9th Wonder Not Watching The Throne

After weeks of waiting, The Throne finally dropped their highly anticipated album last night. So far, reception has been mixed and coming fast and furious. Producer 9th Wonder, who has worked with Jay-Z, gave his thoughts on the album via his Twitter account. Here’s what he had to say:

Thank you God for giving me the ability to listen to music objectively, despite how big the artist is. Lemme tell yall something, I am not a follower, never will be, if something is dope, cool, if not, then cool, but I don’t follow. #STANDTALL.

I just checked it out.#WTT. WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with “New Day” & “The Joy”. I understand expansion/experimentation in music, but its not for me. It has nothing to do with samples vs. keys, cause I ROCKS with The Neptunes, Swizz, etc.

So lets see who’s the first Hip-Hop blog will be the first one to put up my thoughts of the album. So I guess my brother @marcopolo is crazy too? Nah, not at all.

As a musician/beatmaker/active participant in hip-hop, I want to be SCARED when I hear something, like when I heard Aquemini. It has nothing to with the STYLE of rap, subject matter, NOTHING. Its the FEELING for me. U can KILL 50 people in a song as long as it bangs.

I said ” the joint wasn’t for ME”, reading is fundamental. I think I expressed my opinions very eloquently. Different time, different generation. Errybody says IM angry. Who’s more angry, ME or THEM? *Turns on Section 80*.

Here is the funniest thing of the NIGHT…over HALF of these nukkas on here DOWNLOADED it from MEDIAFIRE, lol. Can someone repost my initial comments from last night…*brushes off stones*.

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  • me too

    i like the album..but i agree it aint for me….to much techo shit…i dont really like some of the beats on here

  • always been a fuckin lame and a hater…..


  • jeeeeeezzer

    The Throne suck ass.

    Best in tha game…Gucci tell em!

  • Stop

    I cosign 9th I honestly don’t think I’ll see myself wanting to listen to it that much in the future

  • b. morgan

    I was very excited for the album but no surprised with all the unhiphop techno crap. im looking for blueprint production. where is the beats like Wouldnt Get Far or Dreams by Kanye on Games album?? 6/10

  • Kieran

    Hhahah B.Dot taking off all the WTT hate comments.

    OK the Album was Great! A Classic! Ok. A Milli PRE-ORDERS? That my friend is not a flop.

  • look at this ugly niggga face…washed up producers fucking hating…get a life nigga, nobody is checkin for your shit. You will never has as much hype for ANYTHING!!! and thats why u hating, because people are genuinely hype for good music. U mad cuz people are fans??? Get a fuckin life, how best to scream I want attention than diss the throne??? Bow down bitch nigga

  • bassline studios


    THE BEATS WERE TRASH … I dunno why i expected that roc-a-fella quality …. smh I DOWNLOADED THAT SHIT LIKE A MOFO …

  • JNasty

    Death of Autotune?, yet its all over your album Hov, can’t wait for someone to point that out.

  • dmfslimm

    totally agree with 9th. glad i dl it.

  • iHate

    I was expecting more on the beats. I like experimental beats, but the beats on wtt bring nothing new (you can hear similar production in pop/dance music). I wanted some crazy shit. Kanye was scared or maybe Kanye lost it. 7/10 for wtt
    Oh, and… Section 80 wasnt that great.
    *turns on The College Dropout*

  • Stop

    @jnasty loool blatant hypocrisy

  • iHate

    @jnasty: you understood nothinf from doa… it wasn’t about “yo! dont usr the aotu-tune!” when you use it in a creative way it can do nice things.

  • WatchForJcole

    I can’t wait till j cole drops and takes the throne

  • Reality Check

    Somebody had to say it

    Straight up..because this is one of the worst cases of overblown hype and lemming-like in the moment dickridery in recent memory…the type of hype and dickriding that can only occur in these internet times…brilliant marketing on their behalf, but honestly it’s disgusting how people bought into the hype…I was expecting to be blown away with an instant classic, and I hear a bunch of Lasers-techno sounding beats…autotune and dumbed down version of Jigga…it’s not better than Ye’s last album, and maybe on the level of BP3…it’s crazy though, just because of the name’s attached and the hype created this is gonna be rammed down our throats like it’s some game changing super classic and it’s not even better than random projects like Krit’s Return of 4eva or Kendrick’s Section.80

    Props for 9th for having the balls to give his opinion, knowing it went against the hip hop blogosphere circle jerk going on right now with the album

  • @b morgan: if you want his old shit, buy his old album.

  • NoNotToday

    What a fucking hater. Who is 9th Wonder?

  • mac DIESEL

    “*brushes off stones”





  • Foekist

    I think 9th is a hater!

    You can see dudes face in Jay’s Fade To Black… he even looks like a hater!

    1st of all, this album must have provoked some kinda of emotion for his hating ass to Tweet his opinion. (Can you imagine his response if Jay/Kanye were to express the same opinion on The Wonder Years-dude would shit himself!)

    2nd of all, who gives a fuck what he thinks?

    Really doe

  • Foekist


    2nd that lol

  • b. morgan

    Not one song has me sayin “damnnnnn, thats my shit”… i like albums like life afta death or doggystyle… im let down.

  • Foekist

    I haven’t heard the album yet. I purchased it today and plan on listening tonight. So let me ask y’all one question. Is this a hip-hop record or a pop record?

  • NoNotToday

    9th Wonder just sealed his faith. He won’t be working on any future Kanye, Jay or any Roc Nation artists for that matter. What a unethical, unprofessional ass.

