9th Wonder The Wonder Years Cover & Tracklist

9th Wonder holds the crown on the cover of his new album, The Wonder Years. After the jump check out the official tracklisting for the project. Album drops September 27th. As for that documentary, well, that’s anybody’s guess.

1. Make It Big ft. Khrysis

2. Band Practice Pt. 2 ft. Phonte & Median

3. Enjoy ft. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar

4. Streets of Music ft. Tanya Morgan & Enigma of Actual Proof

5. Hearing The Melody ft. Skyzoo, Fashawn & King Mez

6. Loyalty ft. Masta Killa & Halo

7. Now I’m Being Cool ft. Mela Machinko & Mez

8. Never Stop Loving You ft. Terrace Martin & Talib Kweli

9. Piranhas ft. Blu & Sundown of Actual Proof

10. Peanut Butter & Jelly ft. Marsha Ambrosius

11. One Night ft. Terrace Martin, Phonte, & Bird and The Midnight Falcons

12. Your Smile ft. Holly Weerd & Thee Tom Hardy

13. No Pretending ft. Raekwon & Big Remo

14. 20 Feet Tall ft. Erykah Badu & Rapsody

15. That’s Love ft. Mac Miller & Heather Victoria

16. A Star U R ft. Terrace Martin, Problem & GQ

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  • Donn

    9th dug his own grave with that haters essay. If he stopped at “This aint for me” then he would be good. Now your artist collabs will come from D-list artist

  • Kareem

    After 9th’s comments on WTT, I would’ve assumed YN would never let this nigga get on shine on here anymore.

  • tron

    i would be mad too if no one gave a shit about my record and people was having Beatlemania over someone elses.

  • Capeman

    This better be better than WTT or he’ll get buried badly.

  • swag

    ohhh shit i see you BLU!!!!

  • Truth

    Don’t see why this guy is being hung and shot for voicing an opinion on a very high profile album we’ll hear about for a while. I don’t agree with what he said but I absolutely to the death agree with his right to voice it.

  • Lord knows any album featuring Warren G is gonna be deep lyrically. “conjunction junction, whats my function. I’m hookin up tracks so that niggaz can function…”

  • hahahah wow i knew this nigga had a album coming out… hence the watch the throne comments

  • Post no billz

    @dewan.. u forgot”what’s next/what’s next/ what’s n-x-e-t/ its me warren to the muthafuckin g”..

  • haq

    MASTA KILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sck

    @thatsmywordb @tron haaa! Right…now I understand why he made the comment he did…

  • troy

    Good look for Terrace Martin he’s on this album alot
    In my opinion!

  • Wait, y’all aren’t making any sense, I have yet to read anywhere where he said the album was BAD, he said it wasn’t for him, that’s a big fucking difference. The rap community is so emotional these days…

  • Charlie Gasko

    9th’s comments then a tracklist oh I get it… Dissin Hov is rap album promo 101.

  • Pugz

    Honestly, I’ll probably only listen to the song with Kendrick. Seems like its not going to be all that, not a very exciting tracklist.

  • Kareem

    Niggas are stupid. Niggas really think 9th Wonder said what he said about WTT because he has an album coming out. No. He said those comments at that particular time…because the album came out. He listened to WTT and expressed his opinion. LOL @ y’all thinking the fact that he had an album coming out had anything to do with the timing of his comments. He timed his comments on WTT with the release of WTT. Y’all niggas stupid.

  • rocstar

    Yo 9th ur a pussy nobody cares for this album ur marketing strategy sucks the only reason half the hiphop world knows about is cuz of Threats, faggot wrote an essay voicing his opinion like anyone gives a shit or like he’s the fucking mayor or hiphop

  • NoNotToday

    The cover is horrible. He has to be the most talentless fuck to ever attempt to make an album cover. Watch The Throne’s cover makes this look like fly shit. Poor guy I am starting to feel sorry for him. How will he work? Who will pay him? Look at that face. He needs to shave.

  • Jaymalls

    lmao…. did anybody hear 9th’s last album with David Banner. OMFG… that shit was horrible!!! THis nigga signed of on that garbage and now he has the nerve to voice his opinion on WTT. SMH!!! Old niggas stuck in the past making the same music over n over, not trying to progress and innovate the genre. These old head Boom Bap producers that dont experiment are not helping the genre of “hip hop” grow!!!

  • ay rocstar, the reason why 9th got the opportunity to produce threats is because he put out a critically acclaimed album with little brother. and just because he produced threats doesn’t mean he’s obligated to praise every jay-z release from now till eternity. what kinda nonsense is that? i like a couple of tracks on watch the throne, but i’m not buying it either. so what? everybody is entitled to an opinion.

  • these monkey fools need to wake up and listen to “The Minstrel Show”

  • NoNotToday

    @spirit equality When you are in the public light speaking out like that is something that is unethical. This fool is a producer and should play his part behind the scenes and keep his opinions to himself.The timing of his album cover release makes the whole thing even more suspect. Jive ass turkey.

