Eminem “Lighters” At Lollapalooza

Eminem headlined this year’s Lollapalooza Festival in front of 95,000 fans last night at Grant Park in Chicago. In clip above, he performs “Lighters” with Royce Da’ 5’9″ and Bruno Mars for first time. More footage from his set below.


“My Name Is”/ “The Real Slim Shady”/”Without Me”

“I Need A Doctor” Ft. Skylar Grey

“Love The Way You Lie”

“Airplanes / Stan”

“Till I Collapse”

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  • onanigga

    Get outta here with the flip phone camera shit.

  • James

    Wow he suck alive!

  • Jones

    shady killing the festival game…

  • James

    Where you at @Black shady? Your boyfriend performing faggot!

  • CarreraLu

    Haha. Listen to the girl trying to sing at 00:19 on Lighters.

  • vejs23

    shadyyyyy !!

  • vejs23

    The K.I.N.G.

  • Marshall

    My white boy kills every live. Fuck you @James. You can swallow my dick.

  • This Cold Black

    Why is Eminem more popular than me?

    Where are they now?

  • kushpiffpuff

    eminem is the goat of live performances

  • em_fan

    love the T-shirt

  • This Cold Black

    @ Marchall

    You’re a faggot. Damn, Eminem stans are annoying as fuck.

    Where are they now?

  • Dboy


  • Bad Meets Evil > Watch The Throne

  • R-CIty

    Em is the Chosen One

  • R-CIty

    Yela >> Faggot-Wayne

  • DjVeso

    This is Shady 2.0 year

  • fuk waka

    ok time to go blast out bad meets evil again!!!

  • Me

    This guy has got it all live or in the booth….shady…undisputed G.O.A.T…his only competition is NAS.

  • Marshall

    Fucky you @Cold Pussy. You suck everybodys dick on RR. You mad cuz BME> WTT.

    New Yourk wins the sperm again.

  • raw rap

    not my favorite rapper but he´s one of the goats . his live performances are crazy , and powerful as fuck .

  • James Allen

    Em is up there with Nas, Jay-Z, Pac, and Big

  • i was an Em stan as a kid and now i think white boys (like above) dick ride the fuck outta him, but i spent hours trying to crash Lolla, hurt my fuckin ankle hoppin fences and it was all worth it. Em killed his fuckin set. He reminded me why he was my favorite at one time

  • Jaymalls

    This is what you guys call a great live performance!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shady Records !

  • Joeycrack

    Em is the greatest of all time..numbers don’t lie

  • Aj

    @ Joeycrack, Im tired of you. Eminem aint no greatest of all time bitch. Numbers dont mean nothin. And only mostly a bunch of crackers went to this shit. I definately didnt want to go. All that traffic too. Fuckin crackers.

  • jake

    not one other artist can perform live like that and sound just like the cd…not one..its crazy to me how many people in here hate on eminem just cuz he’s white….i bet aj would not be saying the same thing if this was a jay-z post or any other highly successful black rap artist because the crowd will still be mostly white….any event that tickets cost 75 bucks a show is going to be a mostly white crowd…not trying to be racist in any way but only those underground, still trying to act hood in malibu style rappers are the only ones with a mostly black crowd in a small auditorium when they tour like the game for example…small venues and a bunch of bloods show up…white people don’t like eminem cuz he’s white…we’ve spent a hell of a lot of money turning all those black guys albums platinum too…hell i forgot which school but tupac has himself a totally whited out ivy league school program people can learn his poetry in.

  • SextonDarcy51

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  • Black Shady

    James says:
    Sunday, August 07 2011 at 12:18 PM EST

    Where you at @Black shady? Your boyfriend performing faggot!

    LMAO why so much hate in your heart son? thats just sad i forgive u
    maybe you’re mad cuz Em > your favorite rapper? probably it!

  • Dope

    @Joeycrack Eminem is one of the greatest, no doubt about it, but it’s not the numbers that you should use as an argument as numbers don’t mean someone it the greatest. Even though Eminem is the best selling rapper of all time, and will forever be judging by the way the sales are dropping.

    What makes him great is his timeless songs, lyrics that the whole crowd still chants word for word 10 years later while many others who were hot 10 years ago can’t sell 1000 tickets for their show.

    In 2015 Eminem will still be able to fill up a stadium at the pace he’s going, while lil wayne, rick ross and similar ”greatest rappers of all time” would have a very hard time doing so now.

