• RysospxhhxjRod

    Thank You Based God

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    That song is the wackest one on the album who gives a fuck, Jump off it YN

  • onanigga

    really can you not do any better than one fucking photo from a two hour set?

  • JMS

    I LOVE Em’s t-shirt

  • Jesus

    Thank You BasedGod

  • Yup !

    Watch The Throne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bad Meet Bruno Mars… ?

    Ha !

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  • Aj

    Heavens Movie >>>> Eminem and royce career

  • Jaymalls

    waste of a post.. y not link this shit with the video yall posted earlier???

  • Converse

    This maybe the stupidest shit I ever seen posted

  • Hmmmm?

    I was at the concert, 50 feet away from them…Jesus do these guys know how to rock the hell out of a stage! Greatest performance I have ever witnesses

  • Jake

    ^And we care why???

  • This is like a radio interview, w/o video footage, in 2011.

  • ethug

    i was there.

    hov and ye both have better live shows then em.

    no shot i wanted to sit thru relapse and recovery.

  • Hmmmm?

    He only performed 4 songs from recovery?? He played mostly all old songs… Why do people lie and make shit up? Just makes urself look foolish

  • Aj

    Bone thugs have better live performances than em and jay and kanye. E.1999 eternal >>> all 3 career

  • Joeycrack

    Hahaha @AJ
    get your 1999 ass outt here you fucken monkey…you bringing up old artist like your A making point..everyone likes bone thugs too nigga..what’s the point of rating them better?

  • DjVeso


  • vejs23

    what are they :> group

  • Aj

    @ Joeyasscrack, because they better nigga. Fuck u ho. Every member in Bone better than feminem.

  • PrincePolo

    one of the dumbest post i ever seen in rapradar . along with teflon don beying # 2 album in 2010

  • gwrg

    good shit

  • Marshall

    Fuck what haterz say. Eminem is stil #1 and they mad cuz cant change shit from their slow wooden computer