• haroon

    lmao. i was there last night this was the funniest thing ever we couldnt stop laughing

  • haroon

    but he put an incredible performance as per usual

  • I respect ‘Ye for all he does, he truly seems that he’s continued to grow as an artist and most importantly as a person. Let the haters hate.


  • Untrue

    He used autotune to say “one thing I cannot be is phony” …IRONY!

  • Kanye is so amazing. Definitely top 3 dead or alive. Behind Eminem and J Cole.

  • Im a 12 year old fuck boy. I admire Rajon Rondo and I want to suck his Celtic dick one day. I have his posters on my wall. Too bad my momma caught me jackin off to one of them one day. I told her my penis was just have a seizure and I was tryin to get it under control. Kanye is sexy too but he cant rap. But I still say paul wall is better than him and jay z.


    This nigga Kanye be on some other shit sometimes. Muthaf*ckas don’t care about none of the shit he was talkin’ bout. LMAO!

  • Jaymalls

    REAL NIGGA SHIT…. niggas dont respect when you come out ya pocket to make 3 different versions of your music video so it can be a great visual for the people. Niggas dont respect when you put 3 million into your album, out your pocket, just so it wont get leaked and presented to YOU (The People) in an unfinished manor. Niggas dont think how much it cost to clear his type of samples… most niggas ill just put it on a mixtape and call it a day. #FACT Niggas dont care that Ye hired full ORCHESTRAS to play over most of the sounds, especially from the samples, just so you have a better listening experience… nigga just dont put shit into perspective… yall think this shit just magically happens.

  • Bj

    @ JayBALLS, stfu bitch. You act like u fuckin kanye on the side or something.

  • Blas

    homie jaymalls said it perfectly, people tend to over look what artists like kanye do all the time, maybe its cause its hiphop,but rock,pop,country,r&b all so many other kinds of music get the credit they deserve, get praised for certain samples being used, but kanye gets the cold shoulder, dudeis a genius and it wont get recognized till he’s dead

  • the One

    @Jamal finally someone who knows what there talking about on this site… It’s a crime that half you little niggers do see the real in Kanye and the bullshit in a lot of the music you kids support… This dude actually cares about the art if you spend the money on him 9/10 you will have gotten your money’s worth as he not going to sell you bullshit.

  • SextonDarcy51

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  • Black Shady

    I truly respect this man for always speaking his mind


  • Ye’s a fucking idiot, and also one of the greatest artists of the 21st Century.


    @Blas you need to just shut up. It’s really not that serious. People that respect & appreciate his dedication & craft are the ones that buy his albums & go to his concerts. The people who could care less are the ones that might download a song or 2 of his. It’s music, it’s meant to be listened to MAJORITY of people who listen to music really don’t care whether or not he got an orchestra to do some of the music they JUST WANT TO HEAR GOOD MUSIC PERIOD & let the artist do what he does.

  • James Allen

    Kanye is always making G.O.O.D Music

  • Converse

    Only thing dope about Kanye is his beats? other than that? he use the same play out flow and lyrics are str8 doo doo

  • smh

    i respect this dude.. though over emotional at times.. his passion for music and art are admirable.. hes not just in it to get that money.. dude loves what he does and tries to come up with fresh shit all the time.. and he be keeping it real.

  • Marshall


    THE CD IS WHACK AS FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!