• n rh

    wtt makes this sound even worse than before

    2 hip hop legends and 2 retards who do way to much drugs

  • fuk waka

    the day while everyone’s listening to a masterpiece album

    we still have to put up with bullshit like this?? smh

  • Aj

    Waka flocka raw as hell boy. These real niggas. Flockaveli was a classic.

  • Chan

    Im not going to begin to say that Gucci is the best rapper out right now. However he is very good (in his own way) Call it a guilty pleasure. Gucci just has something that other rappers don’t. I love Gucci Mane. I do not like Waka, OJ, or really anyone he hangs with. Very glad to see Gucci home and look forward to many new song, mixtapes, albums, and video. KEEP YOUR ASS OUT OF JAIL NIGGA! BURRR!!!!!!!

  • Chan

    To furthur elaborate on that comment. I enjoy some laid back g-funk style music or some deep lyrically intense east coast style. I feel I have outgrown the whole gangster rap movement. However from time to time I love to put on The Movie or the Burrrprint (for example) turn the music up real loud and ride around obnoxiously not giving a fuck. Call it a southern thing.

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