• bcb

    Fuck DDOT….Monday is where its at…..cant wait til wtt…hype hype hype

  • @OfficialPurpD

    I am going to see a couple of these shows!!! Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour changed my life

  • Converse



  • @williamtakor

    ^^@sirstudivant. itz called a typo.

  • Converse

    Im watching the Throne and guess what? these 2 faggots arent in it

  • James


  • was this really necessary

  • Nasty

    What is this, fan made?

  • Westcoast killa

    Wtt will be use as my coaster

  • This Cold Black

    Album of the year.

    Watch the Throne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tha Carter IV

    New York wins again!

    Where are they now?

  • theBroKing

    meeeeeeeeeehh.. c4 promo did a better job

  • theBroKing

    hhaha @the cold black

    i would put 200$ on c4 outselling watch the thron you fag

  • PWR

    Monday gonna be a BIG day…


  • Sweet Baby Jesus

    @ theBroKing I’d take that bet. Watch the Throne pretty much guaranteed to go platinum based on their track record. C4….maybe gold?

  • damone

    I love haters… sitting they broke butt at home haters on The Throne. Keep listening to that thrash rap…. Stuck ur summer in… PUSH UR ALBUM BACK

  • damone

    C4better sell more Wayne got about 7 songs out videos and promo on MTV. WTT no videos no promos no single



  • L.A

    broke shit hahaha i thought these nigga was on some royalty shit hahaha WACK! RED>>>>>>>>>>>>watch the trash can

  • uhuh


  • Marshall




  • …….. Seeing Jay-z and Yeezy standing there doing nothing makes me want to buy the album even more . Thank you media.

  • Dope

    @damone he can have every son of C4 out as a single with a video, he has no buzz at all. None of the songs have made any kind of impact like he hoped they will saying it’s A Mili on stereoids and what not.

    Jay and Kanye released HAM which did porly, and now Otis which made every A list to D list rapper make his own remix, so there’s an impact.. and not to mention that Jay and Kanye have a huge fanbase combined.

  • JMN

    IT DONE LEAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WATCH THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is going to be a crazy album

  • Alf

    I’m not convinced that Carter 4 is even gonna do platinum numbers. Watch the Throne will probably go platinum off of Jay and Kanye’s names alone, but they really haven’t promoted it at all, so it might take longer than a lot of people assume. It could do a lot better than that, too, but that depends on the quality of the music, which we really haven’t heard yet. And I know all these blog trolls are gonna tell me that they’ve promoted the shit out of it, but seriously, outside of rap websites, most people have never even heard of WTT (just ask your white friends about it).

  • theBroKing

    co sign @ alf. if we’re talking about the blogosphere then WTT will definitely do better than c4 as every blogger (almost) fucks with jay and ye, while wayne has always recieved the most amount of hate on these blog websites. he has a top 5 record with no video for 10 straight weeks now, you already know c4 will at least sell 600k on the first week. he just needs a legit club banger single ( hopefully that jim jonsin produced one with that huge”supergroup”) and he could easily surpass 800k no problem

    in reality WTT will sell TOPS 300k first week

  • smh

    Alf is right yo..
    looking forward to this album..
    hate to say this but wayne is sorta washed up. donno.. he does not get me hype like he used to..
    i miss that back on my grizzy, 3peat, suck it or not type wayne..

  • Alf

    ^I don’t want to get it confused, that’s not at all what I was saying. In my experience, nearly everybody I’ve talked to is getting sick of Wayne. He’s gotten consistently weaker and cornier for years now, and his last 2 albums (plus the YM compilation) have all failed to touch platinum. If the quality of what I was hearing on Carter 4 was a step up, then it would be a completely different story, but actually it’s exactly the opposite- How To Love seems to have been the death nail for an awful lot of people (I know Billboard says its a hit, but I’ve literally never met a single person that has admitted to actually liking that song). Bottom line is, Wayne has lost and/or sacrificed a big chunk of his core fan bases (hip hop heads don’t fuck with him any more, and high schoolers have moved on to Drake, Nicki and Big Sean), and unless he can pull somethin epic out of his ass here, I think Carter 4 is gonna be a big reality check for Wayne.

  • theBroKing

    yeah true but comon man, rebirth leaked a good two solid months before the release date, and he went to prison straight after. IANAHB is at 925k copies sold and thats with ONE single without a video and ZERO promotion. the dude wwas in jail for it. he released sorry 4 the wait which, coming from a wayne fan, wasnt all THATgreat yet it still has racked up over 2 mil views on every song on youtube. the hype for this dude is incredible. when the sales is announced on this website for WTT i expect to see you in the comments congratulating me for being right haha. jk but seriously it wont pass 300k. wayne has been touring all summer and all spring the dude wil pass 600k i promise you. how to love just secured all the female fans to buy his album. be honest were you not impressed when 6 foot 7 foot dropped?

