Freddie Gibbs Brings Out Freeway In Philly

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While Gibbs was in the city of Brotherly Love over the weekend, he brought out hometown hero Freeway. Tilt your head and watch Freezer perform “What We Do”. Eight years later and that joint still rings off.

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  • Freddie Gibbs

    Enjoying the magazine?
    Just looking at these goofy ass Maybach Music dudes.
    You’re not a fan?
    I bump CTE. I bump Young Jeezy.
    What about your friend Pill?
    I ain’t got a problem with Pill.
    But you don’t bump his music anymore?
    Do I bump Pill’s music anymore? I still bump Pill. I don’t want people thinking I got a problem with Pill.
    Do you like “Pacman?”
    “Pacman?” That’s the name of his song? I ain’t heard that shit. I like Pill’s old shit man.

  • Freddie Gibbs

    One of your recent tweets read: “Who are you? Rick Ross, Big Meech or Larry Hoover? the rap game is like halloween every day?”
    Freddie Gibbs: This the same dude that told you he knew Noriega when he first came out, so…
    Freddie Gibbs: Rap’s so fucking watered down right now, you can be a motherfucking C.O., you can kiss a nigga, and as long as you making good music, these niggas don’t give a fuck.
    These dudes have those machines behind them and those marketing dollars behind them to dress their fake shit up.
    But I’m not trying to fabricate nothing or dress nothing up to be something that it’s not.
    But I’ve sold a lot of crack. A lot of pills.
    It seem like all these niggas in the rap game trying to tell the boss story when 90% of these niggas was never the boss. I was never no coke boss of my neighborhood. I was a shooter, a corner boy. So that’s the perspective I gotta tell you from.

  • Jordan Cohen

    My sentiments EXACTLY @Freddie.

  • rahrahrah

    Freeway and Young Chris were in Philly the other day cosigning Lil B, but I guess that’s on them. I don’t understand politics. Its too confusing for my small mind. But Gibbs problem is that he is going to have to try and maintain some consistency because he drew a line. Cashis called him on working with wayne and now he has homeboys like Pill where he has to say I like his old shit. The joints he did with Pill were nice. I wish Gibbs the best hope to not see him have to collaborate with Boo Rossini or 3rd tier CTE artists. That would be like having to work with Yayo or OJ the juiceman. I hope he has the character to be a boss, because in spite of how fraudulent Ross is, there is no denying that, yes with an incredible amount of industry backing, he is making major moves. Meek is getting a phenomenal push for one, but then Meek has been grinding since he was 15.

  • jermz dash

    I was @ the Show Jeezy n gangsta gibbs had that shit rockin “screamin FUCK POLICE”….aint see no maybach music tho…..jeezy gets more props in philly then ross #fact

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