18 tracks? So Far Gone days baby! Drizzy back!

  • mac DIESEL




  • This Cold Black

    Straight men don’t listen to Drake. His fans are feminine males, gays and teenage girls. Grown some damn balls and stop being a pussy!

    Listen to Wu-Tang Clan and hardcore hip hop!

    Where are they now?

  • Pat

    ^^^^ those niggas are played the fuck out who listens to that old shit

  • Black Shady

    Drizzy my nigga. him and Cole should tour together!!!!!!!!!

    Headlines’ hot!!

  • This Cold Black

    Wu-Tang is old, but holy shit… Drake is a gay pop music! Wu is essential hip hop!

    Where are they now?

  • Shade

    Fuck Hip Hop. I love the music but it’s just full of ignorant assholes like mac FAGIESEL and This Cold Black Piece of Shit.

    First of all you guys talk about gay but have you seen your names?

    Second what’s wrong with being gay? You guys are using it as diss like being gay is an insult? Hip Hop is so homophobic it’s not even funny.

  • This Cold Black

    Real hip hop (2011):

    Reks – Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme
    Random Axe – Random Axe
    Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah – Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away
    Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told
    Wu-Tang Clan – Legendary Weapons
    Raekwon – Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
    Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)
    CunninLynguists – Oneirology
    Atmosphere – The Family Sign


    This is hip hop!

    Drake is pop, pop and pop!

    Where are they now?

  • Shade

    @This Cold Black: Drake is a music artist. MUSIC something you know NOTHING about.

  • Cramlin

    this ish will go hard..but im not feeling headlines..
    The 3 Rules of M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches) http://goo.gl/bWFAu <ONLY Way to Get Money! Listen to this ish

  • Thank you Drake for doing you

  • This Cold Black

    @ Shade

    I listen to rock, metal, blues and jazz, too. So I think Drake is NOT a music artist. Pop is not music.

    Miles Davis is a real music artist. Kurt Cobain is a real music artist. Nas is a real music artist.

    Where are they now?

  • @Cold Death Just STFU you miserable price of shit! Your always complaining about something. Go fucking hang yourself like all the white people do when there depress. You Fuck! At the end of the day your hoe bag mom should’ve swallowed your dads cum because your a fucking a joke.

  • *piece

  • This Cold Black


    You hate me, because I don’t like pop and modern R&B? You are a fucking stereotypical nigger who listens to only the current popular urban/pop music. Grown balls, wigger!

    Where are they now?

  • ^ it’s nots even about that. Your fucking hate on everything on this site. Your never satisfied for shit. You fucking complain about everything. Your worst then those little white cracker shits playing Black Ops. SMH

  • mac DIESEL

    @ shade




  • @This Cold Black,Ur a hater.
    How u hate on someone being their self.
    Old ass nigga,Go listen 2 some immortal technique hahahaha

  • This Cold Black


    You’re dumb as fuck. I always praise Jay/Kanye and good hip hop. I’m disappointed, because you’re a bad Stan. So stop following my comment history and get a life, white boy. You’re not allowed to be black.

    Where are they now?

  • This Cold Black

    @ To many hatred

    Where are they now?

  • This Cold Black

    @ What’s Poppin Cuz!!!

    I agree – Drake is being herself, she is a lesbian pussy.

    Immortal Technique isn’t an old rapper, dumbass!

    Where are they now?

  • Haha whoever said I’m black or white you fuck? Kanye is alright. But jay is history now. He’s got his shine and should leave the game already. He’s like a Bret farve 60 years old still playing football n shit. Fucking retire already. Jay was around when jesus was walking around on this earth. SMH.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Everyone is going to have their opinion about Drake, but in all honestly, his music grew on me. “Headlines” is an ill record, imo. To each their own.

  • Jaediggity

    Idk why you guys let This Cold Black bother you. He’s a troll. He goes to every post and says some stupid shit to get attention.

    So he’s a hardcore hip hop head.. Okay let him float off in his little world, there are those of us who respect drake for his musical talents and his lyrical ability. Some people just prefer a more aggressive style.

    Its not like its some rap radar staff trying to impose their musical beliefs on us, its just either some attention seeking kid, or grown man with no life that likes to get on Rap Radar every day and talk shit about whats not “real hip hop”.
    But shit thats his right.. no use in fighting him..

  • If you a male and hate Drake, read this blog — http://popularstrangersradio.com/the-mind-of-a-drake-hater/

    1. Drake makes music for women, and fly dudes who love being around women
    2. Drake doesn’t create these melodic masterpieces for you over-analytical nerds that masturbate in the shower 37 times a week. He doesn’t need validation from the Geek Squad.
    3. You don’t hate Drake. You don’t even hate Drake’s music. You hate the fact that you’re an ODD-BALL.

