• tr

    Jay Electronica is in his own lane chilling with Lucy Liu.

  • one comment. ha . shit was a lil funny but dope – jay elec was nice though.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Damn Lucy lui can still get it.

  • DMT

    This is a really good song anyway, but I’m always gonna be a fan of artists that can play their own tracks live the way they sound originally. It’s a weak look going to a show and it turns out it’s just some dude hopping around stage, yelling into a mic, with basically his CD playing on XL speakers behind him.

  • RockinMad

    CoSign @DMT

    This is live.

  • rahrahrah


  • ColoradoKnight

    This sh*t is mad weird? Haha, I can’t even lie.

  • Some of the weirdest shit I’ve seen in a minute. Lol…Looked like a Dave Chappelle skit…and oh yeah, Lucy Lui can STILL get it.

  • dll32

    this is hot !!

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  • sun

    shit sucks. u ngghs is gas attendants.lucy liu must be the most anglo asian i seen in a minute. jay can spit but cmon man..the bullits dude is a damn fruit roll-up. impending death

  • conflict

    lucy liu is too sexy

  • DAMN THIS SH*T IS HEAT! How can 3 worlds come together so seamlessly???
    That Bullits dude must have the illest mental !!!!

  • Mr. Hood Critic

    Good Shit!!!!!

  • J-Mart

    Jay Electronica’s verse was legendary.