    Douchebag. Ohh I am pissed…

  • Reality Check

    A lot feelings are hurt

  • Lyryqal

    9th is right, the album is dope but it aint a fucking classic. With the way YN n amaya hyped it i thought i was gonna get blown away, i fucks with “new day, love you so, n prime” “niggas in paris” is not all that. “the joy” >>> half the joints on there. and oh MBDTF >>>> WTT #yeahisaidit

  • Bigg John

    Whats a 9th wonder?… nigga go back to your hole

  • rd1981

    I had the deluxe album pre ordered on iTunes but it never downloaded last night. So I cancelled the pre order while I still had time to. downloaded it from somewhere else, but I’m still trying to find a reason to buy it, so far I don’t like it enough to buy it. like 9th said, it doesn’t make you feel good. Can’t wait to hear what Kanye and Jay-z have to say.

  • RoeLuv

    I respect 9th’s opinion (met him before,cool ass dude) but I think WTT is something you have to live with for awhile. Like everyone else I couldn’t wait to hear it & analyze. There were songs that jumped out right off the bat (Murder to Excellence, Welcome to the Jungle), but a song like “Lift Off” (which I’m not feeling) could grow on me down the line. I just think there will be some people who if given the chance to let this album “marinate”, may grow to like it.

  • CapricornReligion



    Damn Idk. Lol, Honestly, Your just going to have to listen it and judge for yourself. Then you’ll understand why I cant really Explain it.

    I’ll say this tho…

    Dont expect no Katty Perry / MTV type beats if you know what I mean Lol.. Album is REAL GOOD. Classic? Hmm It needs Years for that not Hours for me but, You be the Judge

  • SmokeYou

    I have only listened to it once all the way through and I like it. Favorite song is New Day.

  • rahrahrah

    I know the scared feeling that he’s talking about. I remember when the song Snakes came on with the first ODB album or when I heard a few tracks of Damian Marley Half way tree album or Astral Weeks from Van Morrison, or the first good Fela Kuti song, or Hendrix destroying the national anthem. That’s the power of music.

    Lately I’ve heard a few people talk about “wizards” in the industry. From a negative and positive standpoint. Kid Cudi when he was beefing with Wale said he was a true wizard in the game and consequence in his beef with Kanye talks about them being “wizards” in the game.

    I haven’t heard WTT yet, Kanye scared me with the piano introo to the song he premiered live while wearing all Red. That song, runaway, stuck with me. For all time that piano intro will resonate. That was like some Pink Floyd “we don’t need no education…” Type shit.

    Its a rare thing to find, I’m not surprised that the albun doesn’t do it for him. I will have to give section 80 a try based on his recommendation. Willie the Kid “the crates” mixtape did it for me recently. Had to listen to that about four times. I remember A.B. Universal doing it with the song Omerta or the B side to that, also Killah Preist Heavy Mental.


  • damone

    Like Jay and ye said haters gonna be mad album fire… stop hating LOL..

  • rd1981

    @ Foekist, it’s not anything inspiring that you’d bob your head to.

  • i don’t get all the hype surrounding wtt. i admit that the releases have been catchy but i’ve been underwhelmed primarily. it’s certainly not up to standards with kanye’s and jay-z’s (to a point) past work. 808s and heartbreak, considered his worst album (though i thoroughly enjoyed it), is better than this, imho.

    to 9th wonder: please make one last album with little brother. that’s all i ask.

  • wow! a bunch of Jay/Ye dickriders on this site. the LP is ok, but that dubstep s–t is wack, its just noise, i was dissapointed, thought it was gonna be better.

  • Foekist


    I was affraid, from reading other comments that this cd was gonna sound like a pop cd with mtv beats. Can’t wait to hear it!


    I know what you mean about snakes… Damn that whole ODB album scared me!

  • Reality Check

    kinda upset my comments aren’t coming through…does Rap Radar have a special censoring filter today just to restrict less than orgasmic opinions about WTT?

  • M33ga

    Its okay for 9th to voice his OPINION. Don’t make it the right opinion. But, to be honest, this isn’t going to do anything for 9th but label him as a hater. Grandma always said, if you don’t have nothing nice to say……


    The album is getting mad love over here in the UK… but we have a more cultured ear than you Yanks. Ha!

    Hiii PoWer

  • @Reality Check- they must have. cause mine haven’t shown up either. womp.

  • DamnitCamn

    Aw, you mad, bro?

  • Damn, 9th can’t have an opinion on an album that he bought? Because he’s a producer? Um-fuckin’-believable!!

  • mjs61290

    So 9th is a “douchebag” because he doesn’t like the album? Hahaha. You guys are unbelievable. Yeah; I’m sure 9th is tossing and turning in his sleep now because he will no longer have the chance to work with an overrated producer (who happens to be an AWFUL rapper) and a dude whose prime died a decade ago.

    9th is doing 9th. He doesn’t give two craps about what you think about his opinion on WTT.

  • Chris

    Why can’t a brother have an opinion?

  • b. morgan

    Murder to Excellance is a pretty fuckin’ dope track… only one so far that made me rewind/replay

  • JDot

    Really like the album. 9th’s opinion is cool. Little shocked he did not like Otis too.

  • CaliSteppin

    9th wonder has hater written all over his face!
    WTT is fire Jay and Kanye just killed everybodys buzz without no heavy promotion

  • 9th wasnt disrepectful at all, he cant have an opinion?? Why are all of you getting butthurt over his comments? Im sure he’s a fan just like any of us.

  • dmfslimm

    the RED album will meet my hip hop quota cause WTT aint. *goes back to bumpin section 80 and follow me home. #underwelmed.

  • seriously, censorship of comments?? really though?

    let’s see if this gets through: album: #underwhelmed

  • I read those tweets from 9th Wonder as they popped up in my time line. Now if he doesn’t like the album, he doesn’t have to like it. People took it as a slap in Jay-Z’s face because they previously worked together.

    Maybe 9th heard the album differently than from someone who grew up in Marcy Projects or an A&R that works for a major label.