  • real

    Who cares which one sales more…they both gonna go platinum probably platinum multiple times at that and both be great, and they will make millions while yall sit Herr and argue about which one will sell slightly more than the other making not even close the same amount.

  • Alf

    As per my original comment, I’ve already said that I don’t think Watch the Throne will have particularly front-loaded sales. I just disagree about Lil Wayne’s sales potential at this point in time. And no, I was not very impressed with 6’7” (lack of originality), but it wasn’t bad either. However, it would have been probably the weakest song on the Carter 3, yet it’s the strongest track off of Carter 4 so far, so I see that as a very bad sign.

  • @dope is obviously someone who understands our culture C4 has 7 videos that have had zero impact, he’s done 2 tours no buzz, his lyrical content has just been lackluster since he was released from prison…How To Love is a single that reaches for the top of the charts but failed…I don’t like the Narcistic Plutocratic Ideological Vibe Ye & Jay Represent but because the masses are deeply disenfranchised they will fill up stadiums and sell out best buys all over the world with this project

  • WestCoast


  • Ricsipop

    Daman, is that leaked?

  • Watch The Throne is too hyped up now to be anything short of classic..

  • Mynds

    These 2 are the best y waste money on promo they names sell themselves.Anybody looking for C4 after how to love is either gay or has no respect for our culture.

    Bottomline unwritten rule in hip hop dont sing or make pop songs to sell records.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    HAHAHAH you haters are hilarious. lil wayne is straight ass these days. tired ass methaphors. wannabe skater. the midget is finished. kanye and jay keep getting better while the rest of the industry struggles to keep up. this album is an event. its pretty obvious they arent concerned with sales so find a new argument. they have done ZERO promotion and this thing is still gonna sell like crazy. not to mention that they managed to beat the leaks so fans are feignin for this shit. hate all you want clowns but at the end of the day these two are untouchable. production alone with destroy any album this year. SORRY HATERS

  • L.A

    ^Red 10x better than Gayz and his sidekick weak lyrics!

  • Endo

    ^are we just gonna ignore the fact that his mixtape sounded like bloody ass?

  • smh

    flockavelli is right..

    L.A. is a misguided dude..

  • Realnigggah


  • M.T

    lol As long as the album is good,who cares about sales?

  • Cali’s Finest

    Ya’ll niggas Gettin Wet over an album!
    Calm Down and Give Kanye & Jays Dick back!!

  • paul si

    shit is garbage

  • C-LEW

    WATCH THE THRONE ALBUM LEAK: =====> : http://www.mediafire.com/?d3d4je3fr3vww9c

  • Anon DCPL

    I ain’t buying this shit, since all they talk about is flossing.

    BUT, I will download the leak for free 99


  • bigg5369


  • bigg5369


  • brimking

    the offical otis remix beat produced by kanye & the villians http://www.fileserve.com/file/VSxBVgb

  • ILLmatic

    when the fuck does this shit leak already??? im surely not buying it because…why the fuck should i pay this two bastards who already got million houses, cars, bitches, money,…? im only interested fot the music NOT for feeding some rich fucks! everyone who buys this album is a brainless nigger!

  • FlocKaveLLi

    ^ you are fucking moron. the money from album sales doenst go into their pockets. if people dont buy albums what do you expect artists and their record labels to do?? put more music out? fuck no. its called supply and demand dumbass. if people buy an album it gives the labels and artists more incentive to put out more music. thats why mad peoples albums get shelved bc no one buys shit anymore bc they think they deserve it for free. so talented artists get shelved bc the labels are scared of investing so much money into a project that a bunch of dickheads will just download for free. and lets be real an album costs like 10 DOLLARS. cheap ass bitches… Support the industry and quit your bitchin’

  • ILLmatic

    @FlocKaveLLi, nigga listen, first of all: FUCK YOUR RETARDED MOTHER! second: i wont be really sad if these bitches stop making music, real music comes from heart not cause of greed for money! third: who the fuck are you to tell me what to do or not??? if you love to suck dicks that are already sucked trillion times, then SUCK EM! yous a bitch, a fag, a cunt! spend them rich fucks their 10 dollars and be happy grandmafucker!

  • ILLmatic

    “support the industry” SMH…FUCK THE INDUSTRY NIGGA!!!

  • ILLmatic

    and btw, i only support independent artists! i would rather buy 100 IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE ALBUMS than 1 JAY-Z ALBUM…get it? i support hip hop with a meaning not some bubblegum shit!

  • FlocKaveLLi

    damnnnn you really got butt hurt off that!! hahaha fuck the industry?? yet you commenting on an industry blog you fucking idiot. and have fun listening to IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE and the rest of your undergound rappers that bitch about not getting shine. yeah some got bars but they aint making no impact!! whens immortals next album coming out?? oh yeah no one knows and no one cares. so sick of hearing you underground hipsters bitch that youre so much better and blah blah. man no one gives a shit. sorry homo but watch the throne is making history!!!

