New Video: Wale “I’m On One (Freestyle)”

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With Spliff TV Films behind the lens, we follow Mr. Folarin around the town while he spits his bars from his “I’m On One” freestyle. Ambition coming soon.


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  • Dope

  • blaze

    dope vid ambition is gonna be ill mark my words

  • nyg718


  • mmgaregoingtohell

    he doesn’t speak the truth he just says what he thinks the people will want to hear and that ain’t cool

    “So if I exude confidence on a Hip Hop record and I’m really good at exuding confidence on it, you’re gonna call me cocky? Well, what should I tell you? I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning, ate a bowl of cheerios, went to the studio, made a mediocre song, and went to sleep? Is that what people would prefer you think? Because I’m sure if I said I put on some $400 Jordans, a Moschino shirt, and some PRPS’s and I went to the studio and killed every nigga in Hip Hop on a song…motherfuckers would check for me. I’d get close to a million [Twitter] followers quickly.”

  • urbetterjudgement

    No where in that quote did wale say he is giving the people what they want. and the quote is out of context. Most wale fans are underground type back pack dudes and the last thing they want to hear is stuff about clothes. what makes wale good is his ability to rap clothing and still maintain his artistic dopeness on tracks that are deeper than that. i like wale cause i can play him in a car full of ladies or w/ my wifey, or with the niggas from the block or my niggas i met in college who are professionals now. And for the record everyone is trying to please the masses. if you dont want the world to like your music then why you become a rapper who’s main job is to make music peope will love.

  • Black Shady


  • Moe


  • im banned

    I used to fuck with Wale, but now I realized how much he resembles a high schooler having an identity crisis. Don’t get me wrong, he still got bars on bars BUT that’s about it. =/

  • Wale

    Stop hating on me guys geez…
    I’m just trying to make some money…

  • Wale has a likeable style….I like his delivery, and his lyrics are more than simple. He’s better than most. Nobody these days knows wtf real garbage ass lyrics are…too many new schoolers that like anybody’s shit! Man….Wale cool, but we know (oldschool) who the hottest niggaz are…..he can climb tho, fa’sho. Wale hotter than the nigga you “think” is the hottest nigga out here today…no names said, but he is a skinny jean wearing, heavymetal rockstar, flaming faggot!! Haha! And I aint the one who said it, so dont blame me, blame the “real” niggaz of hip hop!!!!! (no hater)………………………..Aye? stop it! It aint nuttin but Muuuuussiiiccckkk! Rah!

  • Mike

    Wale…Top 5 rappers!!!

  • HA

    Dead @ Highschooler having an identity crisis….you need more than decent punches and sum good verses to be a successful artist. OH well if ambition does as good as he hopes it does maybe ross will giv him a bigger MMG chain

  • momo

    lyrical god.

  • damn

    ^ if thats really you ask ross for a bigger MMG chain

  • wow

    Wale had a chance he flopped..whatelse can he do?
    He had gaga on a single and he was on interscope…

  • daniel

    Wale had such a bright future, beefed with THA CUD and now look at him.What a fucking clown, dude is such a sellout.

  • turbo

    Say whatever you want about wale but if you dont respect the wordplay, lyrics, metaphors you dont know hip-hop.

  • Jersey

    Wale jus puttin on for DC. Want to see what ambition talmbout!

  • James Allen

    Wale is good. Dude is kinda under rated

  • ColoradoKnight


  • umm

    Wale spit fire on this The Original<Wale

  • Greazy

    YO WAle has to be broke he has a 1996 Blackberry phone ..damn Ross rapin him already …lol —

  • LOUDintheAir

    Wale used to be dope, I used to get excited about his music. Now its whatever to me. idk. is he changing? n I’m from DC so I respect that aspect of him. But lyrically hes getting weak, like he’s running out of things to talk about. I have a feeling his Album is going to flop.

  • Uptown_dc

    whoever putting these vid’s up need to do homework before tossing a “freestyle” title on a verse recycled 3 times already. NEW VISUAL yes…. with a recycled flow.

  • Wale you need to get your head outa the gutter son stop makin freestyles out of dope traQ’s wich are out of your liege_enuf said by me -the only traQ u in that I like is by lady gaga

  • HisQueen

    Wale has bars for days and he goes hard in the paint. I perfer his Spoken word style the best (Diary). But hey who am I to judge, the man’s got to eat… I like the song. He will rise and shine like everyone else just because he has #AMBITION…I will be PURCHASING the album when it drops in stores… @Wale F**K ALL THE HATE THAT IS BEING THROWN YOUR WAY