  • Ace

    lol no disrespect but that’s why these niggas still live in the hood. ppl need to understand that there should be growth in music. Hip-Hop is a movement that expresses innovation and emotion & freedom of expression for what it is. 9th has an opinion, yes, but that opinion is solely based off of what the original credentials of rap music stood for which was sampling and just making raw gritty soulful beats, etc. Thats cool and all but how long are we gonna do that, especially in this age when niggas disrespect beats like that & rap pure bullshit. This album & MBTDF push the limits of what hip-hop originally was & take it to a another level. Its innovative. The instrumental music & actually much deeper & has more intelligence behind it. The last raw Hip-Hop album I heard with actual great samples was Below the Heavens- Blu&Exile. They made a classic. Everything else after seems to be below par. Jay-Z is living in a new age man. MBTDF got classic ratings because its an evolved form of hip-hop. Not that bullshit ya’ll hear from Rick Ross & Wayne & all them. Try something new niggas. If not, just don’t listen to them. 9th made the correct statement in saying its not for him otherwise he’d be a damn fool saying that its a bad album. It’s a great album. Jay-Z is somewhat vulnerable lyrically & so is Kanye while expressing their emotions and views of particular things on things thats in THEIR lives. & else wise, they’re just having fun. MUCH RESPECT


  • byebyepaycheck

    nice opinion. but jay or beyonce aint gonna work with this kid no more.

    yeah, its not fair- but he bit the hand that fed him. his ‘hiphop commentary’ isn’t necessary. no one logs onto the internet to hear SPECIFICALLY what 9th wonder has to say. and by putting it out there, thats all fine and dandy. free speech and what not.

    but jay and beyonce gave this ungrateful fa66it shine when he was a nobody, making same-snare garbage beats for those other two fat lame vegans called lil brudder.

    enjoy a future selling shitty beats wtih bargain bin prices for murs, jean grae, david banner, lil b, and joe scudda. you’ll get a lotta props from virgin basement nerds- but watch ya real money stop. it aint fair, but you shoulda known better

  • iHATEhaters


  • theBroKing

    in reality if 9th wonder wasnt really ficking with the album then he would have just said”Meh, watch the throne isnt for me”

    ONE TWEET would have been sufficient. he is clearly mad at jay or kanye with that huge essay

  • ThisŰ






  • I’m sure he wouldn’t have had an opinion at all if his name was on the credits of this album. I guess people forget that TWITTER is a public forum, so in that space you should really take heed to that old school rule and just not say anything about another dude if it’s not positive, especially if you’re pushing the same product.

  • rd1981

    i think this album might grow on some people, it’s not a total failure

  • wcfinest

    i hope he didnt spend a fuckin dime on that shit lol. if yes, he got too much money.

  • s.r.v.

    i feel 9th alot, when i hear music i want it to be like wow shits gotta get better then this or be this good..when i listened to J. Cole’s any given sunday part 2 last night those songs had me actually laughing like damnn who can compete with somthing like this? watch the throne to an unforeseeable surprise was nothing like the hype made us imagine it to be, i think with time a few tracks will stand out in my library and ill like them alil but between the beats not standing out as new, the content being Throne at us like, look at us rather look what you can do get up and get moving to make what you want happen, it just wasnt great, as artists they should have seen this shit…all in all i love jay i love kanye and i love hip-hop but idk about this album 5 years from now..i still got all there other shit on blast though…6/10

  • veesky

    Yea, the whole “essay” makes it seem like something else is influencing his “opinion” then he took a further dig by making the “section.80” comment…definitely over the top. But he is entitled to his opinion

  • DJ

    Yet he’s down with Chris Brown’s “Boy In Dentition”?

  • Texas Boy

    What the Fuck are you people talking about? This album is by far the best MUSIC OUT! Techno shit, WHERE? And half of you simple minded motherfuckers on here is bangin Gucci mane, lil wayne and racks on racks music that has NO Substance or Intelligence. This is by far a GRAMMY AWARD Winner. Jay said in the album ”Crabs in the Barrell mentallity pulling each other down. Anything thats a challenge some of you motherfuckers run from it……..YOUR A BASIC NIGGA! Step your game up. Watch the Throne is making you niggas think out there!!! “DUECES”

  • W

    Great fucking album.. Come on.. Just silly

  • Can’t call 9th a hater for giving his opinion. Don’t know if going to twitter was the best move to get his thoughts out career wise tho. I think the album is pretty good and honestly it would have been next to impossible for it to live up to all the hype that was surrounding it. I think people need to give it some time before declaring it a classic or garbage or whatever other title they want to give it.

  • Jimbo

    Dude only wants the same old same old, tired ass flipping samples that kanye can do in his sleep.
    But you’ll never be remembered if all you do is the same sh*t, that’s why 9th Wonder never made it up the list. He’s in the exact same place he was 8 years ago.

    Compare with dudes like Dr. Dre and Rza, dudes sounds progressed, they brought new sh*t, creative sh*t and on. That’s why they are great. Premo too, even though he stopped progressing around 03, but he was creative in 3 different decades. 9th wonder is a simple producer, flipping samples in the exact same way and adding drums. He’ll never be remembered if he’s doing what Rza did in the early 90s but a lot weaker, what Kanye and Just were kicking out every week in the early to mid 2000s.

    I love a lot of his beats, but he’s talking about Aquemeni, he’s the total opposite not a single risk ever.
    He goes the safe way, the way 1000s of producers already took. Creating that’s what it’s all about.
    It’s not like basketball, you can try and play like jordan and become like jordan. In art is about doing sh*t n*ggas never heard or seen. And that’s the unique thing with Kanye’s albums, or Nas’s albums, or Jays albums or Pac or Big or Gangstarr, Outkast and on. Or you can be a dope ass rapper like Canibus but nothing special cause you are not coming with anything special.

