New Music: Black Star “Untitled”

Produced by Madlib, Black Star reunite on this untitled track. It’s labeled as a snippet, so Kweli fans are going to have to wait for the full thing to hear his verse.

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  • onanigga


  • brute force

    This is old. Well not, old, but this snippet has been out for a minute. I thought this was the full CDQ. Shame RR, for getting a nigga’s hopes up before noon.

  • izreal

    That’s a freestyle from like 2000….

  • Jordan Cohen

    I’m sure if RR wasn’t so in love with the fake thugs/bosses on this site and supported real hip-hop more, they woulda got the WHOLE thing instead of this old a$$ snippet.

  • Kool Aid

    ^except for the whole song isn’t out yet, so you’re a dumbass

  • rahrahrah

    What I like about this snippet is that it shows how much production, mastering, and sequencing are needed to make a song really stand out.

  • Jordan Cohen

    Flavor-Aid, if you had any idea how things work with artists, you would know that if MOS, Kweli or Blacksmith wanted to leak the song, they WOULD. This has been in snippet status for a while. #Dumbass

  • Kool Aid

    Exactly, you flaming moron. So think this one out a little bit, I know it’s hard for you… if Black Star hasn’t dropped the whole version yet, and they obviously don’t want to, then why did you even bother writing your original comment? Mos and Talib aren’t gonna be premiering anything on RapRadar anytime soon, and if RR was more underground, guess what? They would be like all the other underground blogs, and they STILL wouldn’t be getting Black Star exclusives. So quit bitching for the sake of bitching, and try to learn something today. God knows you need it.

  • smh

    whys everyone always so quick to criticize rr.. for fucks sake if you dont like the site dont come on here..

  • The Cold Black

    Talib Kweli and Mos Def >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Wale, Mac Miller and the whole industry…..

    Where are they now?

  • Ya Boy G

    ^wtf is your point. Everyone knows mos/talib have they own damn expressway fuck a lane. Stop being a hating ass nigga. When a post mentions them, that’s the green light. Thembeing other artists.

  • gfsgfagfsbgbhe

    fail…….. you guys are late on this…

    its been out since january…….

  • MrAndeson

    YES!!! COMEBACK! Better than Watch The Throne

  • FTW

    DOPE! Mos goes in as usual. I have a felling Talib has something to prove on this track tho.

    You can’t expect too much from RR they’ll never go all the way to the left and post hard core independent all day. They’ll lose the majority of their soft core bubble gum pop audience. Lose the #s lose the ad revenue. I’ll take the snippet for now.

    Malib’s lazy instrumental loop is coo BUT I would rather hear Black Star on Tek’s or Dion’s beats.

  • Kweli confirmed on Twitter that this is a couple months old but…where was it released originally?

  • gfsgfagfsbgbhe

    ^ J Rocc played it during his set for a radio show

  • right but where was it released originally? Is there some website/blog that put it out for download/stream?

  • Belize

    now u wanna get back and be consistent? Pisses me off. they coulda been the throne

  • uniquly


    Here’s a link to the Benji B’s show from January. J.Rocc did a set to help promote ‘Some Cold Rock Stuf’:

    An exclusive preview of J Rocc’s forthcoming album.

    Shinehead — Dub Plate [White Label]
    Coal Kitchen — Keep On Pushin [Epic]
    Arawak — Accadde A Bali [Squirrel]
    Todd Rundgren — Johnne Jingo [Warner Bros.]
    De La Soul — Rock Co.Kane Flow (Inst) [Sanctuary]
    Stereolab — The Flower Called Nowhere [Duophonic]
    Guilty Simpson — Trendesetters (Version 5) [Stones Throw]
    Madvillain — Avalanche / Victory Lap [Stones Throw]
    Gary Bartz — I’ve Known Rivers [Prestige]
    Gary Bartz — Smile Gently Saxy [Prestige]
    Ernie Hines — Our Generation [We Produce]
    Run-D.M.C. — Peter Piper [Profile]
    De La Soul — Buddy [Tommy Boy]
    Willie Hutch — Brothers Gonna Work It Out [Motown]
    Andre’s — Ska’s Revenge [Mahogani Music]
    A Number of Names — Shari Vari [Capriccio Records]
    Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force — Planet Rock [Tommy Boy]
    Nightlife Unlimited — Peaces & Prunes [Uniwave]
    Actress — Let’s Fly
    Honest Jons
    Kikumoto Allstars — Shed 13
    International Deejay Gigolo Record
    Ramadanman — Work Them” [Swamp 81]
    Black Star — ?? [Unreleased]
    Gato Barbieri — El Arriero (El Pampero) [Flying Dutchman]
    The Pharcyde — She Said (Jay Dee Remix Instrumental [Delicious Vinyl]
    Jose Mauro -Apocalipse (Far Out Recordings)
    Guilty Simpson -Cali Hills (Stones Throw)
    Johnny “Hammond” Smith — Tell Me What To Do [Milestone]
    J.Rocc — Chasing The Sun (Remix) [Stones Throw]
    Dexter — Spaceways/Astro Traveling [Melting Pot]
    Pharoahe Monch — Simon Says [Dub Plate]
    Willie Bobo — Evil Ways (Karriem Riggins Remix) [Verve]
    Madlib — Electric Bounce [Stones Throw]
    The Roots — Jay Dilla 36 [White Label]
    James Pants & J.Rocc — The Adventures of the Grandmaster Lover [Stones Throw]

  • SbO

    gather around children