Vanilla Ice Denies Suge Knight Altercation

Over the years, rumor has it that Suge Knight hung Vanilla Ice off a balcony during a deal dispute. While conversing with Interview Magazine, Van Winkle spoke on the encounter. Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

“From the money that Suge got from To the Extreme from me, he started Dr. Dre. “The Chronic record came from the funding from my record; Tupac came from the funding of my record; Snoop Dogg came from the funding from my record.

I read the story, and I heard it, and I had to defend it nine million times, but he never took me to the balcony, threatened to hang me over, or anything. Rap music is gangster, it’s been gangster from the beginning. Yes, Suge Knight took some money from me, and he did take me to the balcony, explained it to me. He was actually nice to me … … [people think] I’m so bitter about it—I never went to the police, I never did anything like that. I knew better … [But] it’s funny how this story has evolved and been polished up and changed around to make him a monster and everything— hell, I’m still friends with Suge Knight … I look at it like I’ve invested in some of the greatest hip-hop music in the world.”


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  • wickwickwack

    wtf does he mean “he took me to the balcony” “i never went to the police” ” i m still friends with him”

    what happened then ?

  • Aj

    So Suge did punk him? But dang, he was behind some of the greatest music.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lmao, Suge got this dude shook for life.

  • smelly bum

    Vanilla Ice realer than alot of these rappers out now

  • Converse

    DAMN feminem is a pussy lmao

  • Capeman

    Vanilla Who?

  • Belize

    blahh blahh blahh
    go back to ur cave ice

  • graffiti bandit

    “Vanilla Ice realer than alot of these rappers out now.”

    Sad but true. (I’m looking at you Rick Ross fans!)

  • Hands

    I doubt he’s telling the truth

  • “I never went to the police, I never did anything like that. I knew better … ”

    Yeah, you do sound mad shook Vanilla Ice. We don’t believe you…

  • umm

    hahahahhaha he got his ass whipped n he still shook is what it sounds like to me, smh

  • LOLinvested

    LOL “investment”

    successful investors earn profits off of their investment. dude got threatened, robbed, and is STILL shook decades later after that whole thing. its not surprising, it’s just funny to see an emasculated, weak male who will never be a real man. he will always be scared, and he will always be ridiculed worldwide for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • IceIceBaby

    Ice > Hammer.

  • Black Shady

    Is he REALLY saying he’s the reason behind PAC? is he fuckin kiddin me?


  • rajon chrondo

    They did go to the balcony………where he was promptly buttfucked

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    He was invest ment to death row records like it or not IT Happened… hung over a balcony no… PUNKED… yes…


    How in the hell did PAC benefit from Vanilla. Pac didn’t join DR till 4 years after his debut and that’s 5 years since Ice’s album. I think Ice has a bad case of brain freeze.


  • Me

    Suge was one hell of a bully…haha

  • OuTLaW

    I read the story, and I heard it, and I had to defend it nine million times, but he never took me to the balcony,

    Yes, Suge Knight took some money from me, and he did take me to the balcony

    ^^That right there says it all, plus hes on video sayin it himself that Suge did this to him lol..

  • damn vanilla ice got shook for real.. suge is the devil and fucked hip hop up forever. chain reaction he killed pac. he got biggie killed and tried to fuck dre and snoop.

  • Endo

    TRANSLATION: Yea, I got hung over a balcony, and I pissed myself. It still haunts me to this day, but I like to think of myself as a gangsta anyway. Be on the lookout for a hilariously bad comeback.

  • saywatuwant

    Spoken like a true bitch how is u cool wit sumbody dat took money from u

  • Subaru

    C’MON SON – (ed lover voice)

    lol @ these parts:

    “Yes, Suge Knight took some money from me, and he did take me to the balcony….”

    “I never went to the police, I never did anything like that. I knew better”

  • I need food

    Suge Knight is a bully

  • Sc_r

    Extortion does not count as an investment

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Vanilla Ice




  • Tyron

    its a jungle out there man!!! what u can’t keep aint urs……. fuck ICE anyways………lol

  • onanigga

    I bet vanilla has more dollar than suge these days.

