Jay-Z Partners With Pharrell’s BBC Line

“When I wear Billionaires Boys Club, it’s more than gear/ I don’t wear it cause Pharrell, I wear it cause I’m fo real.”

Yep, it’s deeper than rap. According to GQ, Jay-Z has acquired Pharrell’s Billionaires Boys Club line. As part of the deal, the brand will be distributed and manufactured under the Rocawear umbrella.

UPDATE: 14 Shots From The Throne.

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  • RoeLuv

    In a related story the Philadelphia Eagles just signed Memphis Bleek

  • CHRIS S.

    this man is getting richer by the second

  • lacesandsoul

    If BBC/Ice Cream ends up in Macy’s and shit. I’ll never forgive Jay.

  • Guest


  • rahrahrah

    Big moves. BBC isn’t a public company, but does anyone have an estimate on their revenues for the past year?

  • nappyheadjenkins

    Ha Nigo dont want that no more you take it Hov

  • joeycrack

    this guy better not fuckup the brand by making it cheaper…FUCK…i only see bad things from this

  • uhuh

    Listen here son, that’s eventually the goal. You dont really think P doesnt want his BBC/Ice Cream line not be a Major. stop lieing to yourself

  • uhuh

    meant for laceandsoul

  • MW

    I wonder how much he got it for? BAPE sold for less than 3 million earlier this year

  • Strapped

    BAPE BBC is dead!!!!!!!!

  • Your Father

    I hate Rocawear’s designs so bad.
    Hov better not change the personal behind BBC’s designs.

  • This Cold Black

    My wife like Roc-A-Wear.

    Where are they now?

  • This Cold Black

    * likes

    Where are they now?

  • luckyP

    Contrary to what you may believe but not everyone wants their shit in Macys. That cancels out the entire exclusivity factor of the brand. With doing so you also stand the chance of losing LONG TIME consumers.

    On the flip side BBC-Ice Cream and BAPE all have had their numbers decline in the last 3 or so years, hence Nigo taking a lesser position with BAPE. So cool for a bail out situation I suppose, but as far as it being respected as it once was? Doubt it.

  • Converse

    Wow? niggas actually wear that shit haha

  • benzo550

    read the whole story before you comment it will not be in big stores check GQ!

  • lacesandsoul

    @uhuh well when BBC/Ice Cream had a deal with Reebok (a ‘major’ brand) he deaded that shit because it cheapened the brands overall mystique, there’s a reason niggas spend 80 bucks on a BBC tee and that reason is exclusivity. If everybody can get it nobody wants it. It’s an unwritten hypebeast rule, and thats who BBC/Ice Cream was created for in the first place. Word to the original Ice Cream shoes being limited to 2000 pairs per colorway.

  • Does this mean I’m no longer a BAPE head. 🙁

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Gotta admit i have no idea how rocawear has managed to survive , who wears that shit foreal ?? & i’m a Jay stan. Bbc/bape been fell off ending up in Macy’s is actually the only way for them to survive

  • I really hope they don’t mass produce BBC, the greatest appeal they had was the exclusivity. Once they sold out, that was it. BBC was truly high end street fashion. I mean a t-shirt alone was $90! What “ubran street wear brand” was doing that. Now I feel the beginning of the end is upon us, the shirts are now cheaper & they are re-stocking at a quicker pace. My fear is that BBC will be ran into the ground the same way BAPE was.

  • lacesandsoul

    @uhuh Maybe he does want it to be major but as person who respects BBC/Ice Cream for what it is/was it’ll be sad to see ‘everybody’ wearing that shit. Exclusivity is what made the shit great.

  • Cosign Lacesandsoul. I’m walking past BBC to the Sean Jean section if that happens.

  • Rap’s Radar

    But who’s talking about BAPE?

  • Eminem is a homo who take it up the butt

    Another big move my Hov!!

  • Anon DCPL

    who wears ANY of these played out brands?

    anyone remember them WELCOME TO THE HOOD shirts from 2002??

  • smh

    i’m conflicted.. i can barely afford that shit as is, so clearly i wouldnt mind if it was cheaper and mroe accessible, but the fact that no one has that shit is fresh.. i live in the UK, and its pretty bossy walking into a room with a hundred or more people and not a single person is wearing the same shit as you.. only like two people know what you;re on.. its become even more popular these days though tbh..
    but i guess its only fair that the rest of the world gets to enjoy it..

