• Dope

    Damn the crowd still knows Lose Yourself word for word.. now that’s sign of greatness.

  • Black Shady

    ^ Damn right it is!! we’re talking about Marshall ‘one of the goats’ Mathers!!!!

    SHADY 2011!

  • CapricornReligion

    Lol, Not bad. It’s whatever…..

    No need to get all Mad because Taylor is on Rapradar. I already know the Comments are about to Complain about it.

    It was Funny, Not to be taken serious. More Promo for Em.

  • This Cold Black

    Damn, Taylor Swift looks similar to my wife. Yes, my wife is white.

    Original Version > Lose Yourself (Taylor Swift Version) > Lil Wayne’s career, Drake’s career.

    Where are they now?

  • ayoooo

    @This Cold Black

    wayne and drakes career > you

    where are you now?

    oh yeah..sittin on a website everyday talkin shit about the niggas you wanna be, bum ass nigga!

  • CK

    tell her to cover runaway from ye


    jesus christ! this cunt again. where the fucks kanye when you need him?

  • Aj

    @ Black shady, get off eminems dick bitch. And who cares about this bitch, this is rapradar not pop white music radar. And @ Cold Pussy, white wife huh?? I got a thing for some freaky white bitches. So I’ll just get her to suck my dick nigga. WHAT UP DOE IM TALKIN WHITE GIRL MARILIN MONROE

  • She had me at Lose Yourself. She lost me at that other shit she played afterwards…

  • mac DIESEL




  • Donn

    Sad how HIPHOP fans bash other genres of music but all the other genres have embraced and glorified the culture. Its time you get some different music in your iPod ppl

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  • Weezy f f baby and the f f is for fucking faggot!

    @This Cold Black

  • King (real one)

    Who gives a shit about this bitch performing….FUCK RAP-RADAR y’all hate on Game n post Garbage on your shitty site huh….seriously FUCK y’all

  • This Cold Black

    @ ayoooo

    Thanks for the shot out, stan!

    @ Aj (Pussy Bone)

    Don’t disrespect my daughter, mom and wife no more, or ‘ll shot you down! Pussy nigga!

    Where are they now?

  • Hip_Hop_Schola

    She can get it! Cutie pie!

  • thisbish

    Only reason she is well known, is because of Kanye. Whenever white ppl see a BLACK man do something to make a white person look stupid, they run to their defense and start hating the BLACK person.

    Bitch sucks, tell her to go make a career on her own lol

  • Aj

    @ Cold Death, Ha!!! That shows you think of yourself as Cold pussy. Why would u respond if If I didnt say your name. But anyways, I fucked yo wife and momma. Nigga. I saw your wife in a porno called White Sluts Take a Banging from The Black Gang Squad. She had sex with 8 black dudes at the same time. YO BITCH IS A HO NIGGA. WHAT UP DOE IM TALKING WHITE GIRL MARILIN MONROE.

  • Gato

    This is cool.

  • snj

    Eh….I prefer the original. But I guess it is cool to see artists from other genres still showing some semblance of appreciation for hip-hop….

  • This Cold Black

    @ Aj a.k.a. Pussy Bone

    Because you talked about a “white wife”… fool. I fucked your momma hard. I cummed all over her face and body, then she drank it. Your mom is a real hoe. Damn, she is a pro.

    P.s. yo momma is the most disgusting woman alive.

    Where are they now?

  • Jimster


    The worst excuse I’ve heard in my life. Kanye got her known?! She already had two platinum albums and recognition BEFORE the VMA Incident.

    You sound like a freakin’ supremacist.

  • Born2Smoke

    @thisbish says:
    Thursday, August 04 2011 at 1:34 PM EST
    Only reason she is well known, is because of Kanye. Whenever white ppl see a BLACK man do something to make a white person look stupid, they run to their defense and start hating the BLACK person.

    Bitch sucks, tell her to go make a career on her own lol


  • Nelson

    What the FUCK??

  • Aj

    @ Cold Pussy, you fuckin idiot, dont copy me with the same kind of insults. Yo momma the most disgusting woman alive you fuckin sellout. You probably wear open toe sandals outside and go golfing you fuckin oreo.

  • This Cold Black


    Fucking bipolar bitch! You copied my ideas! That was my original idea weeks ago…
    I wear black trainers and black clothes. Al black everything. My wife can’t change my style! Biatch!

    I bet you wear skinny jeans and pink t-shirt. Ha! Faggot!

    Where are they now?



  • the One

    Ya this is real kewl!! I think it sounds just as good or better then Em’s rendition! HA!

  • jake

    i heard she does this at all of her concerts….there was other videos way back of her and justin beiber also doing this…not a fan of them but cool they show respect to one of the greatest musicians ever

  • jake

    @borntosmoke…you realize that she already BLEW THE FUCK UP way before kanye dissed her….people just felt sorry for her with the kanye thing but that has nothing to do with all the millions of people listening to her music and buying her cd’s

  • Im cool with this cause its getting Em more hype! Shady owns 2011!

  • Aj

    @ Cold Pussy, what??? Bitch you cant even spell. Al black everything??? Do u mean All black everything.

  • Belize

    Fucking insulting. Go fuck yourself whiteass whore.

  • ethug

    yo rap radar commenters, imma let you finish but Eminem had the best version of lose yourself of all time… OF ALL TIMEEEE

  • raw rap

    why ? this brats should keep strictly to their love songs and don´t cross the line

    you two @Aj and @This … get a fuckin room

  • She knows how to work a crowd. That’s dope though, I diggy (no Simmons)

  • real muthaphukkin g’s

    gay, gayer than when bieber did it. most overrated/overplayed eminem song of all time

  • @thebish

    That’s the only reason YOU know her. Your small mind only listen to hip hop. FACT!

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  • History_of_Negrum

    I be fuking Dem white girls
    #word up

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  • Loo-pay

    so you @cold black habe a white mom? how the fuck you can call yourself BLACK?? you mix boy. i am white so i dont call myself black. logical. so stop your bullshittin comments and go to school or something like that. i am not dissing you with fake language but your dissin yourself.

    do your homework x

  • Freddy Long

    It was a fresh cover. And yall commentary guys are loose. It isnt that deep. You guys have to be Stans.

  • @ Loo-pay, I am black you fuckin jackass. My mom is white and my daddy is half white and half arabian. Ha!!! Shows you. Where Are They Now

  • Jaymalls

    GAYYY…. goes to show you this song and eminem isn’t hiphop. This nigga is officially a POP musician. This nigga Eminem has done alot of white niggas trying to get into hip-hop but he is also responsible for Kreyshawn. Anyway…. this nigga is in the same lane as kidrock in my opinion! #WhitePower

  • mobbcoast

    fuck all of yall she killed iot well not ass good as em lol never will that happen but come for a singer she did it pretty good

  • SmokeYou

    Taylor >> She has more talent in her pinky finger than the majority of rappers.

  • This Cold Daughter

    I love being mix black and white because I got that good hair and you know I got that good pussy. My daddy plays “Give It To Me Daddy” and then I don’t know why he starts touching me. Well I gotta go their playing Drake’s video… Oh yeah I fucked every guy except @AJ he ugly and I think he gay he tried to rape my dad and I saw he got the smallest penis EVER

  • Aj

    ^ sucking grown dick is a talent???

  • Jimster


    Ask any real Hip Hop Head if Lose Yourself is a classic. GTFOH.

  • Aj

    My last comment for the nigga talkin about taylor swift had talent. And @Cold Death, damn, you need to whip your tragic mulatto daughter.

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  • that was the cutest shit ever…shadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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