  • JNasty

    @iHate because of D.O.A, T-pain (who is very creative, u can’t deny how many hits he made for people) got shit on, the effect got shit on too, i don’t think it was used too creatively on WTT, I could do without. Say what u want about Pain and I know too many people used autotune in awful ways but its still hypocritical.

  • Jimbovski

    Dude only wants the same old same old, tired ass flipping samples that kanye can do in his sleep.
    But you’ll never be remembered if all you do is the same sh*t, that’s why 9th Wonder never made it up the list. He’s in the exact same place he was 8 years ago.

    Compare with dudes like Dr. Dre and Rza, dudes sounds progressed, they brought new sh*t, creative sh*t and on. That’s why they are great. Premo too, even though he stopped progressing around 03, but he was creative in 3 different decades. 9th wonder is a simple producer, flipping samples in the exact same way and adding drums. He’ll never be remembered if he’s doing what Rza did in the early 90s but a lot weaker, what Kanye and Just were kicking out every week in the early to mid 2000s.

    I love a lot of his beats, but he’s talking about Aquemeni, he’s the total opposite not a single risk ever.
    He goes the safe way, the way 1000s of producers already took. Creating that’s what it’s all about.
    It’s not like basketball, you can try and play like jordan and become like jordan. In art is about doing sh*t n*ggas never heard or seen. And that’s the unique thing with Kanye’s albums, or Nas’s albums, or Jays albums or Pac or Big or Gangstarr, Outkast and on. Or you can be a dope ass rapper like Canibus but nothing special cause you are not coming with anything special.


    I don’t get him taking a big stance and making a grand public statement about him not being a fan of the album. Obviously he feels threatened in some way.

  • jhuntinf

    GOOD MORNING MY NEIGHBORS…..YESSSS!!…. YESSS!!! FUCK YOUUUU TOOOOO!!!! I love it when folks talk real. I appreciate all the real comments. Its real people not buying into the hype from the Radio Stations, aka DJ’s aka DICK JOCKERs, who sale the fans on bullshit by constantly keeping the bullshit in rotation. When the people speak up like this… it should force the artist to take a look into the eyes of the fans… not the fucking record executives with ties to some social engineering plot and money scheme, and say we need to do better next time. Peace to all who kept that shit real 100%.

  • jhuntinf

    OH and of course PEACE to 9th Wonder for stepping out there and keeping that shit real!

  • Citylivin’

    the only thing i like about WTT is the promo….Jay & Ye know that these blogsites / twitter / no leaks are winning….the music??…well…i can’t wait for Big Krit’s album to come out HA!….none of the songs on WTT can match up with the 1st track to both of their previous albums: “What We Talking About” & “Dark Fantasy”…i got that scared feeling 9th was talking about when I heard those 2 tracks….I almost got that scared feeling when i heard “Niggas In Paris” then i said hold on “these niggas rapping on a Gucci beat?”….i was waiting for somebody to say “Burr!’…..but if that’s what y’all niggas is into then fuck it, enjoy it….as long as Jay and Ye are providing for they’re family, right?
    …..oh yea…Jay & Ye’s payroll is EPIC the way the got all these bloggers / journalists tweeting about their shit.

  • easternparkway

    co-sign 9th’s sentiments.

    this album was SERIOUSLY undercooked. regardless if you cared for the beats or not, the lyrics were seriously lacking on this album, which for these two is inexcusable.

    I think these two needed an executive producer who could tell them the truth, which was this album needed more work. It seems they were afraid of stepping on each others toes, and the result was that nothing slams…

    I just listened to the whole thing, kept waiting for “that” song, but around “Who Gon Stop Me” I realized it wasn’t coming….

    to me, the most realized joint was “The Joy,” which has been out for a year…

  • B.Boggz

    YN really over hyped this album. I was expecting a classic. Still good though.

  • dondon

    SELF MADE>>>>>>>>>>>>

    9TH WONDER>>>>>>>>> KANYE

  • me

    The Joy is the only good song on here

  • Watch the Throne Flop

    they tried too hard…. all that hype for nothing… glad i didn’t buy it

  • Dirty Dee

    London is into those gay ass beats…the album is wack for the most part, stop trying to sound so avant-garde…

  • Mynds

    It’s not for him isnt really surprising he likes backpack music. The fact that he sent all those tweets is why its foul and makes it news. Why less than 24 hours after it dropped you sending tweets? Especially if nobody asked his opinion.

  • this is a progressive hiphop album. it probably be years before most people christen it a classic which most classic albums have to be i dont think you can fairly listen to a cd 4-5 times and know its classic status its music that stands the test of time that you can keep going back and listening 2. no album thats this anticipated can live up to the hype they can jave jesus on tracks and people still not gonna be satisfied. the same thing is gonna happen to detox no matter how good it is when it comes out its not going to live up to peoples expectations. i listened to the album with an open mind and i enjoy it. cant wait to see how they rock on the tour.

  • R. Cey

    they shoulda use more NO I.D. beats on there…

    The blueprint sound is from 10 years ago and I do miss it but you can’t go back in time.

    I guess the hype came from their names and their track record (excellent! so far) but no one is safe from failing, not saying that WTT is wack – I’ll listen…

  • Texas Boy

    RED ALBUM won’t do shit to the game. Watch the Throne has sparked a new energy in rap and around the world. THIS IS A BIG ALBUM, Grammy Winner Music!!!

  • Ricky Retardo

    i think i understand what 9th is saying. i don’t get that “ughk” feeling. it maybe 40% of the LP is whip ready like “niggas in paris” or “primetime” but the majority is a listening experience, which is a great listen overall. looking forward to Cole World & Take Care for now Carter IV is the next pick up…. Uhhh on another note: WHERES DETOX!?

