Nardwuar vs. Casey Veggies

Usually Nardwuar interviews more established acts. But this time around he caught up with newcomer Casey Veggies. Bet you didn’t know his dad was a bodyguard for Jay-Z, did ya? Us neither. Check out the clip above.

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  • I Be Sayin…

  • Mr. 3-Times

    Shout out to Shaun, Adon, Nate and Ryan from Hawthorne High co 2000.

  • MadMike0082

    Fucking Casey Veggies is DOPE as fuck man…… Beats sound like old shit from the mid 90’s.

    Good looking Nard.

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  • Chazz
  • Original Will


    Note The Overdoz. s/o when he mention the chic-fil-a prayer checc out their music jus a taste go watch the Pasadena Video or better yet the Roll Em Up Video or Growing Pains Video them dudes are next up tell YN to get them for RESPECT they have been on Pharells Radar and Latoya Williams and these dudes dont even have management look up the Overdoz. #DEST

  • still best rite now!!

    i like Casey V. but Nard loses points for this…smh

    He more famous than the interviewee

  • j.

    New JLR (curren$y label) artist Street Wiz new single “Grand Theft Auto”

    off his new mixtape #ReturnoftheJETI dropping August 10th!

    follow him on twituhh @streetwizJETS

  • Big Homey

    Damn son. Floetry is the new oldschool. The Rocafella years are the new “back in the day” & 25 and up parties are older parties. Fuck! I got old. LOL

  • rajon chrondo

    Who in the fuck is casey veggies. Im fucking over it.

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