New Video: Lil B “R.I.P. The Rap Game”

Over Free’s classic tune, the Based God pulls out the camera and kisses the game goodbye in his new viral. R.I.P.

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  • Converse


  • Mac Attack

    wont listen but judging by the title i presume hes taking the blame??

  • he was really in his bag on that one. Lil B aka the Keyser Söze of rap

  • luckyP

    its a shame niggas dont think/know that lil b can really rap…

    “do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it”

    on a number of tracks you can clearly hear himself get into a lane, and force himself back to the silly shit you all ridicule

    either way im sure live nation is keeping that show money rolling in for him

  • Renegade

    lil b < vanilla ice

  • King Fresh

    This was not that bad..he really tried to rap fa real on this…nice beat choice as well.

  • Marshall

    lil b<shit

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    lil b can actually spit when he’s not being a homo.

  • This Cold Black

    Lil B is just a gay. We all know that gays aren’t human beings.

    Where are they now?

  • jhuntinf

    “Lil B aka the Keyser Söze of rap” @ QDEEZY… best comment cuz.

  • imsohiphop

    i use to think he was the wackest but his flow was tuff and ive been seein more and more of this from him i respect em quit hatin

  • raw rap

    lol dude is really bad but that shit that gays aren´t human beings ? the fuck ? i hope you´re just kidding dude .smh

  • Mike S.

    niggas really quoting Jay-Z lyrics in defense of Lil B? really?……. like, REALLY?? smmfh

    niggas really bringing up the fact that he’s making money like that’s some sort of validation of his skill? forreal tho? oh, ok..


    fact: EVERY SINGLE TIME I ASK SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN WHY THEY LIKE THIS NIGGA THEY CAN’T. niggas just be like “I don’t know, he just be like….he just don’t give a fuck!.. and, you know.. like, sometimes….you know? like, it’s just….blah, blah, blah” (this goes on for a few minutes than they just start doing “the cooking dance.”)

    I’ve tried on numerous occasions to listen to his music in hopes of “getting it”… but I fail every time. I keep hearing “he can actually rap tho” but I’m starting to think that it’s a myth. if someone can name a song where he “actually raps” I’d greatly appreciate it.

    thank you

  • urbettrjudement

    ^^ this is it dumb dumb he’s actually rappin. they need to program this site so u can only comment if you’ve listened to or watched the actual post

  • irep

    I hate the fact RapRadar post this shit… like this dude is making a mock of hip hop and I thought notable sites like this are supposed to do damage control for music’s sake. I’m a young dude, but this is what hip hop has come to?

    This dude is trash and to @LuckyP as a fan of hip hop I’m disgusted that you even listen to this nigga and give him a pass cause he made “some” hot song that u thought he had a message.

    To @RN, you just said “lil b can actually spit when he’s not being homo”… who the fuck cares if he can rap then?! This nigga is GAY so ur gonna bump him and then say he’s gay? Ur like those “Real Niggas” in prison who make another man suck your dick and then and call them gay. smh

    At the end of the day this dude is lame as hell, can’t rap(needs to have a ratio of more better verses that stand out than wack ones), he’s gay, named an album “i’m gay”… and ur gonna listen to him and give him props cause u think that he’s saying something? Fuck outta here, says more about u than about him.


    Sorry but this dude
    just isn’t good at rapping. I’ve tried to understand him for the last time. To each his own, if you like this Lil B bless you, personally I’ll pass.

  • Mike S.

    ^^ you’re kidding right?

  • Mike S.

    (my comment was for @urbetterjudement)

  • Mike S.

    @EZ-DINERO cosign

  • Black Shady

    1700 first week! owwwwwwwww

  • Black Shady

    yo niggas didnt watch it. its not bad at all. nigga is spittin on this.

    Lil B spitting this way > bow wow and soulja boy. any day

  • get bucks

    Lil B can rap??? Who would’ve ever knew… He was spittin’ on this one.

  • fuk waka

    only reason weezy had dis clown on ‘sorry 4 the wait’ is to show the world how crap this guy is.. and he did a prettty gooooood job lol

  • z7ra_Vv

    Lil B- Motivation, I Hate Myself, and Unchain Me. those are about the only ones i like he still isnt tht great at rapping when he tries but he pushes a good message with his songs

  • Dope

    This dude is pure shit, all I’ve heard so far.. but this song is actually pretty good. Looses it only a few times in his flow but overall this is a GOOD song.

    Video on the other had.. cheap and weak at best.

  • crap already has 12,000 views!

  • still best rite now!!

    “If you say Lil B suck, then you’re a fkn lame”

  • Truth


  • mac DIESEL

    THE 2011 GIMMICK OF YEAR!!!!



  • angel

    So he need to actually stop with that all the other bs and rap for real……

  • Sam I Am

    this nigga still ass

  • Craig

    This was actually good, too bad he doesn’t rap like this all the time or I would believe him.


    Hurt me lil b, hurt me

  • rajon chrondo

    For me I dont hate on OR dickride lil b. I like some of his shit because its entertaining to see what he will say next, and you know its not gonna be run of the mill “im from the projects” shit. Yeah alot of his shit is wack but I think he deserves credit for originality and his unique approach

  • garbage. old beat , shit flow, semi gay voice.

  • Sin

    on a number of tracks you can clearly hear himself get into a lane, and force himself back to the silly shit you all ridicule
    hell yea its just bullshit givin each song a listen…but you kan klearly tell he dont give a fuck and he be goin off the top so it must be a habit to force himself like that but he kan be on some real shit when he feel like it

    ^^ this is it dumb dumb he’s actually rappin. they need to program this site so u can only comment if you’ve listened to or watched the actual post
    If OnLY

  • Mike S.

    it’s crazy that people think the only way someone can leave a negative comment here is if they didn’t even watch/listen to it.. as if it would be the complete opposite if they did.

    what’s craziest is he set the bar so low for people’s expectations of him that this bullshit is actually considered “good”… smdh

    now I’m gonna find the songs @z7ra_Vv suggested and listen to them. (nevermind that this dude has dropped hundreds of songs and only 3 of them make the list as “go-to” records to prove he can spit). call me a hater if you want but if I was I wouldn’t be trying to understand this nigga at all…. *shrugs*

  • Anon DCPL

    “gays aren’t human”


  • Belize

    You’re one of the reasons rap is dead you hypocritical egomaniac!

  • -__-

    Who actually listened to this? lol it’s pretty good

  • ethug

    i think lil b might do his swag wonton soup songs as a satire for how bad the music industry is.

    maybe that’s me looking way deeper then he actually is.

    if this is his real rap skills…


    while you guys are posting Lil B tracks, i’m kickin back and bumping this +++>


  • Dope

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  • He has a good following thats about it. this was his best rap he ever did, a little more fix this would of been a tight rap.

  • BigLG

    this was actually nice. Props

  • Chex

    Yo man, this the first time i heard Lil B go in! I see u bruh bruh!

  • hiphopordie

    this dude downy makes lil b look like a lil girl