  • Hip_Hop_Schola

    This is why Hip Hop will never be taken serious as Music. Whenever an artist or producer speaks his mind of an artist, song nor album we label them a “hater.” A hater is a person whos jelous, not everyone is going to be a fan of who hip hop is glorifiyng at the moment (Wayne, Drake, HOV, Kanye, Cole, Ross) People have differen taste, were not going to savor whatever coorperate suits wants us to swallow. 9th has work with hov, drake and other artist, so the man aint wash up. He just getting started…

  • ILLmatic

    LOL @ ALL niggaz who hyped the album as fuck and calling it classic before it even dropped, BEFORE THEY EVEN LISTENED TO IT, especially @Cold Death @Flockaveli and many other niggaz whom name i forgot cuz they were so irrelevant LOL @ U DUMB niggaz!!!

  • Anonymous

    9th is entitled to his opinion. But he did a song with Lil B so…

  • Albatross

    cosign @Jimbovski

    Jay only ever got 1 beat from 9th Wonder. Why? Because 9th Wonder only makes 1 beat.

  • Black Shady

    I totally co-sign! i listened to it this morning. theres a couple nice tracks wont lie..but the whole thing is …im really not impressed

  • HA

    The production was below par on WTT but lets not take away anything from Jay and Ye’s attempt to bring a new sound to rap dominated by corny punchlines and bama beats…the reason Dre cant drop is because rap demographics have changed…u drop raw shit u flop.,.u drop i need a doctor type of garbage you debut at no4 on billboard.WTT kinda brings a middleground.i dont like them raps but the scheme is an attempt at classic.if only they could avoid overunnin em beats it could be on MBDTF level.

    If u doubt WTT wait for your favorite rapper to drop and see if he has that sound for people like NOWONDER

  • Ender

    It was an absolutely amazing album, but it still wasn’t quite as epic as I had hoped. Having said that, I don’t see anybody else in the entire game that could put out something better.

  • rahrahrah

    The Joy, that’s my song. It’s the type of song you want to have everyone listen to, and you ask them to excuse the vulgarity because it’s so dope. I certainly didn’t feel this way when I heard Otis, or that Lift Off song with Beyonce, that was just god awful, at least Otis almost had a dope feel to it. But “The Joy”..thank you Pete Rock and Kanye, and Jay for that one….why was there a Kid Cudi credit on that when it first came out. The Joy was one of those scary songs, dope beyond belief, you wish you had it on your resume.

  • MEKE

    SIckkkkkkkkkkkkk album !!!
    jay iz Back…..
    stop hate-in”

  • 9th wonder

    9th sorry but this is a taste of class that you might not have been put on to yet since your career hasnt reached that sort of a pinnacle.

  • get bucks

    This album is not dope at all. I heard a few joints that were okay, but for the most part it sounds kinda weak to okay @ best. This album is worse than either artist’s individual efforts. R. Kelly & Jay-Z album was better than this mess. I still think Ye is top 5 right now and Jay-Z is HOF career wise.

    HAM was trash.
    Otis was ok @ best.
    Who’s surprised that the album is mediocre???

  • Da Business

    IDK, it’s dope to me…IMO it’s >>> Bad Meets Evil.

    Just got my tickets for the show in Ft. Lauderdale, them boyz kinda raped me fo’ 5 bills, I’m sure it will

    be worth it tho.

  • Hoss

    ^I’m surprised its THIS INCREDIBLY BADASS!!!

  • NoNotToday

    He can have an opinion but to voice it over twitter on the day it dropped is fucking disrespectful and unprofessional. He should have kept his fucking mouth shut. Busted ass looking fool.

  • Sam I Am

    I respect 9th’s opinion wholeheartedly as he helped with Little Brother, but this is the same dude that co-signs Mac Miller and was trying to get on a Lil B track (to which he did and cosigned that) so 9th, you’re looking a lil sketchy right now

  • Sam I Am

    and to make matters worse, he’s in front of a game that got hyped but crashed HORRIBLY and never saw the light of day. I heard produced all the tracks on that game as well. NBA Elite 11 = the game that never was

  • Converse

    9th gave yall a thought out answer? why he didnt like it? you can disagree on what he said all you want? but in the end you cant call him a hater? otherwise you might need to look up the defintion of the word? Im sure YN is butt hurt more than ever? haha thats the only reason why RR post it? too get a negative response outa everyone? but naw cant hate on a opinion? which is base on taste anyway?

    and lets be real? If 9th wasnt from the south? ppl would mention him with the greats? imo he better than alot of yall favorite producer favorite producer? up their with pete rock

    SN: Aquemini is the best album I ever heard?classic? lyrically entertaining

  • Hoss

    Thee Tom Hardy
    Mac Miller
    Lil B
    Chris Brown

    Lets be honest, 9th’s taste in music lately has just been terrible.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Maybe people just don’t understand where ‘Ye and Jay were trying to go with this album. When “Otis” came on that feeling you got-if you liked the song-was the feeling they were trying to create for the entire album. What you think they were in Paris creating a Doggystyle, Blueprint, Graduation album. To borrow a Jay line “it’s all about progression” you can re-create the same feeling ALL the time. Due to all these comments, I went and skim through the record to hear the beats people were referring too-it’s different-I’ll finish listening to the album later today. But, I mean not to down anyone, if you’re having a negative artistic feeling about this album, it sure can be attributed to your age. If you followed ‘Ye or Jay from day one, you want to seem them progress as artist, I don’t want to hear Jay spit over the same Just Blaze-no dis Just-forever or I don’t want to hear ‘Ye spit over the same beats. Broaden your horizons, that’s all.

  • Q-Flip

    i just listened to LIFT OFF and almost shot myself in the head because of beyonces annoying singing…THAT THING IS PURE GARBAGE!!!