  • Big Ho

    Vanilla Ice Still has Money. Plus He Sued Death Row For Royalties.

  • get bucks

    Vanilla Ice jerked the dude who wrote Ice Ice Baby, so Suge went and got some of the bread that was owed to dude. Vanilla Ice came out on top of that situation, because he’s still getting publishing checks from that song. It wasn’t like Suge just out right extorted him, because Vanilla Ice did dirt too. It’s almost like a dude robbing a bank and then having to pay a street tax. Respect the game.

  • jake

    @lolinvested vanilla ice could pay to have you killed..why talk shit about someone who rose to super stardom off a single song? most of his career probably has been a failure but ice ice baby was one of the biggest successes the worlds ever seen. that song will live on til the end of fucking time and this guy is gonna laugh all the way to the bank every time a fat check comes in the mail.

  • jake

    not a vanilla ice fan at all but shit how is everyone hating so much?? suge is the fat fuck who killed tupac and biggie and is probably somehow behind the murder of big L i wouldn’t be surprised so talk a little shit about him..he’s the loser who gets knocked out in clubs nowadays and cries on the news back in the day about “how the bullet is stuck in his cranium” hahahahahaha

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  • NM30

    “I read the story, and I heard it, and I had to defend it nine million times, but he never took me to the balcony,

    Yes, Suge Knight took some money from me, and he did take me to the balcony”

    Sure sounds a whole lot like Rick James….. “Why would I grind my feet on his couch?, I got more sense than that. Yeah I remember grindin my feet on Eddie’s couch.”

  • Rachael5922

    He is a monster, the kind that steals, murders, and rapes the minds of people because he can’t figure out how to live without these sins. He is a demonic monster that works with Bileal, Azeal and other top figureheads from the Princes of hell. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.

  • yaboyboyyounglucci


  • pablo escobar jr

    the funny thing is ice that has more money than sugar bear now

  • LOL

    lol @ all the people hating on Vanilla Ice. I bet my life that everyone of you haters lives a sad and pathetic existence, and the only way you people can feel good is by coming online and talking shit. Your mothers would be ashamed, grow up you losers!

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  • C’mon Son

    vanilla ice is a loser. he tells himself that his money funded the chronic. What a punk ass bitch, he says he never took me to the balcony in the first sentence and in the next he says he did take him to the balcony. Suge should have threw his ass off, i really cant believe in the things he tells himself to cope with all the moneyu that was taken by suge. Stupid fuck you didnt fund any albums you got ganked by a record label exec, big difference. Had he funded it the right way he would get royalties from it, he got hung over the ledge fuckin punk ass vanilla ice.

  • automatic

    vanilla ice real?…..HAHAHAHAHA…youre joking right?….

  • tiera

    you, dumb asses just because he agreeing to suge fat ass walking him to the balcony to explain a situation does not mean he got hung over a balcony or what eva and he is no where saying that at all, so you drama ass people need 2 get a life and learn your facts bitch, now don’t disrepect someone for no reason, you need to be disrespecten suge fat ass he killed Tupac bitches, but i don’t see no one saying shit about that bitch.

  • I heard Suge has a 4 inch peenis.

  • joeymac

    hahaha, ice in loser bitchass denial…”funded” hahahah, and to some of you dumb fucks, ice gets no checks he signed all the rights over u fuckin idiots, wtf ice u heard of 911 buddy, get some goddamn bodyguards, armed ones if your gonna be that big of a bitch, he took ur fuckin money made a label gave u shit for it and you think you fn funded him? hahahaha what a joke, and hes still scared to fn death, look i know scared and iced sounds petrified,….

  • joeymac

    threatened and robbed…..hahahahaha suge made him do the photo i bet, i bet he’d suck his dick

  • joeymac

    he gets nooo checks he signed over the whole songs publishing and gave up millions cause hes a gay fag, id kill myself if i were rob

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