  • MUZiK

    For those who kept saying eminem sucks live .. even though the person saying it never been to a concert or seen him live… I was there last night n man this mothafucka went crazy with the fans yo! All of us just blasted out screaming when he came out and that the set the tone for the night! It was fucking awesome.. if u haven’t seen him live I recommend u going when the opportunity comes. you will not regret it. I stood there 4 hours and the stage just to get close up lol it was worth it baby

  • BUNK

    @ Aj…I’m watching you!!!!! Chicago Cream Puff!! & fuck the numbers who can out rap Eminem… No one!!! Only ones close are Kendrick,Lupe,Cole… But they ain’t there yet!!

  • Aj

    @ jake, not to argue wildly, but let me explain something to you. I dont like jay z and a lot of other black rappers so thats not true. And for you to say no one else can perform live like that, you are wrong. Bone thugs have many concerts, and they perform wayy better than eminem. Im not hating on em. I dont hate on nobody. I now dislike eminem bcuz of how I found out he made a song earlier in his career being racist and talking bad about black women. I have liked many of his songs and always been a fan of his until I found this out. And eminem is great at rapping, but not the level people put him at. Hes not even in the top 20 in my book. And blacks have helped make our ” Black Guys ” platinum too. We probably have more of the music than whites. And we have helped let some of those white musicians be accepted by black america. And lollapalooza was free so niggas in the hood coulda went if we wanted to but most of us didnt. Record sales mean nothing, gangsta rap is the best. Fuck Eminem.

  • Dope

    @Aj The song you’re talking about is Foolish Pride, and if you had actually listened to the song you’d know that song actually speaks about the stupidity of racism, and he is mad at a girl who burnt him so he makes an angry song and calls all black girls bitches (the same thing lil wayne and others do in each song but that’s OK cause they’re black, right?)

    And even the name of the song suggests it’s foolish what he is doing. And the whole first verse says how racism is stupid. And you hate him for that one song? If that’s so then go on, but he still is better than your favorite rapper.

  • mr.badass

    gangster rap is fucking stupid. a bunch of washed up bubble gum rappers. rick ross is the worst.. hood rap is so fucking stupid its not even funny.. theres no good lyrics in it.. its a bunch of grunts and a few i got more money than u do lines.. and o i from the hood and i rep it.. nah fuck that.. yall motherfuckers fake.. eminem spits with passion. has meaning in his lyrics. makes since.. if you dont understand what he means.. then ur slow.. and he is up there with pac and biggie.. whom i think is overrated.. only reason there so big is cause they died. but i do like them.. there just overrated. pac was about his life and it was real.. so thats the only real gangster rap there is.

    besides that the best rappers are 1.eminem. 2.hopsin. 3.tech n9ne. 4.immortal technique 5.slaughterhouse 6.nas

  • xmx

    Eminem not even a top 25 of rappers.

    YOu all must of lost your mind, he was hated when he first released on aftermath and he will be hated when he leaves us for GOOD.

    Seriously the only thing positive about em is that black people are making money with whites 🙂

    But in the end my mom thinks eminem is the number one MC so get it = em ain’t shit if my mom thinks that.

  • right

    ^^ yeah .. the fuck ? hes no even top 100 . i dont know why people call him a rapper SMH
    you don´t know shit about hip hop

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  • Fuck Eminem and white people. Why do white people talk so funny??? Dude that was totally cool. Lmfao

  • @ Ra Ja, Im white and I totally agree.

  • Converse

    When did Slaughterhouse turn into rappers dumbass? stop trying too act like you been fucking with them? when in reality you just started 2 fuck with them when feminem sign them

    and this performace is ass? Till I collpse the only hiphop song? fuck pop

    and 2 the idiot dissing gangster rap? whats the difference between that and horrcore rap? I rather listen 2 that? then some emo rap about killing his momma and telling corny gay jokes? haha the lame fell off and not even in the top 100

  • White girls = Sluts white women = old sluts

  • Belize

    Jeez, did he just play his worst songs only?! (aside from Stan & Til I Collapse)

  • WestCoast

    Joke of the year !!
    fell off and not even in the top 100 !
    rap game top 100 !

  • ^

    You know it true faggot

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  • XXLves

    A haters job is to hate, so keep on hatin. All you niggas sayin Eminem isnt in the top 100 rappers alive are just in denial. He would slaughter your favorite MC. And you cant say his numbers dont count. the fuck..?