  • B

    A good way to find a dumb ass is a person who uses the word “HATER” .How the fuck is he a hater. He explained himself clearly if you have any kind of comprehention skills. Like he said he’s not a (((((((follower)))))))). When hears music as he hears it for what it is not for who it is. Only sheep and groupies do that. Just like the song Otis. That sh-t was wack. The lyrics garbage. The beat Garbage. The track was 2 busy to the point it was cluttering up the lyrics. Im a fan of Jay Z and Kanye. This new sh-t is bullsh-t. These fans are funny. This proves that if they fart on a record this is the response from the dickriders.



    Oh if someone happens to think it’s subpar and have constructive or valid points about the song:


    OR: Your just mad cause they have money. ( Which has nothing to do with music by the way)

    9 wonder is exactly on point but the first thing yall dumb asses will say is he’s mad cause they didn’t use his beat. Yall just in to stars. I don’t get it. For example if im a fan of Nike sneakers am I supposed to like everything they come out with?

  • STRIK9


  • MP

    Too many people on Hov’s dick like YN and this site… Hov stay hyping the media, the media stay hyping so you people can buy it. SELLING UNITS DOESN’T MEAN YOUR ALBUM IS CLASSIC…

  • Converse


    I see it this way? he just expect more outa Jay and Kanye? bc they represent the old skool hiphop? mix with the new? and bc they suppose to be the best? and create nothing less than a classic? they sold everyone hype? which never turn out good

    and to the cosign? who know? we dont expect alot outa of those rappers? haha so any improvement wil get a cosign? or he might respect their grind and so on

  • sck

    Oh and Section 80 made you scared? Really? Oh.

    P.s. Yes, this is dude’s opinion but my argument is the argument I have for all so-called “haters” why are you spending energy on something you don’t like? Its like when dudes be commenting on posts of an artist they don’t like, why would you go out of your way? Just skip it. Just let people love the shit they love and you love yo shit…anyways…I’m getting too real for yall…peace!

  • Q-Flip

    @B eminem farts often on his records and it still sounds great and better that jay without farting lol

    but im with u, everything u said make sense!

  • Larry

    The Lift Off Song Kinda Killed Off The Groove Of The Album…I Don’t Wanna Hear No Damn Beyonce

  • RysospxhhxjRod

    Watch The Throne gets a 8.5/10 from [email protected]

  • Well agree to some level, that album is 50/50 procent……….we got some techno sounding beats and we got some soul stuff>>but sorry dude the techno shit is going to dudes like the BYP(will i am) all that david guetta stugg going on, the pitbulls in the game , i mean the whole MAYBACH movement sound is all LEX LUGER sounding to me and noone sayin shit bout that cuz they all blackin out on it…he just repeatin some like IM BIG ……etc 90 times. Be honest now if music doesnt move forward without going to left of center i’m good………..if i need techno i aint going to A BYP show , if i NEED hip hop i aint going PITBULL , if i need POP Nicky Minaj aint ma first choice GET IT…………….Kanye and Jay can RAP ok we know but 9th wonder doesn’t have that very big record as in world wide shit…Kanye does , Jay does , The Neptunes lord know thay got a bunch……………….so stiop the fue

  • everyone is a critic, i fucks with 9th, have all of little brothersearly albums, but you really just sound like a hater, , if you have nothing nice to say, THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL, cause really how else would you be in a top 5 post without throwing dirt on the album that is changing the game as we speak, guess u mad u didnt get a placement so you mad huh, take a number on the short list of ppl hating………………ITS THE ROC

  • MsK

    I wonder if 9th Wonder’s opinion would be different if he would have been asked to work on WTT? His opinion is his own. I do not agree. I LOVE the cd. I am a huge Jay fan and Ye is in my top 5 of rappers. WTT is an amazing collection of work. It doesn’t sound like anything else out right now. If it ain’t for you, then cool. I will continue to bump WTT because it does it for me. The lyrics and the beats are just a perfect combo.


    It’s the best album either has put out since Late Registration, but it’s not a game changer, or even album of the year. It’s just good, which is a step up from their recent efforts.

    It’s funny because Kanye is the producer prodigy but the only Kanye track is a looped Otis Redding sample. He does spit harder than Jay on most songs though.

    They straight jack Doctor P and Skream, hope they got some cash for that. Other than that it was just alright, but at least they were back to spitting and not JUST riding beats or spittin hot bars.

    Swizz, No ID, RZA, and the first Frank Ocean track keep this album in rotation. The rest is throwaway…this is what all this hype was for?

    The crown belongs to Kendrick Lamar and I think these two releases being so close to each other is opening peoples eyes to the fact that the new kid in town is now better, and represents them more than these two wealthy clowns. Props to 9th Wonder for calling that.


  • M.T

    i dont know what some ppl were expecting from this album. Were you expecting some to have some life changing epiphany? half of yall are fronting like it wasnt some good music. This is the best album to come out in 2011 so far. ppl have different taste in music and of course kanye and jay z could have went harder lyrically on some tracks and some tracks could have been better produced but this was a good album and it definitely met my expectations.*Continue playing Watch The Throne*

  • Slim

    People keep wanting this album to sound like the Blueprint, or College Dropout. The fact is, it’s not going to happen. Musicians progress. Just how Ready to Die didn’t sound anything like Life After Death, artists move to a different place in their lives. If you want the Blueprint, go listen to it. You can’t win when you get compared to yourself, and shit you’ve done in the past. I just don’t get why people get so angry about it.

  • James

    God im glad I didn’t buy it sheesh! Very lukewarm album after a couple listen though. And I agree with what 9th wonder said.

  • bumpy johnson

    album is fuckin insaneeeeeeeeee

  • WestCoast

    Wack album autotune bullshit
    Bad Meet Evil Team > x10000 than kanye & jayz

  • Hoss


    That was a good one. I forgot about that shitty little project.

  • yma

    ….and Section 80 made you “scared”? Oh.

