Shot Fired At Glasses Malone Video Shoot

Over in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, Glasses Malone recently shot his new video “Eastsidin”. During filming, an altercation transpired and someone fired a warning shot. Below is a more accurate description.

Behind The Scenes At the Glasses Malone video shoot in Brooklyn. (East 21st and Church) There was an earlier altercation where at DJ was slapped in the face by a local crip member. We knew he was going to come back, so we tried to wrap up the shoot early. During the final take, they came back three deep and all three got beat up. At the 2:09 mark you see one person getting jumped by at least 12 people. After he gets stomped out, someone lets a shot off in the air and everyone runs for cover!

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  • uhuh

    So basicly u need to be almost shot to get a post on RapRadar? Damn.

  • pap3rchazer

    my cousin lives on that block (e21 between church n snyder), that area is always hot! crips robbing eachother over there n all that smh

  • The Hater

    Fuck you tryna shoot a video in Flatbush for anyway? This is an attempt of a Cali dude tryna use his gang affiliation to build east coast fanbase. Niggas suppose to be gzz but releasing footage like this for police??? O_o

  • Why are u a BLOOD member filiming videos in CRIP neighborhood……dickhead!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im shocked !

  • kids a women stop and asked about the kids.. where was the real niggas ??

  • Chan

    Dumb ass shit. Man if you are making a song about being a crip why not shot the video were you are form. Thats just common sense.

  • Aj

    @ Cold Pussy, fuck u, u aint a gangmember. You have a daughter and a wife, stop acting childish on the internet. And fuck new york. What type of pussy thugs in new york try to crash a video shoot and get beat up. Probably some homothugs. New York loses again.

  • This Cold Black

    @ Agay

    Fuck you! Fuck Chicago! Fuck yo whore momma! Fuck yo loser daddy! You’re a suburban kid. Fucking white boy.

    Why is RR deleting my comments? Fuck YN!

    Where are they now?

  • NoSoup4Yu

    LMAO @ 3:30… ” we on the news nigga”

  • @ Cold Pussy, fuck yo bitch ass daddy, cumface momma, white crackwhore wife, and yo daughter bitch.

  • @ Cold Black, I still want yo big booty boy. And Im gon have it. And you a gangmember huh?? I like em ruffnecks. You woulda been good to have on the yard. How bout I get some of my buddies and engage in a little gangbang.

  • Money mitch

    Lol stay in school

  • New York is really on they shit with shootings. That was one shot and all of that. Niggas let 30 go out here in oakland and wont see choppers in the sky. Cali is crazy and we all been knew tho

  • mac DIESEL

    …..NIGGAS!!!! SMH!!!!


  • West Coast til the casket drops

    I remember N.Y. denounced gangs and hated L.A. called us corny.


  • This Cold Black

    @ Agay

    Don’t change your fucking name! Don’t be a pussy! Let’s freestyle battle!

    Where are they now?

  • L.A


  • Me

    Lol at niggaz tryna freestyle battle in front of they computers….loosers.

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  • Converse

    Shooting daddy gun in the street is gangster now? lmao why didnt he just aim it at hisself?

  • rajon chrondo

    National geographic, NY edition

  • Aj

    @ Cold Pussy, cmon then bitch, on another post with judges.

  • @ Converse, I still want your manhood. I wanna fuck you so bad. What do u say me, you, and @Mac Diesel have a threesome at my house. What is yo number baby?

  • Black Shady


  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Millions of Black People headed in the wrong direction. Shit is wack.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Do the Numbers on How many Black People that has been murdered by the hands of another black man, since the 80’s all the way to now.

  • niggas…

  • Aj


  • Converse


    nigga why the fuck you keep changing ip address? and typing gay shit?

  • Converse

    O yeah you know its time 2 hang it up, when 1 shot fire gets more comment then your actual music lmao

  • bigg5369


  • @ Converse, ohhhhh you so gangsta. This aint no @aj boy, Im gon get his lil ass too. But right now Im on you. I want yo booty to make me cum. And @Cold Black, I havent forgot about you either. Im gonna get that ass.

  • Sportz

    To the person who said Glasses is a blood, you are wrong. He is a crop.

  • RedRocBoy

    Dumb Hood niggaz. We could take 5 steps foward and they would take us 10 back. This is so sad.

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  • infamous_R_

    This Is My Hood. And This Is Why I Moved Out Dumb Shit Always Happens

  • Aj

    @ Red Roc Boy, fuck u faggot. Fuck you mean hood nigga??? Just say person a person that tries to harm people for no reason. Its the government killin people and shootin niggas too. And the klu klux klan too, who just bombed a black pastors house. Fuck you bitch, u probably wear skinny jeans with v neck shirts and vans.

  • RedRocBoy

    @AJ 100% agree wit you on that government and kkk shit. But my dude it’s the truth it’s these savage azz motherfuckers that can’t just have a good time. Somebody always gotta poke they chest out to prove something that don’t mean shit in the end. Sorry if your offended but I live in St. Louis I see this shit alot here.And I don’t rock skinny jeans or v-necks homie.

  • Aj

    @ Red Roc Boy, well dont use the term hood nigga. And I consider a hood nigga to be a dude that just reps the hood. They dont have to bust a gun or be a drug dealer. And Im from Chicago.

  • RedRocBoy

    @AJ I feel you my dude. PEACE 2 THE CHI.

  • jake

    wtf is this?? you guys are turning this shit into studio leaks where everyone just argues and shit…and apparently the bootywarrior is a faggot, literally. i know this probably isn’t right to say but do black people not have any fucking clue why most people don’t want anything to do with them??????? its this kind of bullshit and all these bullshit comments…bloods, crips, any gang member, anyone that steals, kills the innocent or anything like that is just a plain low life faggot that will never amount to anything. its only the truth….let all the black haters hate…now

  • Aj

    @ Jake, are u white??? And @ Red Roc Boy, peace to st louis. @ jake, whites and other races do all those crimes too. Fuckin faggot.

  • Dee

    That wasn’t no fuckin’ shootin’. N*gga shot in the air to break up the fight. Otherwise you would’ve heard more shots than just one. I had cuss a bitch ass n*gga out the other day for shootin’ in the air in my neighborhood and he ain’t do shit but go in the house & he hasn’t done that shit since. Ya’ll n*ggaz get excited for regular shit & no I don’t stay in the hood.

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  • this shit is just sad. 13 year old young BOYS and little GIRLS get shot in Brooklyn and you got rappers making it like it’s cool because a shot got fired at their bootleg ass video shoot. Fuck outta here.

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