L.E.P. Bogus Boys At Public Assembly

Yours truly was the host with the most last night at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. The concert featured Illz, YC The Cynic, Grafh, The Kid Daytona, and was headlined by the L.E.P. Bogus Boys. William McKinney was in the house and filmed a majority of the performances. More footage of the Lower End Professionals and the other opening acts under the cut.

The Kid Daytona


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  • Sean

    LEP keep winning

  • Jason

    why they standing so close to each other on the stage

  • Black Shady

    who the fuck are they

  • GregBX

    This was a dope show. YC the Cynic killed it, best performance of the night. LEP were fun. I like what one of their boys said at the end of the set about that racist Colorado senator, and then he started a Fuck Racism chant. (Nearly) all of the acts killed it.

  • The Boss

    This was a dope show. Props to RR for putting it on. But why the hell is YC the Cynic video not up in this? he had the illest set of the night. that dude can spit.

    oh and Graph was soooo wack.

  • Glad to see how positive the response to the L.E.P. Bogus Boys was and the show in general. They’ve definitely got something special and I am certain they will go far in this industry.

  • machette215

    shiw was dope. that track wit push montana is mad hard too. think theybgot a video for it