  • King Izzy2West

    WTT is dope as fuck no one can name an album thats better than this in the past 3yrs honestly

  • I feel a Watch the Wonder mixtape is on the horizon (see “God’s Stepson” mixtape)

  • I guess giving your honest opinion instead of conforming to other people’s ideas is enough to constitute for HATE today huh? If the nigga don’t like it, he don’t like it, notice he didn’t say the album was bad, but little bitches today with they butthurt feelings are always to blind to truly read into an argument. Everybody has different tastes on music, I for one haven’t listened to Kanye truly since Late Registration, none of his later albums were bad, just weren’t for me. It’s sad that people can’t share their opinion today without getting attacked. And by the way, who is 9th Wonder, more of a success than you’ll ever be, and he actually plays a part in the hip hop community.

  • A BawSe iS oNe thaT Guarantees We Gon’ Eat

    I dont like the album much.My recycle bin ate up 3/4 of the album.The rest went to the iPod.
    I guess Section 80 and Returnof4eva are still album of the year.

  • YOUR pusha

    theres one album coming soon that wont dissapoint..God forgives i dont..watch

  • Gent

    ^Everybody expects it to be terrible… and it won’t disappoint?

  • still best rite now!!

    Section #80 is still album of the year so far….

  • Cali’s Finest

    Nigga Please!
    it’s cool that you’re giving your honest OPINIONS. but stop saying you’re not a follower. your a Leader.
    Just say what you feel, and get on with your life.
    Nobody wants to hear your Played out Ass!!

  • sway-z

    Definitely not for everybody, but if they came with some throwback shit you niggas would just hate anyway and say it sounds outdated.

  • young lucci poppin cucci


  • maurib

    so that’s why they couldn’t let it leak

  • Tony Starks


    I see most on here didn’t understand ANYTHING 9th wonder said. He said it wasn’t for him, and a lot of people feel that way. Read what he says before you go off with the stupid “hater! he a hater!” talk. No, he’s not, he explained that. If not feeling a particular type of music makes you a hater, then every single person in this world is a hater.

    Personally, Kanye is about to get on my last damn nerve. I think he’s a horrible rapper and needs to focus on production. I’m pissed because Jay is one of my all-time favorites and his recent work has been weak. These beats aren’t helping. Call me a hater for disliking Kanye on the mic, but he sucks and I’m tired of his emo rap.

  • maurib

    but for real stop hating
    mad cuz you couldn’t do it

  • Dreadstar

    I respect that Man and his opinion. Just as he’s not checking for that type of music a lot of people not checking for his…Is he Hating? Not at all…He just stating how he feel..A lot of COMMENTS COME OFF AS HATE ON HERE..I dont see it as Hate.. I see it as a bunch of people who can’t relate to it..”Jay said he “Planking on a Million” on “Gotta have it” half of us never even seen a 100k at one time..So his music kinda out of this world to some of us. I admit i’m a fan of WTT, it’s a classic in my eyes. Even Ye stepped his Lyrical game up.Stop listening to the beats and listen to the message..The beats ain’t half bad

  • Andy

    Haha! Hate Hate Hate! Haters Haters haters! Thats what you all say if someone simply doesnt like something. Get a new vocabulary, the words Hate and Haters should be fucking banned, 9 times outta 10 the one using the word hater, is the fucking hater himself lol. 9th wonder just gave his opinion instead of kissing ass and being a poser, he is obviously into more soulful sampled Hip Hop, because that is what he produces, he probably heard Otis and was dissapointed the rest of the album didnt sound like that.

    I downloaded this album, and its amazing, I listened to it probably 3 or 4 times already without skipping a track. I had to put it down cause I dont want to get myself burnt out on it too quick, because we probably wont get another album like that for another year once again, and i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt from Jay Z or Kanye once again either. They seem to be the only ones to be able to get a release date and actually release an album.

  • smh

    i aint listened to this shit yet.. but really with the media generated hype, this was always set up to fail.. people acting like they were expecting Jesus to come back with the album or some shit..
    i respect progression and if they were making the same old blueprint music, the same people would say they lack creativity and are always on the same shit..
    i respect 9th wonder for having an opinon and expressing it as an opinion.. but its his opinion.. that dont make him right or wrong.. you niggas be expressing your views like cold facts.. stfu..
    the album just dropped give it a second.. as with mbdtf, its something that pushes the boundaries of what you can or cant do in hip hop.. (at least from the samples and what i’ve heard)

  • JNasty

    First off the man is entitled to his opinion, and if you think he is a nobody go ahead and check his work, he is along the lines of Pete Rock with his style.

    Second I think the main stigma with this album is that it was hyped up waaaaaay too much. Every site made us think this was going to be the savior of hip hop. The reality is, its what you make it. Like every other album some will like it, some will hate it, but too many blogs over-hyped it, so it failed to meet those high expectations with people.

    This is not a radio friendly album, so there are no instant “I’m On One’s,” or “No Hands” This is an album you listen to and admire the wordplay, metaphors and how well jay and West work off each other.

    Then again this is just my two cents, so I guess I will get some hate too.

  • Ben

    You guys are some idiots! This isn’t the first time 9th gave a OPINION on an hip-hop ablum!? You guys are just followers like he said smh

  • ThisIsBilly

    Funny thing is, the album isn’t on Mediafire lol

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  • Early B

    Watch The Throne? Nah I’m watching the Dow Jones drop 634 points today, real ‘wrap’….

  • Q-Flip

    @ King Izzy2West, i can name you an album thats WAAAYYYYYY better than WTT:

    All 6’s And 7’s by Tech N9ne

    do yourself a favor and listen first to WTT and then to A6A7 and THEN compare this two albums

    you will be shocked and surprised that youll find out after listening to both albums that jay and kanye sound like little sissies compared to A6A7


  • B. Emerson 909

    “I said ” the joint wasn’t for ME”, reading is fundamental. I think I expressed my opinions very eloquently. Different time, different generation. Errybody says IM angry. Who’s more angry, ME or THEM? *Turns on Section 80*.”