  • Interesting

    I think before anyone bashes 9th wonder… they shouldve already realized his opinion means shit to Watch The Throne.. lets not forget this nigga makes beats/produces.. So how can his opinion relate on a Artist point of view.. Come on man thats like Alchemist, or Just Blaze giving a opinion about punchlines, metaphors, double entedres etc. Doesn’t Matter…

    Also, clearly he wanted buzz for his project and felt slighted by not getting any of his beats placed on WTT

  • Ace23

    Son ya niggas are dick riders, that crazy how gay ya are..mad at a nigga cuz he voiced hid opinion? Though I don’t agree with him I’m not mad cuz that’s his view..my opinion don’t hold more weight nor does his..and how is he doing this to promote his album that come out in late September?..we in early august nigga use logic…be a fan not a dick rider

  • Ace23


    you stupid my nigga..so when you make beats your opinion don’t matter concerning a persons lyrics?…well with that logic fans and critics opinion shouldn’t matter because they aren’t rappers nor producers…you dumb ass

  • CP

    everyone coming at 9th Wonders neck right now are Jay/Kanye stans and will always defend their favorite artist, but seriously?? I’m a Jay fan, I’m a Kanye fan and a 9th Wonder fan, wow imagine that? 9th can have his own opinion on the music he loves, just like every one of you commenting has an opinion. 9th wonder is dope, do your homework before you try to cut the dude’s head off. He is far from “terrible” and your ignorance definitely shows.

    WTT production is High Quality but musically doesnt sound the way I would have hoped. I like 90’s golden era hiphop, so this album doesnt satisfy me as far as “beats” go.

  • rahrahrah

    Skyzoo, Raekwon, Masta Killa, Kendrick Lamar, Murs, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu…looks like a tight lineup. I hope 9th delivers. He talked about an WTT not being an album that scared him, I hope that this project aspires to that.

    Try and keep it positive and respectful my brothers and sisters.

  • Jaymalls

    @Ace23… listen to 9ths last album which was with david banner. Now listen to the last 5 songs he produced outside of that david banner album. I rest my case… this niggas opinion means less than mine. He never reinvented himself nor did he ever change the way people approach producing. I respect him as a producer that got his foot in the door but he didnt influence me or anybody i hang with who produces. If you look on any producer/artist’s bio, under the list of INFLUENCES: your not going to see 9th wonder there. #FACT

  • B


  • Converse

    Jaymall mouth is super glue 2 JayZ dick? So excuse the homo dick riding #FACT

  • Epinz

    Honestly, y’all nggz r same crazy dick ridaz!! How y’all gone say he a producer and it’s unethical for him to have an opinion and y’all defendin KANYE WEST in the same sentence????? Huh!?!?!? The ngga that ran on stage and took a trophy from a white girl cuz he thought b deserved it more?!?!? And y’all sYin 9th haven an opinion is unethical? A fuckin university teacher for hip hop can’t have an opinion? But y’all nggz can have opinions bout him haven opinions? Y’all nggz r crazy!!!!

  • Wow, a Fashawn sighting.

  • Brahsef


    See, you ain’t a real producer though, so no one gives a shit about you and your bum ass friends who are producers. Talk to us when you do anything on the Minstrel Show level or even get on a Jay album.

    9th may not have innovated the production game like Kanye, but 95% of producers don’t. 9th does his thing, he makes good soulful beats.

    Bout to pickup WTT today, but if a man don’t like it, he can say he doesn’t like it.

  • Word

    Looks like the dickriding Jay and Ye stans coming.over to crucify 9th. Faggot ass niggas think nobody can say something about to HUMAN BEINGS without being called a hater like its ungodly to have an opinion against these two. smh. You stans disgust me.

  • Jaymalls

    i never said 9th didn’t make “good” beats…. but they are just “good” and they are just “beats.” From what i heard… He hardly ever tries to challenge himself. If yall wanna call me a Jay-z of Kanye stan or dickrider… ill be that! (Reggie Noble voice)

    PS: Loiters should be arrested!!!

  • bgreat

    so people dkriders b/c they are voicing their views on 9th….lol i agree everybody has the right to say what they may…i really dont care about what dudue said im not calling it hate but if he didn’t like wtt then just say so… i think everyone would just say cool its not for him but he continued to explain his self as if people did’t understand the first thing he said which makes 9th look highly suspect…

    i refuse to call it hate but i do wonder about why he felt the need to go on and on…but once said he opened the forum for people to debate about what he said period!!!!!… thats what happen when you run your mouth as far as dkriders ..and pu**ys and what ever you call jay fans well sounds to me you guys defending this dude must be his girl or homos b/c you guys are really getting emotional for some dude who couldn’t even sell out a high school gym…lol

  • pete pi

    9th wonder ima give a listen to this joint mos def but im not expectin nothin great he had LB they had good chemistry oh and murs n buckshot chemistry but all in all ima always respect this mans production,now as for the jay-z dick riders man go suck a poison fish sack 4 real jay-z was nice kanye is ok they both jus ok now nothin great about these boys either they jus house hold names thats all,niggas drop otis n hop on that instrumental like that shit is the best n only track they ever heard man eat a dick i heard 9th produce soul shit way hotter than that 4 real and as far as 9th makin his comment well thats how this industry shit go now ain’t no friends jus business and that nigga entiled to say what the fuck he want..P.S. once again stop wit this dick ridin ass shit its sicknin yo niggas sucked off wayne cuz of amille twenty diffrent beats soundin similar and a billion niggas on the instrumental stop it do sum research its a ton of hot instrumentals out there stop relyin established artist instrumentals Piiiiiiiiiiii!

  • If you enjoyed the new album form 9Th Wonder – The Wonder Years you can read the lyrics by following the link bellow.

  • muzz

    dudes r crazy look up jay z engineer guru whos a beast in his own right talkin about 9th wonder he basically straight lets u know 9th in an animal its on youtube but im sure yall know more than jay z’s engineer he recognizes the talent 9th wonder has

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