New Music: Ace Hood “Letter To My Exs”

Ace lets everything off his chest on another new track produced by Cardiak. Don’t forget, Blood, Sweat & Tears on August 9th.

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  • Cali’s Finest

    I HATE Ace. but this is probably the most Decent track off that Garbage album.
    Worth a Bump. I can Relate!

  • Guest

    Don’t forget, Blood, Sweat & Tears on August 9th.

    sorry but i really dont think many people will be buying this

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    The album alright. really street

  • Ehh

    This tracks alright, but ya should check out San Fran rap duo Jealous Guys. Tracks are sooo fresh

  • Aj

    He was doing good until this soft shit. And @Cali’s Finest is obviously softer than a cupcake. And @Guest obviously listens to kanye west and kid cudi.

  • sour d

    @Cali’s Finest..well if u a hater ace hood love you ahaha

  • Cali’s Finest

    @Sour D
    GTFOH Stop ridin the Niggas Dick. If your Music sucks ass…your Damn right I’m gonn hate it! call me what you want. but you cant call me a dick rider son..

    Nigga Please!
    You think your hardcore & street listening to Ace Hood and all that south Garbo when your ass in yo Grandparent’s house!! getting Permission to use the PC! BITCH!

  • Black Shady

    Ace is wack. and fuck his fans

  • no1

    Damn he sound like Ye with a bit more aggression right? As if kanye was asked to ghostwrite GoldDigger 2012 for a street rapper.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    I speak the truth soo, Yea this is the best I heard from him. Keep it up.

  • I need food

    sounds like something kanye would write

  • Aj

    @ Cali’s Finest, look bitch, keep this between me and u. Dont ever say anything about no grandparents or parents or anything you faggot. You aint Cali’s Finest, you obviously Cali’s biggest flame job. You dont like the real street music but when a love song is made about some broad you get happy. You obviously a punk. Fuck yo momma and everybody in bitch ass family. Yo mommas pussy smell like garbage bitch.

  • Nightmare

    Album leak link???

  • Cali’s Finest

    lol you mad? and Yes you live with your Slut of a Mother & old Ranky ass Grandmomma!
    Fuckin punk…I like the song cause I can Relate to it! you on the other hand are a Mark! your an ACTOR. you can’t relate to it cause you tryna Hide the Truth. you bump that wanna-be hardcore shit to show people you’re “hardcore” but when someone comes up to you…you run like a little BITCH!!!
    so suck on a fat one!

  • Kid Dough

    Black Shady who you listen to?

  • sour d

    @Cali’s Finest… Naw i have good taste, this dude can spit, go listen to your waka and gucci bullshit bro, dont hate cuz the dude can spit better then you, he making money you sorry ass ahahahahaahha

  • Rhyme G

    I listen to Jon Connor, check him out

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  • Aj

    @ Cali’s Finest, meet me on the street and see if I run then bitch. Ima beat yo bitch ass. Every woman in yo family done sucked my dick. Yo old ass grandma forget to take her meds so I shoved them down her throat with my dick. Bitch. Meet me in Chicago if you really bad and I’ll show u them love songs make you a bitch.

  • Ya Boy G

    Lmao niggas on here banging and shit. Jokes not even funny! Your both lame if you even entertain the thought of going cross cou try for net thugging. And ace hood can spit btw

  • Fuck What You Heard

    Ace did his thing on the beat. Plus this comment board is to comment on the music, not to talk about who’s hard, and who’s soft. smfh. Some niggas are just too hard behind a computer.

    Fuck What You Heard You Silly Goose!!!

  • James Allen

    I can relate to this song

  • Aj

    @ Ya boy G, you the only one net thuggin bitch. Who bangin? And fuck all eminems fans. Niggas need to listen to Ace Hood’s Guns High. If u say thats wack then you dont care about the hood and you a straight bitch.

  • James Allen

    Plus wats wrong with listening to Kanye and Kid Cudi??

  • Aj

    @ James, they are gay.

  • James Allen

    Oh yea Kanye’s gay cuz he dated a super model and dated amber rose. Kid Cudi’s gay cuz he had a daughter.

  • pablo escobar jr

    whoopi goldberg on the cover

  • This album may be the one for Ace.

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  • b.moore

    Ace Jus keep grinding ….dude ight he can make a hit he just need more work..find yourself

  • Freddy Long

    The beat and the song from what I heard is tight. I just skimmed through it. Sorry to inform this but nobody is checking for Ace Hood I hope it shocks me for his sake. I doubt it though because everyone is checking in for that “Watch The Throne” which it’s digital release is on the 8th and the physical copy is on the 12th. It’s push it back or sink because those days of getting 2 CDs at a time are long gone.
    WTT or BS&T? Hmmmmm… Duh! WTT! smh…

  • LO

    Not buying any album with a nigga on the front cover lookin like that

  • Aj

    @ Freddy Long, you must be a cracker from the suburbs because I got tired of niggas with that Hustle Hard song.

  • Freddy Long

    BOL @LO and @Aj You must be nigger who would get upset if an anglo-saxon called you what you are being right now. I don’t like Ace Hood’s music. Period. I just liked what I heard but not enough for me to spend a cent on it. Sorry. I am Black and at times I wish I was from the suburbs to evade niggers like yourself. SMH.

  • Aj

    @ Freddy Long, its white boys like u that make me disgusted at you. You a bitch ass faggot that sucks dick.

  • Freddy Long

    @Aj For the last time I am not white. Never had been. Never will be now respect my ancestry. What is your problem? Really? I swore e-thugging died years ago. Your insults are below average. Pay a joke writer or something. Stop being a Stepin Fetchit. Okay?

  • Yun yun

    Ace hood is Real as fuh , i mean thats my opinion , im definitely buying the album .

  • sway-z

    Best song of his career