  • Money Mark

    Jay-Z just tweeted: @S_C_ “Partnering with @4real4rell on BBC” (Not buying as GQ erroneoudly reported)

  • Money Mark


  • fuk waka

    DAMN big move

  • N$R

    “i ain’t frontin’, i don’t know Pharrell, he wears pastel colors
    i wear the pain of the soledad brothers” ! – God’s son, nasir jones, nasty nas, Nas



  • Biittcchh!

    lacesandsoul says:
    Wednesday, August 03 2011 at 1:11 PM EST

    If BBC/Ice Cream ends up in Macy’s and shit. I’ll never forgive Jay.


  • reeeez

    “white people clothes”… cater to them overall.. get money ayee…

  • Black Shady

    who gives a fuck?

  • uhuh

    you are not everybody

  • Ok

    Fuck that oberpriced BBC shit…where is the watch the Thorne leak at shit should have been out by now

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  • Joeycrack

    your stupid if the point was to make it mainstream it wouldve happened 10 years ago dumbfuck..the fact that it’s exclusive is what makes it appeal to the people that already wear it..you wouldn’t know about fashion if you couldn’t figure that out…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Ralph Lauren at T.J. MAXX is my cup of tea. Ballin on a budget homie.

  • mac DIESEL



  • mac DIESEL


  • puerto-black

    SO what is Jay gonna do with “Crooklyn Dodger” line he bought?

  • I been rocking the same BBC hoody for like 3 years. I bought it on clearance for $150 bills. That was before I lost one of the best jobs I ever had. Thank You Recession.

  • Converse


    man youre a retard SMH

    I bet that shit cost a couple $$ to make? haha dumbass

  • changeclothz
  • 106

    Yall to good to wear Rocawear? They doing over $700 mil a year suckas never stop talking shit. This should be good maybe I can find some BBC gear.

  • Shawn

    @ErrolGame smh

  • Fubu_PhatFarm_StarterJacket

    If all these brands are played out, then what are in style? besides ralph lauren

  • Ea$y Bread

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, BBC and Artful Dodger in the same sentence?… Dammmmnnnnnn. Cool is now the High End attire. RIP BBC & BAPE.

    There are some dope Streetwear brands but they don’t get enough shine. IF they don’t pull a BBC and stay true. They will pop. History repeats itself.

    BBC, BAPE, FUBU, ARTFUL DODGER, KARL KANI dammnnnnnnnn lol

  • Freddy Long

    Idk about this. I bought an Ice Cream backpack and someone 21 and older had to sign for it. Like WTF!?!?! But the exclusivity is the main component. I think BBC will just be produced more and at a cheaper price. I doubt they will MASS produce then that will be nail in the coffin…

  • mistahmistah

    Bape wasn’t run into the ground? Don’t take this comment as racist take it as fact..but when black people start rocking a brand it’s all downhill after that, when black people get hold of a brand and turn it into a trend it has a shelf life of about 18 months after that, looked what happened when black people started wearing dickies, von dutch, tommy hilfiger, nautica, bape, fubu, iceberg, etc. This is the reason why Louis Viutton didn’t allow T.I to release the video to “Swing Ya Rag” because they don’t want their brand to appeal to the “urban community”. Which I felt was wrong but that’s just the way it is. Once brands pop in the hood it’s a wrap and don’t even try to deny it. The only brand that has stood the test of time in the urban world and upper class high fashion is POLO. peace!

  • #FAIL ON YO BEHALF OF RAULPH LAUREN… That shit dead now..
    BBC for people who arent hypebeast, fresh shit for years, real exclusive, And if you cant afford it, shit dont buy it.. niggas need to stop living beyond means regardless! And besides Rocawear still make cash flow! Dont contradict yoself we all wore it before, it was the shit at one point… But I wouldnt be mad at Hov if he lower the price on that BBC shit, cuz $80 FOR A T-SHIRT! Is insane

  • mack


  • Freddy Long

    mistahmistah is actually right! That jew never embraced the urban demographic just whoever wanted to wear it, wore it. He never made an urban campaign which is wise.

  • franky knuckles

    brother please rocawear isn’t doing any numbers, BBC is still mad exclusive. This is a better look for Jay for sure,

  • ak

    y r some of u ppl hating?.. u comment on the clothing like u can afford it haha


    Money is Money we are all working b/c of money to provide for our families. If Macy’s offers a Mass Production Deal for an absurd amount of money we as human beings would not turn it down. We see where keeping it underground overpriced has landed A Bathing Ape.

    I think in reality everyone would love to just have a brand that will flourish as extremely exclusive and sought after but in reality it doesn’t always work out like that.

  • James Allen

    Is this gonna be in the mall?? If so then I will buy it.