  • Hmmmm?

    I was at the concert, 50 feet away from them…Jesus do these guys know how to rock the hell out of a stage! Greatest performance I have ever witnesses, I feel truly blessed

  • Hmmmm?

    @aj…do u really think lollapoluza was free?? Hahaha shows how much u know dumbass, $90 for a one day pass, don’t say anything if u have no idea what ur talking about

  • Aj

    @ Hmmmm?, i really dont care dumbass bitch. Get of eminem dick ho. Yall was out there in that hot weather all musty and it was smellin like ass I bet. Cause it was hot hell yesterday here in Chicago. And @XXlves, you wish. I wouldnt say em not in the top 100. Thats kinda going overboard. But I just put him in the top 50. The top 15 however includes 2pac at number one. But not in a specific order, Bizzy Bone 50 Cent are in the top 15.

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  • Awesome

    Its okay Converse, everything will be alright. Its okay… *hugs*


    you are fucking stupid dawg! lmaooo!!!!! ” i dont know why people call eminem a rapper” lmfaoo!!! woww that line really threw me off guard! that was one of the worst .. i mean worst lines, post, comment i have ever read on ANY site.. the saddest part is, you actually sounded like you forreal! SMH!
    hmm i guess tupac aint a rapper neither lol wow!
    go back to crank that knowledge up son!

  • rodipipes

    Niggas r sayin Em not top 20 r crazy! Name d rapper eminem is yet to kill and am talking bwt ur favourite! From jay to weezy to t.I, Dmx and so on and so forth! Fuck numbers Em spits more than all these niggas and we all know that, even ur favourite rapper knows that, so stop hating cos he is white! And am so Black by d way

  • Aj

    List of some rappers that are better than eminem: Bizzy Bone (freestyles his ass off), Tupac, Biggie, Big L, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Spice 1, Ice Cube, Eazy E, Kadafi, Napoleon, Hussein Fatal, Camron, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Flesh Bone, Wish Bone, Dmx, Snoop Dogg, etc.

  • Joeycrack

    Numbers mean everything in hiphop!!!!
    people are not the greatest cuz they rap the best or are the realest…it’s about who can appeal to the masses.. And that’s eminem..and it so happens to be one the greatest lyricist of all time… And trust I don’t judge talent on sales I mean one of my favorite artist is Joe budden…

  • Dope

    @Belize If the crowd is going so wild at his ”worst” songs then only imagine how crazy people would go if he performed some of the better ones, you’d see people fall in trans, die of a heart attack and shit so I guess he has to keep it down to prevent you from jacking off too many times to videos of him performing.

  • Aj

    @ joey ass crack, rap is about spitting that real shit. Eminem is a bitch ass faggot cracker.

  • MillaRoofa

    yo i waited for eminem 9 hours at bonnaroo to get 2nd row seats. Easily worth the wait. The show was incredible, he engaged with the audience and when the show ended you didn’t want to leave. There was a vibe in the crowd 30 mnutes after the show because people were screaming shady! His crowd was the largest ever at a Bonnaroo concert. GOAT

  • Eminem greatest alive

  • Balot

    Yeah he definitely played this song at Bonnaroo.

  • Young Tom’s Assistant


  • King Mathers

    “Had a dream I was King, woke up I was still King.” – shot at Gay-Z. While Gay watches the throne, Em is sitting right in the middle of it

  • King Mathers

    @ Aj

    is Dogg Bone better than Eminem too?


    go listen to Renegade and Lose Yourself and see if your favorite rapper can rhyme words in the middle of a verse, verse after verse

  • Aaron

    Holy crap. EMINEM is BY FAR the biggest and greatest rapper of all time. Yes I am a black male. It sucks to say a white guy is the greatest but if you dont see or hear why EMS the biggest, illest and greatest….then you need to go sit in a conrer and think about how stupid you are looking to the BILLIONS of people that know EMS king.

    Respect it.

  • Aaron

    @AJ. You are pretty freakin’ stupid. EM s**** and owns on every rapper you mentioned. How can you say EM sucks? He has spit the illest stuff that has ever been recorded. He can make any subject into a sick a** song. EMS the greatest. Respect that. I seen EM here in Cali last year. He rocked over 40,000 here and over 95,000 there. EMS GOD. Thats fact.