  • Yup

    why the hate on drake? even tho he takes subliminal shots at the 2 niggas whose dicks he sucked the hardest get his career poppin, (kanye’s whole steez/”didn’t cry when Pac died, but i prolly will when Hov does”) besides wayne, he does make some pretty good music. but he should watch his mouth sometimes. and continue to watch the throne..

  • yea

    I don’t get why you people waste your time bringing a dude down… Stevie wonder, nas, jay-z, jeezy… who in the game comes out point blank and does not get on a song/event with drake? You all know much more than they do about “real music” though so keep hating and trying to tell people what is right and wrong in music! It’s going to be a long decade haters drakes here to stay, so sorry

  • MadMike0082

    Fuck all the closest homo’s man….. “I only listen to hardcore shit maaaaaan! Wu Tang, fuckin Gucci, hardcore shit maaaaaan!”

    Go fuck yourself with that only listening to hard shit nonsense. Im not even gonna waste another sentence on ignorant fucks like you panzy ass no pussy getting mother fuckers.

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    18 tracks is a good idea, I’m tired of rappers making hype of an album then only having 11-14 tracks including Into, Outro, and Skits. Give a good amount of music the way Eminem use to do. J. Cole needs to have like 20 tracks not just 15.


    Take Care – Album of the Year

    They know, they know, they know

  • Sohh

    I only listen to real hip hop ya know? That tech nine, wu tang shit ya know…drake he had too many fans..he’s wack…I listen to that real shit..I come to mainstream blogs but I only like underground…drake is homo cuz he’s honest in his music (sarcasm)

  • DB

    i cant wait for Take Care is gonna be the best album of da year!! C4 is going igh but yalll gotta admit drizzy is the best in young money right now! weezy ight but he gotta step it up with his lyrics but that “nightmares from the bottom” go hard.

  • DB

    @Bat Man drake is not gonna do that he only included nicki and wayne on his last album..probably goona include nicki again and we all know hes gonna include weezy buts thats it because HE even knows that most of young money suck…and have no lyrical ability like mack maine that nigga is wack as fuck!

  • Shade

    @Yup: Drake is friends with Jay-Z and Kanye. It was just a friendly thing and a reminder to people that he will be taking their place on the throne whether they do or not decide to step down.

    @This Cold Black: I know this niggas a troll but I can’t stand ignorant niggas like him. Dudes that even deserve to listen to music who hate on anything. Rock?, Metal? Blues? Jazz? Name me one Jazz artist you regularly listen too fuck outta here go listen to some shit that try sends and blends genres like Alternative Hip Ho or Alternative Rock or Indie Rock. Open your mind you closed minded troll. But nah you are too stupid to comprehend true music. All you do is troll blog sites that feature mainstream rap news even though you claim to love underground. ONLY fucking comment on posts about mainstream artist but when there is an artist people are not to familiar with you are no where to be found. Oh but you appear when their a rap feuds. What does that say? You feed on hate and negative shit. You are a sad motherfucker man grow up.

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  • a2z

    Y’all are harsh… @This Cold Black makes an anti Drake post and y’all castrate him…. Y’all some mad wheelchair Jimmy stans…. Any you fools even heard the albums he listed?? DOPE


    Jay-Z hasn’t been in the Throne since Black Album. Kanye is currently sitting in th Throne he gonna remain their for a while. The only niggas that can possible take his spot in the future is Drake and J. Cole. “Word on the streets is I’m the prince nigga, check the splender I can’t wait to be king YOUNG SIMBA”-J. Cole/”I’m just feeling like the THRONE is for the taking, WATCH ME TAKE IT”-Drake

  • Kieran

    @ Cold death.
    Sorry not everybody is Rakim, Nas & B.I.G.
    But times change! If Rakim was a new artist and put out “Paid in Full” (Classic) it would be hit? NO! he would be underground, if at all in the buissness!
    Like Kanye! In 04′ when he put out College Dropout (Classic) it was DOPE! But 7 years later, he puts out MBDTF (Another Classic!) but they are two TOTTALY Different Sounds! So move on and open your mind! You are like some old White republican! Move on!

  • Converse

    Drake fans are pussies and virgins

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    This song sucks and it sound like most of his shit, but the radio gonna force this crap to sink in ya brain until you say “it’s hot!”


  • Shade

    @a2z: He doesn’t just make “anti-Drake” posts. If he simply said he doesn’t like drake then I’d respect his opinion but when he gives bullshit reasons and trolls every single blog post of him then we have the right to call him out as the retarded pussy internet thug he is.

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