  • alpha

    ^but being completely honest, you’ve never actually bought an Immortal Technique album

  • ILLmatic

    “watch the throne is making history” <- how the fuck can you know this when you heard ONLY 2 FUCKING SONGS?!?!?! that comment outed you as a PURE JAY/KANYE DICKRIDER! eminem stans said the same thing about the bad meets evil album…and it turned out that the album aint as good as it supposed to be! and lets be real: HAM is NOT a classic, its a solid track, but thats it…OTIS is NOT a classic, good soul beat but the raps are annoying!

  • Shendo

    Watch the Throne is making history because there are some people in the world that will actually listen to it; as opposed to underground street-nerds, who affect nobody, because nobody gives a shit.

  • ILLmatic

    ^ how can you enjoy walking around with a dick in ya mouth?

  • Shendo

    ^how can you enjoy walking around with hate in your heart?

  • ILLmatic

    ^ hahahahaha i LOOOOOOVE 2 HAAAAAATE

  • FlocKaveLLi

    HAM wasnt a good track. and its pretty obvious they both knew that and thats why it didnt make the final cut. WTT will be a damn good album. cant say if itll be a classic bc that gets thrown around so easily these days but it has the potential

  • uhuh

    them louboutins be killen em tho.. shees

  • M.T

    its definitely not leaking now. I’m too hype for this album.

  • That’s what’s up

    Lol, T-Minus my ass. If this shit leaks it’s not gonna sell

  • M.T

    desperately waiting for this album to drop.

  • Jaymalls

    judging by your responses, i can tell you don’t listen to immortal technique or any other underground artist of his caliber. Knowledge is required for those type of artist, and you just sound plain ignorant. You sound like 1 of my little cousins with your gay kiddy responses. If you dont support the MUSIC INDUSTRY then hurting it IN A WHOLE. Everyone from Jay-z to Canibus gets affected. Get your facts straight… you gotta know what your fighting for!!!

  • Aj

    @ Jaymalls, shut yo bitch ass up nigga. I a beat yo ass u faggot. Fuck you pussy. Ho ass nigga. Jayballs. Faggot ass nigga.

  • rajon chrondo

    Soooo did it leak or what

  • Black Shady

    cant wait to download it!!!!

  • Aj

    Fuck eminem and his fans.

  • 3rdRail

    Love the moment with Jay & B rocking out!!

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  • ILLmatic

    @Jaymalls, read what @Aj wrote my nigga cuz thats exactly what i wanted to say!

    shout out to Aj!

    and Jaymalls? you should crawl back in yo mamas asshole cuz thats where you actually come from, a piece of shit!

  • Q-Flip


  • Jaymalls


    SADLY… Thats exactly the type of response i expected from you. You @AJ should get married and die in each others arms. Im 10x smarter than most of yall niggas… and im 100x more real.

  • Converse

    What the fuck is this?

    man stop posting bullshit and just post some real info? like when it leak bc im not making these bitch niggas richer

  • Converse

    What the fuck is this shit?

    man stop posting bullshit and start posting real info? like let us know when it leak?

    might as well you do it too every other artist

  • bigg5369

    Yeah cocky dont sell so yeah dis album wil flop?


    WSHH is da shit!

  • M.T

    this album aint leaking. ppl might as well wait an extra 2 days.

  • garviz


  • MJ

    they both going plat obviously, but im pretty sure c4 will hit a milli before wtt

    seriously, wayne performing live right before the release, that alone is going to make a huge impact on sales

  • MJ

    and i agree with gravis, im a huge fan of wayne but im still hyped for the throne. Not to mention a c4 single the day after

  • changeclothz

    This shit is gay

  • Ricky Retardo


    im just gonna say this: real niggas never have to say they are real and smart niggas never have to prove they are smart.

    WTT is both artistically phenomenal and one of the best marketed albums of this decade. so its both business wise and hip hop wise a great project, something these so call “underground” artists never seem to balance correctly.

  • UnknownUniverse

    Why aint this shit leaked already? Done a good job with that.

  • LyricallyLib

    By tonight at midnight anybody that’s interested in pure new good ass sounding lyrical music will be satisfied, f all that other bullshit

  • I dont care what they cost, dem studded shoes is wack. #Noshots.

  • James Allen

    “Watch the Throne drop niggas kill them self” -Kanye West.


  • SextonDarcy51

    I just paid $22,87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38,76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $71,32 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, Meta Cent. c0m

  • Alex


    This album has officially changed the basis of hip-hop/rap.

    I can’t decide what’s my fav song.

    Every song on #WatchTheThrone is good as fuck, I’m not disappointed at all. Go buy that shit. NOW!!

    I LOVE Hov since RD and Kayne is Amazing!!

    I’m in love with this Album

    My fav album of 2011 with
    Bad Meets Evil