Jeezy Announces The Real Is Back 2

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Three months after releasing The Real Is Back mixtape, Jeezy says that he’s ready to unleash the sequel. Take that Waka. But until that day comes, pay attention: TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition September 20th.


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  • YUP

    Hands down hardest mixtape of the year

  • Its over

    Jeezy winning right now.

  • The Real Is Back

    i think its time people stop listening to rappers who live in never never land and spit fairytale raps and start listening to the real

  • mac DIESEL




  • Westcoast killa


  • Leaked Music!

    check out the leaked track i do from jezzy featuring jay z and drake before youtube removes it

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its funny how GAME had to DISS JAY-Z to get folks attention. JEZZY doing it the right way he grinding with them mixtapes and features on albums.

  • Cant lie was expecting an album release date but this is gonna go ham.

  • imchillin

    he already gave u the album release date @idgaf

  • Codeen

    So wait, is that the official title of the Album??? DOPE! TM 103: Hustlers Ambition!

  • Uncle Otis

    @ZoomZoom, Game got a strong mixtape catalog right now. Jeezy did diss Ross ain’t he? Or didn’t he? I don’t know he didn’t give a straight answer.

  • My bad there is a date lol, fuck im hyped for this

  • Willie_mcfly22

    I like the 1st so hopefully this one is coo too

  • Cali’s Finest

    lol That Mixtape was Alright. Better than anything Waka put out…Thats for Fuckin Suure!!
    I just Hope TM103 tops 101 & 102 or at least…Matches it.
    Trap or Die 2 was the Hardest/closest shit to TM101!!
    If he keeps that up, he Might even Rape Ross!!

  • Chan

    I hate when people say dumb shit for the sole purpose of having people hate on them and then they follow up there comment with “don’t hate on my opinion” That sounds like some dumb little boy shit. Thats a faggot ass thing to say. “Don’t hate on my opinion.” Shut up little bitch boys.

    Jeezy the truth by the way.

  • midwestg

    “i told em str8 drop this and ziplock that”

  • StudioThug

    Cosign @uncleotis Game got the hottest mixtape out right now. Jeezy was cool but he’s falling off right now!

    ZoomZoom your fake ass always got something to say about Game you fuckin groupie. Still crying about uncle otis record. Game did something right apparently cause he drop like 5 hot records afterwards (including one w/ Dr. Dre which is the next single) stop hatin so much you’ll get somewhere in life beside your whorish moms basement.