  • Kool Aid
  • knowlege bass

    All my respect for 9th has instantly been regained.
    It is amazing how people can’t read and throw all their own
    meanings into things people comment on.
    A lot of angry people in the world getting mad over people who
    don’t give a f*ck about them.
    This is one of those love it or hate it albums, no middle ground.
    Will make my own judgement when I get a chance to listen.


    Ran through about 3/4 of it during lunch, not impressive. Can’t say I expected much, typical hip-pop garbage marketed to the pop culture gaga generation. Not a hip hop record what so ever. There’s a couple records on there that could’ve been decent, but either were missing things in production value or the lyrics were wack. Most of the time I felt like it’d go intro-chorus-ye verse-chorus-jay verse-chorus-out. Every track felt like it ended abruptly and the cd has no flow to it. It’s more like a mixtape of rough edits they were working on it the studio then any sort of put together “album”. Should’ve been called, “Watch The Rough Draft”….they can do better than this but honestly, they’ll make money either way so I don’t think they care.

    Bad Meets Evil >> Watch The Throne.

  • didn’t live up top the hype

    Wack album

  • SbO


  • reachin

    He aint hatin but he’s definately cravin for attention. 9th u straight but ur not worthy of an opinion towards the gods fam. That twitter shit make niggas look like females. Nigga say he aint no follower but got a twitter.

  • reachin

    I could see if he shared his opinion with his homies or somethin but when u take it to twitter you look ho-ish

  • grammasta

    da irony is

    alotta of u hatin on his opinion

    but typin essays to explain yours


  • Kareem

    and he didn’t diss Hov. niggas are so emotional. he said he didn’t like the album. does every nigga HAVE to like Watch The Throne? are y’all on jay and ye’s payroll? are they paying you to like the album? the nigga listend to the album and didn’t like it. i’m suprised there was a whole post on RapRadar about “9TH WONDER’S COMMENTS ON WATCH THE THRONE”. did it really deserve a post?

  • everybody shut da hell up dis nigga shldnt even b talkin cz he aint shit compared 2 KANYE WEST or JAY-Z so y dont all u h8trs hold hands n jump off a bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • umm

    since when does not rockin with an album make you a “hater” yall throw that word around way to freely

  • Chan

    WHAT??????????? This album is so good that it actually make me smile while listening to it. Truely a masterpiece. Seriously nigga what the fucks wrong with you?


    When did rappers start stealing culture form white suburban kids in the name of street cred… WATCH THE THRONE FAILS

  • album did its job. It was supposed to be just an album thrown together to say ‘were the best and no one can fuck wit us’ its ahead of its time for sure, you cant really judge work like this in a day, you gotta sit on this shit and listen to it many times. its a great album but musically MBDTF>>> but i must saay WTT is fuckin awesome and maybe it will reach classic status

  • He spoke the truth


  • yo 9th sup w. the non-studio quality dre’s? mayb tht’s why your hatin on watch the throne you ain’t listenin to it on real dr dre headphones…

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    To all the people callin him a hater, you would have to be THE most unintelligent motherfuckers on here….One of the few very respected producers/artists that decides to express an honest opinion, and you label him? Since when did having an opinion (not as if it was negative to start with) be synonymous with hate. Jay and Ye will have no problem with what he said, cause there aint one, they are grown ass men who have an understanding of one anothers intentions, not sensitive females who somehow manage to miss the point and have hurt feelings about it.

    Wow..there are more dumb people in this world than there is smart people..grow up faggots

    Oh PS.. If your love interest doesn’t swallow next time, she…..he doesn’t hate you “it just isn’t for him”

  • puff

    umm correct me if im off but dude said i aint a fan and never will be so y care about wut dude feel about wtt personaly i like it i expand my music beyond just club beats like i see some of you do

  • Beez

    9th stated his opinion, but deep down he was hating. He’s also tryna promote The Wonder Years.

  • franky knuckles

    kanye should’t have comprised his brand with this fuckery… only a few good track the rest is poo poo

  • A BawSe iS oNe thaT Guarantees We Gon’ Eat

    God Forgives,I Dont
    Life is good
    Live From the Underground

    I just hope these dont disapoint like WTT did.just my opinion,brehs.

  • Yo, I respect 9th, and he’s from the crib so I support him…but nah, b.
    It wasn’t that he didn’t like the album, many people don’t, but the manner in which he expressed his opinion was really passive aggressive.

    Add that to the fact that he recently endorsed Lil B, of all rappers…and nothing in Lil B’s body of work compares to anything Hov and Kanye have ever done, “hype” or not. someone usher this man out the paint, please.

  • All you old heads that are saying it’s not hip hop are stupid! Hip hop is about progression. I’m not mad at 9th, I respect people with opinions. He didn’t say it was bad, he just didn’t like it. And think about it, I promise you when R&B first started, the gospel world said wasn’t real, when funk started, blues fans said Funk wasn’t real, When hiphop started, the same thing happened so on and so forth….Don’t let the same happen to hip-hop in 2011….Think for yourself. If you wanna listen to some old ass 1994 rap, go buy 1994 old ass rap! Dont say that music in 2011 isn’t real! #BOSS!!!!!

  • Jimster

    So its safe to say,

    Hell: The Sequel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Watch The Throne?

  • Vee

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    Welcome to the jungle well (x2)

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    Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle well

    Black Axl Rose, Move halfs and wholes
    Come down to the jungle, Just ask for Hov
    Move blocks and squares, Move apples and pears
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  • Vee

    If that dont make it for u, i dont know what will

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