Big Boi Arrested On Drug Charges

Drugs? Boi, stop! Earlier today, Big Boi was arrested in Miami on various drug charges. He was charged with one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and three counts of possession of a controlled substance, which included ecstasy and Viagra pills. He’s being held on $16,000 bond.

UPDATE: Out on bail, fresh out of jail.

UPDATE 2: Statement via lawyer, Daniel Kane.

While BIG BOI was traveling with his group and friends, a small amount of contraband was found in the collective luggage. I am confident when the entire facts are aired BIG BOI will be completely exonerated.
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  • youknowitstrue

    note to self. if I ever want to rap don’t put big in the front of my name. Big Sean : arrested Big boi : arrest: Biggy :shot BigPun:well.. you get the point

  • What’s a “durg” charge? lol Joking with you B.Dot…

  • Q-Flip

    DURG charges……LMFAO!!!

  • Viagra HA!

  • durgs?

    durgs? yeah.. who’s really high..

  • DA!

    this guy cant get it up lol!

  • VIAGRA??? I guess that’s why they call him BIG BOI!

    Seriously though, you should not get arrested for humping-helpers!

  • Mooney

    Durg Charges Tho? You Niggas Are Ignorant.. But Hey what do you expect from a Hip-Hop Blog, *kanye shrug*

  • Q-Flip

    is it DURG or DICK charges?! or even DUCK charges??? fuck i dont fucking know!!!

  • B.Dot

    @ q-flip & get right music
    I’m on DURGs now. lol

  • fuckitlikefuckittho

    He just tweeted he out that hoe. I look at like at least it wasn’t crack

  • rajon chrondo

    Nigga wanted to roll balls with a boner. Big deal

  • Q-Flip

    @B.Dot hahaha LEGENDARY!!!

  • Mooney

    @B.Dot the way you stay rocking that doo-rag you must be on DURGs HA!

  • Untrue

    “Nigga wanted to roll balls with a boner. Big deal” DEAD

  • Subaru

    to old to be doing this

  • Young Sha

    Durg Charges? Lol.

  • Yeah Boi

    Every guy i know uses viagra, dick problems or not. Marathon fucking after being at the club for 3 hrs aint easy.

  • Converse

    I hope he get off easy? lmao

    nah its not like he got caught with a dui? better yet hurting anybody? boi dont need that TI vaction

    but foreal we need that new album lol

  • B.Dot

    @Yeah Boi
    true quote!

  • get bucks

    New Outkast album for 2011 or 2012??? C’mon hip hop needs an album from them aspa (intentionally misspelled, because of the durgs!!!)lol

  • Post no billz

    Co sign @yeah boy.. niggaz act like they superman n shit..

  • Epinz

    It’s called “rock and Rollin” u pop the x and the Viagra to go extra hard.(pun intended)

  • fuck dem pigs

    salute my nigga big boi!

  • I Do It

    There’s Not Gonna Be a Outkast Album.
    Andre 3K Busy With That White lol

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  • Morph

    Goddamn this nigga got a big ass forehead !

  • BiggMar

    he got that boy stop look on his face?

  • Sextasy Fail

  • Loaded

    LMAO @ saying watch the throne wouldnt leak and there it is lmaoo

  • Converse

    Collective luggage

    *wipe forehead*

    he good lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The local news down here are acting like BIG BOI was trafficking kilos or sumthin.

  • if you need viagra before you’re 40 there’s a problem. build your stamina up fellas. #weak

  • smhhhh

    watch the throne snippets on youtube ya bastadssssss

  • Aj

    Im only 15 and i use it to not nut [email protected] fuck u bitch

  • MJ

    wheres that cole track

  • MJ

    WTT one hour and a half 🙂

  • edg

    stop it 5

  • Man its not even his so why you guys bitching?

  • Belize


  • Glad that he sprung out… Someone’s gonna take the fall on this.

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  • Maaaaan, Big needs to watch them associations!!!!!!!! Damn homie.

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